November 28, 2012

Part 1 - I am home!

I do hope some of you misses me!;)
I am back in Miri now, all safe & sound alhamdulillah.
Came back to the car's flat battery & expired road tax. 
More reasons to go out with the bestie tomorrow!;)

Didn't like blogging through my phone..
Too bad my laptop is too heavy to be carried around.
I took quite a number of photos but most of them are the same and I didn't take photos of everything I did or got or went simply cuz the camera is a bit too bulky AND heavy!
No ootds while I was in KL as well, cuz I didn't dress up cuz our main point is to shop & walk around (a lot!).
But I might take few of my ootds photos for tomorrow?
Do do do stick around. C:

I've decided to blog about the hotels we stayed in while we were in KL & Malacca.
Cuz the one we stayed in Malacca was very interesting to me!:P

I was thinking about updating on my haul..
but I figured I am gonna update you little by little through my ootds & whatnots.
I would give out little details & you can have fun spotting my new stuff I bought too, no?:D



I love packing.
It makes me feel calm somehow.
I hate doing it last minute tho!
Packed up my things the night before our flight is good enough.
The only problem is it's so hard to not bring everything with me..... :]


I never liked plane rides or slow boat rides or whatever that's similar.
I get all dizzy and sick, so I had to take one of these pills to prevent me from puking & feeling all sick when I got there.
It's really a sucky thing cuz I do love travelling..just not by plane :\
How to go far far liddis...

Our trip lasted for 10 days; 2 days in Malacca.
Checked in to Sunway Towers, it feels all christmasy already!:D



View from our room ;


..and the room!


There are 5 of us including Syasya..
Yeappp, we somehow managed to sleep comfortably teeehee.

Mmmkays, so that's the hotel while we were in Sunway..
Usual fancy hotel-ish hotel...
But I find our hotel in Malacca more interesting!


Even the building is already so cute, no?:D
It's so..comic-ish.
...and it's painted black. I am a sucker over black papers, black cards, black scrap book, black notebook, black everything as a base.
A black building?


I loveee the font they used!
Once we step inside this is what we see..


Budget hotel with an artsy owner, I must say!
Though the toilet is REALLY small, I feel like I showered in the plane's toilet - yes it's that small.


But the beds were big and comfy!:D



Win win.;)


So interesting to look at a budget hotel with modern artsy design..
I forgot to take a photo of the lobby's small waiting area..
They have bean bags & those IKEA cart table sort of thing!
I love Malacca. The people there are nice & there's so many pretty looking shops & things:D
I shall update more on my Malacca trip in my next post (or the post after that:p)
mostly about the food I tried while I was there:)

Just so you know, I am also a sucker for organizers!
Be it, the book organizer, jewelry, clothes...
Too bad I don't have my own room, so most of the things that I wanna buy I couldn't cuz there's no space for it.
I had the transparent box which is actually for fish baits;changed it into my ring and necklace organizer,
but it couldn't fit most of my statement necklaces.
It's hard to look for cheap organizers here in Miri obviously, so I was really happy when I found a shop where they sell all kinds of displays & organizers you can think of!
..anddd obviously I had to choose only the ones that I could easily bring back to Miri. :\

Got myself these necklace displays for only rm5 each ;)
Should have gotten more than 2.

necklace display



Now they're all displayed nicely..:)
They're actually just card boards but with a black velvet thingy as a base.
I also got myself a ring box!:D


Dark purple velvet ring box with a glass cover!
How awesome?


I don't remember how much I got it for, but it was definitely less than RM10.
I swear, if only I could bring more or buy the bigger ones..
They have so many pretty things there AMAGAH.

Stick around,
I shall update more on my trip!


Blog again soon!:) 

Ps; shout out to Jayra for giving me the idea to separate my travel post into parts!;) thank you pretty!:D

November 21, 2012

Update on-the-go!:P

Helluuuu lovelies!

Trying to see how updating through my phone works..

Not sure if I'm liking this..but at least you'll get some updates from me,no?

I'm currently in KL with the family for a short that pretty much means shopping for more cheap stuff cuz it's everywhere here amagah.

I do update my Instagram more often if you wanna see more of what I'm doing or where I'm at or where I went or what I'm wearing and things like that.:P

Instagram photo updates;

Blog again soon! :)

November 16, 2012

A little getaway?

Never actually realized that packing is something that I love doing...
except when I need to pack for myself. 
Darnnn, it feels like I wanna drag my room with me so I won't forget anything important or something that I might suddenly need for no reason!
I somehow find it calming to pack and organize all the stuff that I need..
The only problem is I will always find reasons to bring more unnecessary stuff with me.

What was I thinking anyways? 
I would usually have 2 or 3 or 4 bags with me every time I go for sleepover AND it's only for a day! 

This time it's gonna be 10 days AMAGAH
What in the world should I bring??

I permed my lashes earlier, not at my usual fav place; cuz it's a bit too expensive for me to spend on right now- so I tried a cheaper place which costs me RM25 compared to the one I would usually go to, RM40.
It looks nice...but I still prefer the old place. 
It doesn't curl as much, but I haven't tried applying mascara on yet so I am still hoping that it would look so much better with mascara on. not going to any extravagant place for our little family getaway, 
but I am still quite excited about going. 
Will try to update the bits & pieces through my phone..
Perfect timing to try blogging through mobile?:)
Won't be updating long posts & such tho, 
I'll definitely save nicer photos for better updates, mmmkays?:D

Also cuz I won't be dragging my laptop along with me; but my muffin will definitely tag along!

Blog again soon!;)

November 5, 2012

Our (failed) garage sale! :\

As promised, here's a post about the Garage Sale we had yesterday..
Sadly, it rained heavily so it didn't go quite well.
Rainy season here in Miri, obviously not the perfect time to have garage sales.
But! We kinda did it for fun..
So there!:)

We did get few visitors while it was all sunny..

It's always fun to look at people coming looking all excited to Nanna's place every time we decide to have any kind of sale thingy there teeeheee.

I kept on bringing the stuff in & out cuz the weather was so confusing!
The moment I took it all out, it starts drizzling & when I put it all back in, why of course it was all sunny again out of a sudden!

..but then it started pouring non stop till night till it had a mini flood..
Thank god it didn't rain heavily the whole night; that would be terrible for the area :3 

My car was parked at the side and when it rained we couldn't see half of our car tires :|
All is good, all is good - no worries. 

Next sale would be a baking sale at the end of the month or maybe early next month.
Colorful cupcakes, cakes, all the yummy desserts & food..ohhhh drools.
It would be in Brunei tho.
We're invited to join.. I am hoping that we could actually make it. 

Blog again soon!

November 3, 2012

"House cleaning / garage sale"

Our family's garage sale tomorrow at Nanna's place.

4th November 2012 (Sunday)
From 9am - 5pm
Venue ; 125 Piasau Garden Miri

Food, pre-loved clothes, house decors, toys, books,
and so many other things that might interest you!;)

Come pay us a visit, who knows you'll find what you've been searching for hehehheee.

November 2, 2012

of free time & food.

Staying home means more food- more unnecessary munching. 
Especially now that I have access to more series to watch.. -.-
But most of the time I would eat anything we have & end up making myself feel all sick..
either cuz I ate too much at once or I ate to much sweet stuff within an hour. 

I'd have to say that I am trying to lose some of those fats now,
 (now it's not a secret anymore hehehh.) 
*Mind you, I always feel all uncomfortable every time I wanna say that I wanna try to lose weight or anything..
..and obviously munching away is definitely something that is REALLY hard to push away. 
I can say no to rice, but not to junk food & all those crunchy munchies. 
It's like my favorite part of every meal of the day is the time gap you have in between where you can munch  while waiting for your next main meals. -.-

My sugared butter bread. 
I initially wanted to toast my bread, but a lizard died in it....
Goodbye toaster!! 

My lunch today at Little India. 
All I ate was the bitter gourd & the rice. 
..and I ordered some fried chicken.
A friend said I seem like a fried kind of person. -.-
Darn it, I just realized it when he said it. 
But come on...
who doesn't like fried food??

I finally got new colors!
This time I decided to get darker shades & something that is NOT purple hahahaha.

They look the same, no?
Actually they're not..
One is more to brown and the other one leans more to red. 

Different color.:P
Haven't tried  both; so I am not sure how different they are.
Got them for RM3.90 each from Sasa.

The family's having a garage sale this Sunday. 
Might be updating about it soon!

Blog again soon!