February 25, 2013

blessed in different ways, cursed in some other..

Glad that I finally got the chance to go catch a movie!
I like going to the movies and somehow I feel all weird if I haven't been going for a while. 

Watched Hansel & Gretel with the bestie and her little sister, went for late lunch/dinner right after and we spent some time playing a dance game on Kinect at the cafe we went! 
Not a brilliant idea to "dance" or even move that much after a meal. 
no one puked, pheww. 

I almost did tho. 

Miri should open more businesses/services like that, really. 
More decent karaoke places, anything that involves food and entertainment should be fine, yes?
..of course with affordable prices. 

I like "room" concept; where we can book a room for Karaoke sessions - and in our case today; Kinect session! 
Paid rm5 for each person for an hour. (Y)
Hopefully the price stays that way. 
Should've taken some photos.. so I could blog about it properly. 
I figured you will find out about that cafe soon enough.
..cuz it's at the Play Cafe/Lounge on the same floor as GSC Bintang Mall.

I wanted to grab a coffee before leaving & I was told that tonight will be the last night they're gonna be open cuz the place is going under renovation and will be closed for a month. 
Can I be sad now?
Miri needs more cafe(s) too!  T.T 
I need my hawt drinks and a nice place to relax T.T 

Current random read. 
Randomly felt like reading.. Randomly picked up a book. 
Just what I needed, something somewhat relaxing..
Ahh, I so badly need a vacation. 
..or perhaps I need all my problems to be magically solved. -.-

I need to get my hands on the Cecelia Ahern's book :3 

Super thoughtful bestie's mom got me some popcorn from her trip!
Zangkyuuu so much! :*
I even have another popcorn to claim from one of my cousins ehhehehehe. 
Looks like I'll be snacking on popcorn for a while!

I am obviously amused with my eyelashes, really. 
Ever since I knew the existence of mascaras & how pretty your eyes can look like with awesome lashes, 
I have been amused on how much I can do to mine!
Is it too obvious that I am kind of proud of them now cuz every time I do some extra work on them I like posting photos up in my IG hahahahahahaha. 

I honestly felt like my lashes were a bit too long, 
but now I figured out ways to "curl" it without perming them. :]

It is a bit tedious to do so I would only do it whenever I have so many time to waste. :P

That, my ladies, I will share with you on my next post. 
(or probably my next next post.)
Stick around if you're curious, 
I'll be blogging again soon! 

February 24, 2013

nineteen random facts about me!

I have no idea why I am doing this but, there are maybe a few things that I am gonna list down that you never expected me to be/do/been doing/done so.. here goes nothing!

Bear in mind that they're just some silly facts about me - coming from me, 
so I guess they're mostly true. 

Not that it matters so much but I figured that it could be fun to actually think of the small things about me and try listing it down plus sharing with you guys about it is just another bonus, no?

Also cuz I've been wanting to join in the fun cuz I've seen some other bloggers did it too

1. I am a sucker over junk food.

2. I am a pure Malay and my mother passed away when I was one year old; I am now living with my momma (grandma) and yes, my dad is still around loving me like he's supposed to haha!:p 

3. I have 6 siblings and one new mom! I absolutely love all of them to bits! C:

4. I had my ears pierced when I was in Kindergarten but too bad I simply cannot wear any other earrings besides real gold :3 Hmmmphhh.

5. I dislike the taste of black pepper. Black pepper sauce..Prosperity burger..I do not like them. :\

6. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano.

7. I LOVE drawing. Just that I am not anywhere near being good at it. I can't even draw a stick man nicely! -.-

8.  I am friendly, but I have very few close friends. I have one best friend that has been with me since high school till now, and another one during my PLKN years till now. 

9. I am easily attached to people - explains fact number 8.

10. ..cuz of that I am sometimes socially awkward. teehee. 

11. I cannot tolerate rudeness.

12. I love walking on grass barefooted!

13. I have a goldfish memory. I find it hard to remember names and faces :| 

14. I like good surprises like birthdays! Love being surprised & organizing them. 

15.  My front teeth is not properly aligned cuz I sucked my thumb ever since I was little - I only stopped when I was in primary 6! 

16.  Momma used to put loads of Vicks Vaporub (and god knows what else haha) on my thumb while I am asleep just so I won't suck my thumb anymore but I would immediately wake up and wash it off and simply go back to sucking my thumb and fall asleep again. 

17. Easily forgives but never forgets. 

18. Sucker over fries. Seriously.

19. A habit I somehow developed recently - unintentionally leaving my mouth slightly open when I am focusing on doing something like watching series or whenever I am in front of my laptop.

There you go!
Initially it was supposed to be 25 facts..then I took it down to 20..
I just couldn't think of the twentieth one right now! >.<

So there you go, 
nineteen random facts about me.

Now you probably know 19 extra things about me 

Blog again soon!  

February 20, 2013

When I say things..

Sorry again and again for my excuses for not blogging as constant as I am supposed to (I think - that is if you do care about me updating pretty much everyday) and also those sorry(s) I've been saying (or in this case typing) are also dedicated to myself as a self reminder on how much I need to rant or be positive on this side of my world.

 ..or sometimes be all emo when I am desperate to let it all out.



For some reason I have been making weird unnecessary stupid decisions lately.
For instance..
I would usually get myself those brown colored lenses which costs me 45 bucks; which is actually quite a lot for now cuz I am well, surprise surprise, broke. 
*insert sarcastic tone*

that was the main reason why I wanted to just get myself a pair of the clear ones for the time being..
and guess what?
I bought a box of it for 45bucks. 

A box contains 3 pairs - one month each.
Brown ones? A pair for 3 months. 

Yes, same thing.
Could've had prettier "undroopy" eyes if I would have just gotten the brown ones. 

Now for some reason I feel like I need to read books,
cuz it made me feel like my brain is just..

It's almost like I am not using it at all AMAGAH. 
..and for the record, that was just one of the stupid "decisions" and "things" I did for the past few weeks. 

It's either I need to read more or socialize more. 

But as for that lens case, 
in my defense, that uncle who owns the shop is just plain scary and he managed to make me feel like I have to just purchase whatever he told me to. 

I have been trying to focus on more happier things in my life lately, 
but life lately is just so..
..and monotonous. 

I mean, 
my problems are still there, I am still stuck with my everyday routine, 
everything is just still there, 
either still unfixed and broken,
or just there. 

Not quite sure what I should be doing next..
So I have been drinking a lot of coffee. 
A lot. 


I'll blog again soon?

February 17, 2013

need no reason to be..


Boy I hate it when I feel the need to blog but I just don't know how to even start. 
Like, my mind just goes blank.
- or maybe it's too full of things that I wanna say and share, till I can't pour it all out. 


Excuse me if this post is gonna be all random & unorganized.

Latest on my list of things to get pronto;
* L'Oreal Youth Code essence
* Electronic eyelash curler 
* Hada Labo BB Air
* The planet shirt I saw earlier

I planned for the bestie's birthday surprises & looked for her gifts!

Not that we celebrated it with lots of people and party and things..
I actually surprised her twice cuz I told her that I couldn't be with her on the 14th (which is her birthday) and that it can only be a post birthday celebration. 
So she didn't expect me to actually surprise her that evening!:p

Went to her house with a slice of cake and a birthday gift;
called her house phone so the sisters could let me in and surprise her!
I was lucky that she was showering so she had no clue I was in the house :p
Knocked her bathroom door with the cake and candle and all, 
and guess what she did when she saw me?

She closed the door right in front of my face three times!
..cuz apparently she said she didn't recognize me with the short hair hahaha. 
She even poked my face few times after she decided to open the door! 

That means my first surprise was a success!;)

*photo credits to the bestie pratically stole this one from her:p
..and I was nice enough to not take photos of her reactions cuz she was about to shower, remember?

I gave her a gift and a cake and all just so she wouldn't suspect anything the next day :P

So the next day we went out just to walk around as usual..

Just when she thought nothing's gonna happen for the day..
I opened the car trunk and gave her all her birthday presents and showed her our birthday goody bags I made especially for her small celebration! 

..and again, she ran away from me when she saw it all;
so I assume the second surprise was a success as well?
I think I need to re-confirm that she wasn't faking all the surprised face she had!

..and now I know if I surprise her she's gonna run away from me first and then come back after she digested all the info and situation and all hahaha. 

She requested to have some drinks at Coffee Bean & I decided to try their Red Velvet drink thingy!
It was too milky and sweet to my liking tho. 
Plus strawberries are my least favorite hehehe. 

Coincidentally had a pink theme going on there!

Our goody bags was filled with little little things like the Nail stickers and junk food and stuff!
Had so much fun playing with the cute nail stickers, made her face her fears of popping candies (hahaha I just knew that she has that fear!) and I had fun looking at her reactions when she opened her gifts - cheesy lawl. 

I got her 2 shawls, ( the one she was wearing & a red one; her fav color!) a special book, pajama pants and a London's telephone booth money bank!

Too bad I forgot to take photos of all the gifts I got her!

Feeling all content and grateful for her existence in my life.
So happy that I could surprise her!:D 

Other than that..

I got my featured in an ad for a local newspaper!
I gave hints that I did the shoot here;

..and it is finally out for 3 days straight!:) 
No, I can't speak nor read Chinese. 

It feels so weird to have my face on published materials - I mean come on, it's my first time! 
I honestly thought that it's gonna be small, but it turned out to be half of the front page.:) 

*happy geeky grins*

Special thanks to Miss Ju for giving me the opportunity!
(Hoping that she reads this hehehe)

...and there you go, 
 February's treating me well so far.

Let's just focus on happier things in life and forget the unnecessary negative things mmkays?

..and OHH!
I cut my hair short.


Blog again soon!

February 15, 2013

..a week has passed.


I do hope some of you misses me!;)
I promise I'll update soon - most probably tomorrow. 

I've been around & about
so here's a sneak peek of my week!

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!

February 8, 2013

I feel..


All I needed was to feel content. 
I hope it stays..

..I managed to make my Dad's belated gift all nice & decent weee!



I know how hard it is to look for gifts for guys..
then perhaps this could be an idea for you too if you're on a budget.
My dad and I, we share the same love for coffee!
 So like I mentioned in the previous post I got him some coffees for his birthday :D




Initially I wanted to get him "Illy coffee" as well but both the store I went to - the expiry dates is this year;
so meh. 
I have never tried those coffees before except for the Davidoff coffee..
I really hope my dad's gonna love it all. 


Got the rest of the family some small gifts too!

Went all around town to run some of my errands alone..
but managed to meet up with the bestie for lunch.
Didn't feel like putting on any basic make up on as well and the first thing the bestie asked when she saw me was "Were you crying?"

Sadly my eyes are really puffy now so I really do look like I was crying then walked around as if nothing happened teehee.

and OHH I finally get the chance to share with you photos of the bag my mom & dad got me for my birthday!

Yes, it is bright orange!:D
I love the color orange for some reason..
Matches my necklace too!

It is big & extremely practical!
The perfect bag to carry around especially when I have errands & some small shopping to do. 
I wanted to show you how it looks inside..
Maybe I will instagram it one day..

I keep on having the word
in my head for the past few days..
I need to keep in mind that perhaps I could use that word to good use. 

Blog again soon!

Little treats.


Uhmmm yeh. 
Bought few things for me earlier hehehehehehe. 
Guilty for spending on unnecessary stuff - but on the bright side I got some gifts for the people I care about as well, so there! 

I am honestly not a big fan of lipsticks simply cuz I have a serious case of never ending chapped lips..
..and usually by putting on lipstick does not help in any ways at all. 

but because I'm developing this new love for lip colors..
also cuz I look pale without any colors on my lips now..
plus the CNY sale is just mad..

So I got those two new colors for RM20 each!
Yehhh for that ;)

Unnecessary rings to add to my collection..
Got them for 6.90 each. 

Those lip balms are too cute to resist!
I personally think that it would make a nice cute gift too, don't you agree?:)
Got those for only rm15!
Original price for 1 tube /stick of the lip balm is actually rm22.90! (if I am not mistaken but it's not far off) 

Sorry I had errands to do today so I didn't really had the chance to hunt for more sales at other places!
Hmmph I should really stop trying to blog at this hour.
My brain and my feelings just won't cooperate with me psssh.



At least I updated with photos, yes?


Blog again soon!

February 5, 2013

Make yourself feel special - one! (1)

Well honestly I have been trying to blog without having to think too much like how I would usually do..
..having quite a hard time to do so. 
I guess it's just one of those days!

..also cuz I have been home & with my brain being such a snail it certainly didn't help at all.

So anyhoo, 
here I am!

Remember how I said I have recently discovered small small things in my life that I do, 
that is somehow amusing to me?

Now here's one thing that I have been doing that I'm gonna share with you!
Nothing big or fancy...it's simple & it makes me happy
so there!

If you are a constant reader of my blog,
you should be aware of how much I love pampering myself!
Mostly at home - when I have some extra cash I would go out for a body massage or a simple pedicure session.

Here's another thing that I like doing;
My special showers!


I have been thinking of some other sentence to describe it tho..

It's just someth' someth' I like to do NOT on a daily basis.

I have my special shower scent on my special days!
Note the keyword here - special.
Sorry if I'm gonna repeat that so many times in this post.

maybe those St Ives are not special to you,
but it is to me!
Cuz it is definitely not something that I would purchase every month to be used daily.
It is quite pricey for me to actually constantly purchase every month - for now.

So here's how it works.

Step one.
- Get yourself a fancy shower gel that has a different scent from your everyday shower gels!

Step two.
- Use it either when you're feeling a bit down, emotionally unstable, very happy, or very special!;)

Step 3.
- Keep it in your drawer after use. Just so you won't use it everyday. :P

Not that I want you to not feel special everyday..
But I think by having a different scent on your special days is kind of special.
It never failed to make me feel all tingly & happy & confident inside..
So I assume it would have the same effect on you? :]

Choose one that's slightly pricey than the ones you have ( but don't overspend!)-
simply splurge on one.

St Ives' Oatmeal & Shea Butter is my current "special" scent- but I am planning to look for more so I could change after I am done with this one.

While you're having one of your special showers...(mmkays I am aware that this sounds a bit weird haha)
you can imagine that you're on a vacay..
..and things like that.

Light some candles!

Stop being so hard on yourself,
you deserve everything special in your life,
and you are the only one who can make that happen.

Dream big - believe - and make it happen.

Here's my favorite quote for the day;

(that I got from a twitter friend of mine)

"Why should you be around with people who suck the happiness out of you? Be with those who bring out the best in you!"

Blog again soon!

February 3, 2013

words + thoughts .


I am easily distracted these few days. 
One of the many reasons why I keep on blogging at this hour. 

Just so you know, 
I have been typing and deleting whatever I typed in while writing this. 

I WANTED a new book for myself. 
A new notebook.
I have more than 10 notebooks that I've never actually used till the very last page..
..not even till the middle part of the book. 

and I still want a new notebook for myself. 


I managed to convince myself that I don't NEED one..
So I actually said No to myself - almost got one while I was out with the bestie. 




I bought myself a new platinum notebook.
Brain says ok. 


It's platinum.
Platinum colored. 
Can you see those silver sides?
The papers has silver sides?
Does that make any sense to you?
Should be, considering the fact that you looked at the photos. 

Not that I am a big fan of the color silver/platinum..
It looks so different. 
Didn't wanna get it.
Didn't wanna let it go too. 

So now I have a new awesome platinum notebook.


..plus a platinum notebook sounds cool. 

..and with that, I need to fix my handwriting. 

No, I do not know the difference between platinum & silver.
I shall google it now so you won't have to tell me.


I shall 
blog again soon!

February 2, 2013

Quick update.

I am forever a bimbo when it comes to dealing with all these "techy" things. 
I reverted back my comment section to the old one, simply cuz I couldn't see the comments and people can't actually comment on my posts. 

It directs straight to my NuffNangx, 
which I am honestly not familiar with at all, yet. 

So all these while I actually have few comments that I did not read (that goes to my NuffNangx).
I am really sorry if I didn't reply to you! 

Only when I am 100% familiar with NuffNangx
I shall add in those pages back in. 

As for now, 
you guys can comment on my posts normally, mmkays?:D

Hope to read some comments & thoughts!

Blog again soon!