April 28, 2013

What's in my shower basket - TAG!


I seriously cannot stop saying or tweeting or blabbering about how I feel like my blog is my therapy. 
I kid you not. 
I find happiness in typing each and every post, taking photos for my posts, taking OOTD photos to update. 
That is the reason why I appreciate my readers so much -
mmkays I may sound like I am trying too hard here but hey, it's true. 

Since I have the time to be in front of my laptop right now..
I thought I'd blog a bit and tweak it here and there; give it some loveeee. 

What do you think of my new header?

after what's in my bag post I did 
I've decided to post another tag, which is
"What's in my shower basket" - TAG!

If you're wondering why in the world do I need a basket for my shower things..
Let's just say that I like it better that way.
Not that I hate sharing or anything..

I just simply prefer it that way, mmkays?

This idea could be useful for you people out there who share bathrooms or if you have room mates and whatnot's, yes?

I would usually change my shower things when I am done with one..
I don't usually stick with one product- especially with my shower gels.

So..those are my current shower thingies!
A girl must own at least one luffa / bath sponge/ whatever you call those things :]

For some reason..I will always have 2 choices of everything.
Current special shower gel is still my trusty St Ives!
..and I just changed my everyday shower gel to Palmolive's Sensual Aromatherapy *smirks* from Dove's peach shower gel.

Hair is just currently BLIEHAKFJKALF. Still trying out shampoos to know which one does my hair prefers. -.-

Ohh, my usual tooth paste is Zact.
Been using that for quite a while now, cuz I drink coffee almost everyday & I couldn't afford teeth whitening yet so..yeah.
hahahaha .
But too bad that lately I'm suffering from ulcers & tooth decays and whatever tooth problem there is..
so my mom recommended me to try using Colgate's Sensitive Pro Relief.

This, is also one of the things that I don't usually change.
I am so far a loyal ZA user, I have been using their products since high school.
This particular one is my favorite, cuz it really does remove my everyday make up (which would usually include BB cream & eyeliner & blush) so it kinda saves my time ;)

..and my current toothbrush and tongue cleaner.
Bestie recommended this tooth brush & I loved it so I bought another this month nyehehehe.

..and now, I tag you to do it too!
Leave links on this post so I can check out yours!

Blog again soon!

April 21, 2013


So I've noticed that my viewers are getting lesser day by day..:/
I am honestly sorry for not updating as much!
But I promise you, 
it'll probably be worth waiting for my updates - that is if you care about me that much haha:p

I will be extremely occupied this few weeks, 
so I won't really have the time to actually update..
I am sorry, in advance. 

But if you are one of those lovely loyal readers of my humble blog, 
come back again probably two weeks from now?
..or you can also check it out whenever you feel like it, of course. 
You'll never know if I might update a little. 

In the mean time..
Comment, let me know what do you feel like reading in my blog. 
Beauty related..personal questions..books I read..things.

IF I can, I will most probably have some quick posts updates from time to time of my OOTDs. 
If I am gonna have the time to actually dress up, that is. 
So many things to do, so little time people!

There! Miss me, alright?;)
..or follow my short updates on Keek! 

Blog again SOON!;)

April 14, 2013

Last week's put together outfits.

Self reminder, 
new pair of pants. 
..and more long sleeves. 
..and a black cardi. 

I need inspirations. 


Sorry for not updating as frequent..
 I know, I know, I lay that on the table pretty much all the time after few weeks not updating. 

It's pretty much because I am STILL (yes!) trying to really figure out what in the world should I do with my life. 
My goodness, am I considered as a loser or a failure simply cuz I am already 24 and still CONFUSED?

I really hope not. 

I honestly wish I could just pour EVERYTHING here & let people read 
and perhaps give me some advice or letting me know that I am not the ONLY one who's going through all this unnecessary dilemma. 

Oh, believe me I have so MUCH in my head right now! 

Wouldn't wanna influence you with my negative vibes now, would I?
So here's some happy thoughts!

My B was here few weeks ago and oh you have no idea how much I've missed her! 
Too bad she didn't stay long. :|

You can go check out my Keeks with her and my forever irreplaceable darling Giz as well!;)

Keek is probably also one of the many reasons why I haven't been updating here that much. 

That's my B right there ;)

We didn't take that much photos as well :3 
Cuz it's either the three of us were busy keeking or having too much fun :P

Other than that..
I am thinking of changing my blog layout again. 
Wait till when I have more time to actually be in front of my laptop all day without any interference. 

I might or might not update again today, 
cuz I feel like the mood to blog is finally here.. 
So I just might look for things to update about. 

Thank you for not giving up on my blog, 
thank you for coming back here once in a while to check up on me. ;)

Talk to me, will you?
I would LOVE to know what do you want me to blog about sometimes!

Blog again soon loves!

April 4, 2013

Quick #OOTD update!

I miss doing OOTD posts!
I hope you missed me too!;)

My huge thanks to the bestie of course, for all my OOTD photos. ^^.

My B is back in town!
So yesterday we went out to just relax and enjoy the time we have..
Topped up with awesome scenery, good drinks, great company..

I'll update on that soon. 
Will probably have a summary kind of post of her homecoming (hahaha)!

Okay bye now, 
Keep up with me on Keek!;)

Blog again soon!