December 30, 2014

Life updates; Fresh start!

Assalamualaikum; Hello!



..because I have not been blogging for so long,
I think I have forgotten how to do this. 
But I've decided that I should keep on blogging so here I am!

I have a terrible headache right now so let's just do some quick updates about my life, okay?

I updated both my "About Me" section & my header;
I hope you like it!
Something more recent.

Quick recap;
  • I got pregnant December last year, gave birth July this year. 
  • Anything before and in between my pregnancy and after it; I CANNOT REMEMBER. 
This is why I should start blogging again!
..else I'll forget what area my highlights in life lolololol. 

Forgive this forgetful mommy, it's all after giving birth to a baby.
It seems like- out comes the baby, gone are all the memories wahahhaa. 

Other than baby stuff..
I just got chubbier and that's about it. 

Still need to brainstorm on what will my blog content will lean more to now...
I'll blog again soon!