August 27, 2013

Pampering session; Herbaline Miri.

Salam & Hi!
I am never a big fan of facials. 
Simply cuz I don't like it when they poke my face - even if it's to take out the blackheads and stuff..
I just don't like it. :/

..but I do love getting pampered! 
Like, seriously.

I was badly looking for a place with a good body massage (and affordable!) so I drove around town to look for one. 
Initially I wanted to go to this one place but unfortunately she wasn't available..:\
Then I remembered that I keep on commenting on this Herbaline huge signboard by the road where it stated their current promotion, which is the RM38 nett for a facial for a first timer! 

..then I randomly went.
Too bad their body massage was a tad too expensive for me, so I went on to try their facial!


What I love the most was the head & shoulder massage they gave me ooooohhhmannn. 
I'd have to thank my promoter for that day, she was extremely nice!
Her name is Audrey - too bad I didn't take any photos with her:/

It was a bit hard to take a lot photos as well cuz I only brought along my 50mm prime lens.. 

before you start your facial, you'll be headed to this place where you get to soak your feet in!

I was hoping she would give me a foot massage as well bahahaha.
But they didn't - although they provide you with a brush for you so you could do it yourself. :]

The main point of this place is to get you relaxed, 
and I'd have to say that I immediately felt so relaxed when I saw their interior.. 
It's soooo "spa like"! 

While you soak your feet in, those are baskets/their kind of locker to store your shoes in; which they will nicely keep it for you. 
All you have to do is just enjoy and relax. 

After that's done, Audrey lead me upstairs where the facial rooms are.

At the entrance of the rooms, you'll be asked to breathe in/out their lavender scent which is boiled in a pot like so..

Sorry that I couldn't take photos of the room tho, cuz it was quite dark.
I love the music they played during the session, it made me feel like I was somewhere else.. the beach..on vacation..
I slept like a baby for a while bahahaha. 

After facial & the shoulder and head massage, I was given a lemongrass tea & also another pot of different scent for you to breathe in more in order to make you feel all refreshed. 
I felt like a princess nyehehe. 

The last treatment to conclude the facial was..

fish spa! was too ticklish I couldn't stand it even for 5 minutes lololol.

Even by looking through these photos again makes me feel WARGHWARGHWARGH hahahahaXD

A bird's nest I saw while I was in the fish spa pool. 

Eat my dead skin fishies!

 Purple orchids! My absolute favorite flower!

If you have never been to Herbaline Miri, 
you should go and try their facial (for first timers only) while it's still on promo! 
It's only RM38nett (they don't even accept tips!) 

I'm not sure for how long the promotion lasts, 
so go ahead and try your luck!;)

Lot 593, Pujut 2, Jalan Rama 1, Pujut 2A Jalan Lutong Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
+6085 655 611 / +6 085 663328

Stick around,  
I'll blog again soon :]
p/s: Not sponsored;)


  1. I've been to Herbaline in KK (karamunsing complex) and it was my best facial experience so far..

  2. effy, mun massage nya brp ho? full body massage perhpas ;p