October 31, 2013

#OOTD - Silly stripes.

It's been a while that I didn't upload any of my OOTDs, yes?
Mainly cuz I have staying home a lot lately.
Yesterday our blogger friend Nano came to town!
So both the bestie & I went to meet her up for lunch & to spend some quality time as well:D
But, I'll share some of our photos from yesterday in my next blog post, mmkay?

The photos are still in my camera & I don't have it with me right now so..

I am currently obsessed with maxi skirts and maxi dresses..
I am slowly adding up my collection; they're just too comfortable!

It took me quite a while to buy this one..
cuz I think that it wouldn't be the best idea for me to wear something with horizontal lines..
It would make me look..well.

..but then again, I have always loved stripes & navy-ish looking stuff so..

Got myself a new pair of polka dots flats as well.
Alrighty then,
I shall blog again soon!


Foot note;
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Thank you for all your kindness!;P

October 29, 2013

Long delayed post= Coming right up!

Salam & Elu!
Our "Mafia themed" wedding wasn't really as "mafia" as it's supposed to be..
Pretty much cuz we did it last minute & because of that the people who helped us also was informed last minute; we were lucky enough that they could actually help us dress up for our theme that night :)

I feel that we didn't have enough photos for the second outfit..
so I still have the outdoor photo shoot in plan. 
My make up was also already looking all weird during the second outfit, my tudung..

I am also not used to having people take photos of me; yes, believe it..
although you see a lot of my vain photos here in my blog..they're all mostly taken by the bestie & that's only achieved after getting used to her taking photos of me for probably a year or more hahahahahha. 
So I didn't really know how to pose, and I was really shy cuz the husband is not camera shy! 

My photographer was really awesome tho, 
and his crew was also very very helpful!

now I know how it feels like to be told what to do when getting your photos taken..
I used to take wedding photos for people a lot back then hahahaha I am so sorry my dear clients if I ever made you feel awkward and uncomfortable hihihihi >.<

Here's more photos from my wedding, as requested!
Hopefully you'll like all the photos and thank you again everyone!

I love how supportive my siblings are, seriously. :')

So happy cuz my B came all the way from JB! 
Can't wait for her turn very soon!;)

Special thanks to Nano as well, 
who came down from Kuching!
So happyyyy:) 
Too bad we couldn't spend that much time together during this visit..
But we'll meet soon, yes?;)

and of course, it wouldn't feel like my wedding if the bestie weren't there!

Blog again soon, loves!

October 22, 2013

E v e r y d a y.

Salam & Hullo!
Ohhh man how I miss doing girly things & hanging out with the bestie!
I have not been seeing her for quite a while now because we both have different responsibilities to focus on..
..and it gets depressing when I don't get to see her!

So I went out with another friend, 
and made him take photos of me just so I could update my blog 
I bought a few things.

I seriously wish we have Target here in Miri .. is it too much to ask for?:/
I want a drugstore with whole loads of cheap stuff PRETTY PLEASE?

In the photo;
1. A new Loofah! A black one this time. :D
2. New addition to my lip balm collection - the Baby Lips Limited Edition (NY)
3. Beauty sponge..well. Just cuz.
4. Darlie Expert White toothpaste. Uhmm, I never would pick up Darlie (for some reason I just don't know why) but I got a sample size of this from Female's Oct edition & I loved it so much I bought the full size.:P
5. Aiken Cracked Heel Cream. My cracked heels are seriously getting out of hand. Lol. This was the cheapest one compared to other brands..I hope it works well. Bhahaa.

I had mini PBnJs, some honey peanuts on the side & my usual black coffee for breakfast today.
I should really pick up cooking. 
At least I'll have yummier food and cooler photos bahahaha.

Side note..
I really wanna start something. 
Like a project.
I keep on telling the bestie about it but I honestly I have no idea what kind of project I should start doing.
Perhaps something that does not involve me spending money but getting money instead nyehehe.

apparently I say "exactly" all the time.

I'll blog again soon!

October 20, 2013

Bright orange.

Salam & Hello!

As you can see,
I changed my header again.
But what's weird is that the color of my eyes changed when it's up there I don't know why!

Apparently I like turning my face into a canvas lately.
Too bad I don't have that much make up in my collection -
I really so badly wanna splurge on good ones; I hope soon!

My confidence needed a little boosting as well so..
perhaps that explains my "vain-ness?"

I also miss coming up with themes and doing random photo shoots with people. 

I actually have OOTD photos as well but it didn't turn out great cuz my skirt shrunk IT UPSETS ME SO MUCH!
It's been bugging me and I keep on complaining.

This kind of post will probably be constant. 
But I always jinx stuff so that might not happen cuz I told you..

I am thinking of having an outdoor post wedding shoot, 
which is why I haven't updated about the second theme that I promised you!

We'll see, we'll see. 

Monday's approaching, 
be ready to drag yourself out of bed & be fabulous lovelies!

Blog again soon!

October 17, 2013



In life, 
we are given so many choices. 

..to be kind or to be mean. 
..to be grateful or to complain. 
..to neutralize or to destroy. 

..to destroy.
..or to neutralize. 
..or to destroy.

I have been going through so many things right now that it makes me totally a different person than I used to be;
some may feel that I am no longer the person that they used to know, 
some may feel that I am still the same but with perhaps extra thoughts than before. 

It's actually really simple but some people might refuse to accept the fact that we all will go through changes at some point. 
We can't and won't stay at that same spot in life forever. 

We grow up.
We go out. 
We meet people. 
We become independent. 

We get to learn so many things.


Eventually minds.

Our minds go
" Good / Bad ? "
..although sometimes we ignore the good & went straight up ahead to the bad.

In the end it is all your choice. 
Right now I choose to focus on my own life,
what have you chosen?

..or are you still stuck at the same spot?
..and forever will be?

October 16, 2013

Salam & Hellu!

So..I created a page for my blog. 

Feel free to "like" it!:)
I shall post up links and stuff there too.

Click click click!
Spread the love!

Part 1 // A month full of love~

Salam & Hi!

As for some of you may know, 
we had a wedding reception on the last October 5th after we tied the knot on the 3rd of May 2013..
We had 2 receptions; one at Grand Palace Miri & one at my father's place.

As promised, 
here's a part of the full post!
We also had 2 outfits for the reception nyehehe. 

Thank you, dear God. 
Thank you for the people who helped and attended our wedding; thank you for making it happen, 
thank you for making it memorable and sweet for us.

Animated Thank You

//Photo credits to the photographer for the day;

It was such a task to think of what kind of flowers do I want for my bouquet. :/
In the end I chose a bouquet of carnations - which is just awesome.
I didn't want roses cuz I am not really a fan of roses..
I initially wanted purple orchids, but I was afraid that it won't last that long. 
So glad that my carnations looked really pretty!

I was also a bit worried about how my pelamin would look like..
( I think I was just generally worried about everything HAHA)
but when I saw it..
Fist pump

I liked it so much :]
The place is not that big, so I was worried that it would look too messy with loads of things on it - so both Jojoe & I wanted a very simple pelamin:]

Our theme was purple..
so naturally everyone just mixed purple with a dash of white and pink.

Some details..
Didn't quite like the usual table numbers that the hotel would provide you with; so I printed and cut off 40 of those myself. 

..because we have 2 theme for the day, I'm gonna first show you the first outfit that we wore for this post, okay?

My beautifully drawn henna was by one of my generous cousin!
This was done by a guy, awesome drawing, yes?
I was feeling a bit down when I got the news that one of my good friends who did my henna during my Nikah couldn't attend to do my henna this time around :[
But it's okay, I'll make sure that the next time I am gonna meet her I have henna on my hands lol.

meet the man of my life.
Sheepish Grin

Alhamdulillah for everything,
Alhamdulillah for the awesome people around us, 
Alhamdulillah for all the love. 
Alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly..

Stick around for photos from our "Mafia themed" photos!

Blog again soon!