December 30, 2012

Some feet loving..

Lol Helu!
Your face is the first thing people would probably look at when they see you....

I love taking care of my skin, I love applying heaps of products on me muahaha.
It's actually one of my ways to feel all good & tingly in the inside (:

Don't we just love feeling beautiful..perhaps secretly?;)
I know you'd have one of those days where you're feeling extra confident about yourself!
Which is really awesome, cuz you are most definitely gorgeous inside out!

To me, first impressions are important..
That's also one of the reasons why I love dressing up & looking all clean & good. 
..and of course sweetie, a good attitude will definitely compliment your looks - so never forget to be nice & smile a lot!

Having said all that..
most of us probably forgot that our feet needs some TLC as well, no?
I never actually cared about how my feet looks like few years back, really. 
But every time I helped my momma (grandma) with her foot scrub I noticed how rough & cracked it has become from all the neglects! 
 Of course she couldn't care less about it now since she's already quite old teeehee but it made me realize how much difference it would make if I start taking good care of my feet (especially heels) right now so I wouldn't regret for not doing so in the future lol.
My aunt (she's around 30ish) has cracked heels too and she had some hard times as well!
Her's is quite hardcore I would say haha cuz she has to replace the foot file thingy with a DIY sand paper cuz of her thick dead skin on her heels! :O

It's not comfy to have cracked heels - it is sure not pretty as well. :\

Cracked heels can be such a nuisance sometimes! 
It also gets caught/stuck in certain materials of carpet or blankets hahaha. 

If you are one of my constant readers, you should know by now that I like getting things from Nature Republic!
Mainly cuz it is affordable & most of their products work well with me. C:
 I have been wanting to try their foot care range, but it's a tad too expensive..:\
But Nature Republic & their crazy sale - I can finally try one!



So glad that they finally have instructions in English now - so I didn't just assume & made mistakes on applying it like how I did before haha:P 

All you have to do is, clean your feet  & apply appropriate amount on your wet foot/feet. (?)
This is how much I would apply..


It smells really nice, and it feels gel-ish & it has some uhhh those tiny little things that's usually in scrubs? 


"Apply & massage evenly all over the sole especially heels area & rinse it with warm water."


Hmm hmmm scrubba dubb dubbbb~
Simple - Easy peasy. (Y)

It feels smooth after application & my heels stays moisturized for at least two weeks (or probably more!) - which is really awesome!
My heels would usually feel all rough & dry and it needs constant application of cracked heels cream but this definitely helped!:)
I didn't have to constantly "file" my heels too wooopp wooop. :P

I would totally recommend you to get this if you have the same problem as mine..
..or even if you don't!
After all, prevention is key!;)

Although I am really sorry that I couldn't remember how much I got it for:\ 

I'm gonna blog about skin care for guys very very soon, 
so be curious and stick around!

Blog again soon!

December 19, 2012

..of face masks & books!


Looking through people's update on the Big Bad Wolf's book Sale makes me feel like I wanna join in the fun too!
..and that may be the reason why my reading mood is back?
Such a hipster, not. Hehe.

The sudden urge to read love stories & chick lits came yesterday..
Which is a bit unusual for me cuz I would rarely read those kind of stories. :3 
Also made me realize that I actually own quite disturbing books on my shelf.. :X

I am the kind of person who would usually read books only by my favorite authors. 
So I  mostly have Ahern's, Hutson's, Blyton's (teeheee) & Dahl's. :P
..that's another habit to change - I should explore more books & authors. 

It's sad to know that my reading mood is here & all the books are so expensive..
..and also knowing the existence of the book sale, is just blehhhhhhhhhh.

So I end up getting few essentials for myself instead.

My skin is terribly dry lately, especially my face. 
Specifically the upper lip area & my nose. 
So ugly to look at the dead dry skin tangling pssshh.
My friend even thought I have a booger in my nose. 


My first time trying the Face Shop's Olive face mask; 
I am already loving it!
I love love love this mask!
It really made my skin feel all moisturized & it leaves a cooling effect when I applied it on & after I took it off. (:
..and of course, nature related products such as these always smells so nice!
I'm definitely gonna try their other masks soon. 
This Olive face mask is specially for dry skin & if you're planning to try their mask, 
do ask for some assistance on which one is best for you & let her know what's your skin condition. (dry, oily yadayada)
ps: I honestly do not favor going to the Face Shop here cuz I prefer the sales person in Nature Republic, they're more friendly! 


The reason why I did not purchase any mask from Nature Republic this time is cuz I wanted to try something new & also cuz I haven't found one in Nature Republic that works well with me. 
But that's also cuz I haven't tried them all!;)

I also bought a fluffy brush..
for me to blend my eye-shadows after applying them with my other brush.
For my so called smokey eyes effect hahahaha.
Not that I usually have eye shadows regularly or something..

I think I bought this just cuz I got myself the brush cleaner the other day - HAHA guilty!
[ but this means more brushes to clean yay!x) ]


Nope, I do not know much about brushes..
Sorry if you have questions or comments on that. 
I  would just pick any brush that works well with me!;)
Got this one for RM9.90 in Sasa.
Face Shop Olive mask sheet - RM 6.90 (with 10% or was it 15% discount?) 

Initially I wanted to get the Female Magazine in Popular..
and I was browsing for cheap chick lit books I could grab as well..
then I remembered that Popular has this book fair going on in PermyMall!


The two books on top - they're RM8.90 each & Koomson's book was only RM16.90 AND it was a hard cover! 
Explore different books & authors = check!

Shout out to Hilda - Thank you for replying my tweet on Koomson's book!:D
I really hope I'm gonna like it too ;)

For those of you who are in Miri,
I think this book fair ends on the 24th,

Mmmkays now, I shall enjoy my new books!

Blog again soon!

December 18, 2012

DIY trial - teeth bleaching!

So..honestly I didn't feel like doing anything productive today..
It's one of those lazy days hehehe.
But I suddenly remembered about the most common home teeth bleaching methods I came across a lot in YouTube..
..and also when a blogger friend updated her Instagram on trying it out few weeks back.
So since I have got nothing important to do today..
Why not try it out too,no? :]


Googled the things that I need..Just in case I forgot few things.
I also came across a same method using bicarbonate soda; but instead of using water, the person uses lemon.


That is pretty much what you'll need. 


Pour out the powder as much as you think that you'll need..


..and mix it with water - to make a paste out of the bicarbonate soda. 
Simple as that, yes!

So here's what you need to know before actually trying it out.

- Bicarbonate soda is the same as baking powder.
- You'll feel a tingling sensation / slight "burning" feel if it touches your lips or any other area besides your teeth!
- I am not sure myself whether it really works, so there!
- This method, apparently can cause some side effects if done too often, so this is definitely not a daily sort of thing to do!
- You can get bicarbonate sodas at your local grocery store, if not the bakery ingredients suppliers shop. 

so here's my personal opinion after trying it out..
I was typically scared and nervous when I felt the "burning" when the paste touches my lips hahaha. 
I almost didn't wanna continue but I did it anyways :P
Don't worry, it is normal (the tingling burning feeling thing haha) just rub it off it you can't stand it. 
I actually at first tried using a toothbrush to apply it on my teeth..
But again, being the typical me, I was too scared about getting it on my gums and lips..
So I applied it using cotton buds/Qtips instead.:D

Made applying it so much easier, I would say!

..and don't forget to wash it off after leaving it on for 1-2 minutes!
Just gargle and spit it out.

Your question?
Does it really work?
I am not sure myself, I'm sorry :3
My teeth did not appear a lot whiter, but I think it looked a bit more cleaner lolololol.XD
It takes few times to actually have obvious result?

Definitely trying it again within this week. :D
Have any of you tried this?
Do comment & let me know!

I am currently trying another DIY method for armpit whitening too!
It's amusing to know that there are a lot of DIY methods that you can actually try at home with simple easy-to-get things!:) 

Blog again soon!

December 16, 2012

The other side of me- I am not all bright & sunny.

Sometimes it rains & when it rains....
it pours. 

Heads up; feeling a bit emo & sad & everything negative.
You might wanna stop reading if you can't handle me in this state Lol. 
Dramatic much?

all I wanna do is be alone & pity myself one whole day, cry, watch sad movies, cry more, listen to sad songs, cry some more, have a long hot shower, cry more, and just be sad for a day & get it all over and done with.
Stupid emotions. 
I hate how I am too kind sometimes till I end up hurting myself. 
Even worse is that even though I put other people first, 
I know that I am alone, forever.
I am not asking for any reward for being nice, but sometimes I need some sort of appreciation..
..just from them.  

yes, definitely talking about someone in particular.

I hate that I actually care..
deep down inside. 
I wish it could all go away, I wish that I am not me. 

I wish it's not as complicated!

If only I could actually rant all of it out without having to keep any secrets...

I should stop here now before I can't stop myself. 
Please stay, 
I shall blog on happier things after this.

Note to self; 
Always, ALWAYS remember the awesome things and people in your life, 
they matter the most. 

Blog again soon. 

December 8, 2012

2 days detoxing plan!


Today I finally got the chance to actually start on the detoxing plan that I was supposed to do last week.
Initially I didn't plan on doing any detoxing but since the GNC's Pre Cleanse Diet was on 70% discount, 
both Jojoe & I figured that it was no harm trying!

I am as usual, the opposite of Jojoe, 
I didn't do a whole lot of research about it..heeheee.
All I knew was to only eat veges & fruits while consuming the pre cleanse diet.
But becuz my friends asked me about it, and how does it work & all..
I googled 'bout it a bit!

Read few feedbacks & reviews about it, 
expected pros & cons about it.
Most of it are positive feedbacks, so yay!

I was told that this 2 days detoxing plan is only to cleanse my body (inside of course).

How am I gonna explain this...

I have been eating junks since forever, no?
So I have all the junks in my body - I need to get rid of it so I can start consuming other supplements with a "clean" body!
It's like, starting off fresh sort of thing.

When I detox = it gets rid of all the toxins in my body.
After I detox = It MIGHT help increase the effectiveness of the supplement that I am gonna take. 


So my friends asked if this detoxing is gonna help lose weight..
 when I thought about it, 2 days won't make that much difference. 
In my head it is still just for cleaning the inside of your body. 
..and when I read the feedbacks, I was right, this is not for losing weight
BUT there are some people who actually lost few kgs cuz of it. 

Different people has different reaction to any kinds of supplements and whatnot so you should expect that too. Hehehe. 

In my case, 
for my first day (which is today) I actually pooped 3 times already hahahaha.
Which is kind of "rare" cuz I don't usually poop everyday what more to say 3 times in a day! 
The pre diet cleanse made me thirsty, so I drank more & peed more. 
It helped me feel full - some said it works as a meal replacement as well but it didn't help to reduce my feeling of wanting to snack :\
But I really didn't feel hungry at all :D

I did follow all the instructions- it's gonna be a waste both your money and time if you don't anyways.
After all, 2 days is still okay!
Though it is a bit hard for me to survive.......






I actually tried eating just veges and fruits back then without any other supplements; 
it was hard cuz I felt hungry all the time & had some slight headaches probably cuz I didn't have enough nutrients.. but so far I did not feel weak or hungry today..:)

Ohhh, just FYI, this is my very first time consuming supplements (ANOTHER FIRSTS!yay!) or any kind of health supplements to help me lose some weights. 
The reason why I am trying this out is becuz I can really see the result from Jojoe!
I'm not taking all the sets of pills or proteins and stuff..
I am just gonna try the fat burner cuz I want my fats to be distributed properly hahahahaha. 
I don't intend to get all skinny, I just want the fats to be at the right places, and I want my body to feel a bit lighter & healthier!
Especially now that my body is somehow so sensitive & weak MEH. 
..and also cuz I feel like it is time to take good care of my body. (:

Of course, every time when I am doing something like this temptations are always around me!



We're gonna have a small gathering with one of my aunts tomorrow so my aunt (who I am living with) decides to bring me to shop for junks for tomorrow! T.T 
I did get some for myself as well, but it'll have to wait till Monday!:P

As for now, my eating habit is 
I eat whatever I wanna eat but with controlled portions. 
Same goes with my snacks! I still snack, but not as much as I used to. 

Let's hope I'm gonna lose some fats, shall we?:D

Blog again soon!

December 6, 2012

Running shoes!

Here I am again - still not updating about the part 2 of my trip.
Maybe I'm just gonna share some photos as my part 2..
I lost the mood to actually blog about it cuz I think it's too long overdue:|

But anyhoooo,
Since Jojoe had started eating healthy & all, 
he unconsciously made me eat healthily as well.  
While I am here since last month waiting for him to compliment me for losing 3 kgs HAHAHA.
Nope, he didn't realize that I lost those 3 kgs.
It IS a big deal for me, mmkays? 
They're not easy to get rid of, those 3 kgs I tell you!
Not that I actually go on hardcore dieting..
come to think of it, I do think it's hardcore for me lah, cuz I had to say no to snacking & junk food!

*munching away while typing this*

My face got rounder again after I am back, obviously. 
But because Jojoe had spoiled me while he was here - so now I have no choice to actually join him.
No, I am not complaining. ;)

Side tracking...
Here's what I wore today.

Restored my phone by myself cuz I couldn't wait for Jojoe to do it for me..
I end up losing all my photos in my phone YAYS to me for being so "TECHY" and "CLEVER" and all. 
I thought I backed up all my photos & stuff - No I did not. T.T

For those who are wondering (somehow people are interested about those pants I am wearing hehehe)
I would usually not do this but here;

Top - Giordano (Gift from the bestie)
Bottom - Uniqlo peachy pinky jeggings 
Bag - Bonita 
Shoes - Cotton On 

I rarely would have anything with familiar brands on me lol :P
So you're lucky that I got those things at familiar places teeeheeeeeeeeeeee.
*ehems I would usually go to thrift shops :P *
Bought those jeggings just cuz they were having their opening sale so I got those for only RM49.90 - well okay, RM50.
Too bad the ones that were on sale was only the L size.
I would have gotten some other colors as well;
it's a BIT lose on me, but I guess it doesn't show as much, no?
So that's good.;)

Back to my main point, 
I needed a pair of running shoes, cuz I have been exercising with my chucks lawl.
I was afraid that I might ruin it..okay actually it was Jojoe who was worried so he's been wanting to get me a pair of proper jogging shoes. 
I actually spotted a pair of Power shoes which costs less than RM40 that time but we keep on delaying on purchasing it cuz he's always out of town
also cuz I told him I don't need a pair. :P

This time when he got back, he's already been going to the gym which means random date to the gym!
..and of course, I had no proper shoes plus I left my chucks at home. 
We went to Bata to get me the Power shoes I spotted few months back...
but all of it ranges in between RM60 - RM90 !:O
Was it on sale when I saw it ? I'm not sure myself :3

I actually liked one of it cuz it was in black & purple - both my favorite color!
But because he was worried about the we went to Nike instead..
I'd have to admit that I immediately felt all guilty T.T
..and that is why I let him choose whatever that he thinks looks nice.;)

Mind you, we were shopping for those pairs at 7pm and we were supposed to go to the gym right after I got my shoes!
Rush rush rush!




We would usually rarely choose pink, but he thinks it looks nice when I put it on so yay!:)
Ps: Still feeling all guilty that I am spoiled this time :3 

It is seriously so comfy! 
It feels so spongy inside teeeheeee. 
...pssssst! These are my very first pair of proper running shoes!;p

Interesting small details.
My life has more "firsts" than I actually knew! 

Shout out to Jojoe - am not sure whether he still reads my blog,but;
Thank you tayang!;)

Yes, I am that grateful that I had to dedicate one whole post for these shoes (and you;] ).

Stick around folks,
Blog again soon!;)

Another date w the bestie tomorrow- 
it might mean another OOTD with better photos!:D

*also don't forget that you can CLICK at those photos to view it in a better quality!

December 5, 2012

Gadget story?

Nawp, not here to talk about the second part of my trip yet..
..although it is already long overdue. 
I am actually having second thoughts on creating a post for the second part but...

Jojoe's back in town for a week, explains why I haven't been blogging as often I would.
He's leaving tomorrow tho; sad but I'm starting to get used to it now. 
Insyallah we'll have more time to spend together the next time he comes back & in the future ;)

A random thought came to my mind while I was showering..
'bout how lucky (or maybe not so lucky) the kids are nowadays. 
Psssh I feel so old by saying that - but really, I am mostly worried about what do I have to provide my kids in the future if now it is already looking like this?
What I meant was of course - the gadgets the kids own today! Phewww!

I got my very first phone when I was done with high school!
I had no internet or whatsoever back then, ehems my puppy love was all about house phone & meeting up in school hihihi:P

I can't remember exactly when I got the Nokia 2100 but definitely after I was done with my spm. 
I have always been the kind of person who loves customized things. 
I just somehow like to change the way my phone looks like, so even when I was with this phone I changed the cover quite often. 
During the time when I got this phone..people were already crazy about flip phones!
Mainly cuz Korean horror movies was so famous back then & most of the actresses would have pretty looking flip phones.. :]
..and of course, I had the same dream too..;)

But I knew that it was almost impossible that I got a new "fancy" phone randomly..
So I didn't put my hopes up high. 
I was surprised with a new phone right after I was done with PLKN!

Not exactly the phone that I wished for - but hellyeah I was happy:P
and yes, that's the phone right there. I still keep it.:)
Blinged it of course, lawl.

I am not exactly a "techy" or a "gadget" person so I don't really mind what type of phone do I use,
as long as it is pretty.:P
I loved the flip phone but too bad it had to finally be replaced..

That was when I went to KL for the first time in my life ( Yeap! Believe it!)
I really couldn't remember when, but I think it was back in 2007. 
That was the year where I got most of my gadgets - using my own money (so I get to choose what I wanted yay!)

So I chose this!

I actually wanted one of the Nokia phone that was in during that time.. 
simply becuz I never get to ask or choose; I would just settle with whatever I am given.:)
But it was too expensive, so I chose this one instead.:p
I have to say I love the sound quality!:D

Then I entered Uni.. 
and one of my uncle is always concerned about my gadgets (in a way) but he himself couldn't really spoil me with fancy (by fancy I mean expensive) gifts, but he gave me this phone:)

Honestly it was too bulky for me..but I was happy cuz it was my first qwerty keypad phone hahahahaha:P
The phone to me was too complicated to use so he got me another new phone!
Now at that time BB was suddenly so hype & of course (again) I wanted one too:P

I got an old model, but I didn't mind!
..nasib la nak knak manusia nok x gago gilak ngn gadget maju.:P

I was actually quite settled with that BB cuz I loved the keypad. 
..this phone fell right into the toilet bowl.

-_____________________________- '

No choice, had to get myself a new phone. 
No money. 

Jojoe helped a bit so I got myself this BB.

Then I got lucky that Jojoe got me the phone I am using right now & I sold my BB to a friend of ours.;)

...and there it is, 
my random gadget (phone) story!


Most of the kids I know today are lucky.
Lucky lucky lucky. 

What was your very first phone?:D

P/s: As much as I don't really care about gadgets, now that I am upgraded with a "fancy" one, of course I won't downgrade, right?;) - Just a thought.:P

Blog again soon!

November 28, 2012

Part 1 - I am home!

I do hope some of you misses me!;)
I am back in Miri now, all safe & sound alhamdulillah.
Came back to the car's flat battery & expired road tax. 
More reasons to go out with the bestie tomorrow!;)

Didn't like blogging through my phone..
Too bad my laptop is too heavy to be carried around.
I took quite a number of photos but most of them are the same and I didn't take photos of everything I did or got or went simply cuz the camera is a bit too bulky AND heavy!
No ootds while I was in KL as well, cuz I didn't dress up cuz our main point is to shop & walk around (a lot!).
But I might take few of my ootds photos for tomorrow?
Do do do stick around. C:

I've decided to blog about the hotels we stayed in while we were in KL & Malacca.
Cuz the one we stayed in Malacca was very interesting to me!:P

I was thinking about updating on my haul..
but I figured I am gonna update you little by little through my ootds & whatnots.
I would give out little details & you can have fun spotting my new stuff I bought too, no?:D



I love packing.
It makes me feel calm somehow.
I hate doing it last minute tho!
Packed up my things the night before our flight is good enough.
The only problem is it's so hard to not bring everything with me..... :]


I never liked plane rides or slow boat rides or whatever that's similar.
I get all dizzy and sick, so I had to take one of these pills to prevent me from puking & feeling all sick when I got there.
It's really a sucky thing cuz I do love travelling..just not by plane :\
How to go far far liddis...

Our trip lasted for 10 days; 2 days in Malacca.
Checked in to Sunway Towers, it feels all christmasy already!:D



View from our room ;


..and the room!


There are 5 of us including Syasya..
Yeappp, we somehow managed to sleep comfortably teeehee.

Mmmkays, so that's the hotel while we were in Sunway..
Usual fancy hotel-ish hotel...
But I find our hotel in Malacca more interesting!


Even the building is already so cute, no?:D
It's so..comic-ish.
...and it's painted black. I am a sucker over black papers, black cards, black scrap book, black notebook, black everything as a base.
A black building?


I loveee the font they used!
Once we step inside this is what we see..


Budget hotel with an artsy owner, I must say!
Though the toilet is REALLY small, I feel like I showered in the plane's toilet - yes it's that small.


But the beds were big and comfy!:D



Win win.;)


So interesting to look at a budget hotel with modern artsy design..
I forgot to take a photo of the lobby's small waiting area..
They have bean bags & those IKEA cart table sort of thing!
I love Malacca. The people there are nice & there's so many pretty looking shops & things:D
I shall update more on my Malacca trip in my next post (or the post after that:p)
mostly about the food I tried while I was there:)

Just so you know, I am also a sucker for organizers!
Be it, the book organizer, jewelry, clothes...
Too bad I don't have my own room, so most of the things that I wanna buy I couldn't cuz there's no space for it.
I had the transparent box which is actually for fish baits;changed it into my ring and necklace organizer,
but it couldn't fit most of my statement necklaces.
It's hard to look for cheap organizers here in Miri obviously, so I was really happy when I found a shop where they sell all kinds of displays & organizers you can think of!
..anddd obviously I had to choose only the ones that I could easily bring back to Miri. :\

Got myself these necklace displays for only rm5 each ;)
Should have gotten more than 2.

necklace display



Now they're all displayed nicely..:)
They're actually just card boards but with a black velvet thingy as a base.
I also got myself a ring box!:D


Dark purple velvet ring box with a glass cover!
How awesome?


I don't remember how much I got it for, but it was definitely less than RM10.
I swear, if only I could bring more or buy the bigger ones..
They have so many pretty things there AMAGAH.

Stick around,
I shall update more on my trip!


Blog again soon!:) 

Ps; shout out to Jayra for giving me the idea to separate my travel post into parts!;) thank you pretty!:D

November 21, 2012

Update on-the-go!:P

Helluuuu lovelies!

Trying to see how updating through my phone works..

Not sure if I'm liking this..but at least you'll get some updates from me,no?

I'm currently in KL with the family for a short that pretty much means shopping for more cheap stuff cuz it's everywhere here amagah.

I do update my Instagram more often if you wanna see more of what I'm doing or where I'm at or where I went or what I'm wearing and things like that.:P

Instagram photo updates;

Blog again soon! :)