August 26, 2013

Awkward print.

Salam & Helu!


The weather's been really hot for the past few days..
Which is awesome cuz I get to "sun dry" my clothes bahahaha.
I hate using dryers, they make my clothes shrink:/ 

Why in the world did I wore all black during a hot sunny day?

..cuz this outfit is extremely comfy.

It's a very loose top, almost like a boyfriend tee but I don't consider it as one cuz it is not as baggy/over sized. 

I seriously need to find few pairs of loose pants and more maxi skirts PRONTO.
Money come to momma please T.T 

Still on going with my wedding errands, 
I still have truck loads of things to do.. 

..and I keep on randomly wanting to get fresh flowers for myself..
so that goes in my list of things to get tomorrow. 

Can't wait for Jojoe to come back cuz he promised to do some gardening when he comes back!
I shall look for flowers to plant as well weee this is so exciting muahaha. 

So glad that I finally got the chance to meet the bestie last Friday ( photos are all by her;] ) & 
I'm hoping that I can steal her again tomorrow!

I'll blog again soon, 
stick around! 


  1. Hy Fynna! Looking gorgeous!! I like your style! :)

    1. Helu Lina! Awww, that's so nice of you, thank youuu!:)