May 28, 2013

Look around you & believe.

One small reminder for myself to always believe. 
Believe that everything happens for a reason, and that everything will be okay in the end. 
Currently surfing through high waves?
Heads up, you are being guided to a huge gift; all prepared and waiting for you to come and get it. 

I probably need to get up and dust off these webs and start brain storming again. 
Living the routine is making me feel all content for sure (alhamdulillah) but I need to push myself more.
I need to stop waiting for some other people to surprise me by pushing me off a cliff, 
I  need to do it for myself. 

I need to make the jump & feel the adrenaline rush.

I wanna travel the world!

that was random. 


Be good, 
I'll blog again soon! C:

May 23, 2013

Lookbook; Mocha Latte.


For some reason I have been so clumsy for the past few days!
I keep on getting accidental cuts on my hands and fingers HMHH. 

Notttttt forgetting the fact that I am also forgetful as ever lately!
My brain probably needs more workout or healthy juices or whatever. 

..or maybe I am just getting older. 

...or maybe I need to pick up a book again.

Yes, I am also full of excuses lately *sorry!*


Apart from having to deal with my everyday routine,
I have nothing much to do today. 
Planned a breakfast date with my forever date but sadly! We had to cancel it last minute ):
She obviously owes me a breakfast date now hehehe :D


Make up of the day;

Simple AND balanced.
I don't have to worry about walking around in campus or in town looking like I am gonna have a concert or something hahaha.
Easy to slap on everyday,(okay even though I don't apply 'em everyday but yeah) achieved by only using two earthy colors.

I felt like having some darker color on my lips taday as well 

..which I wiped off right after taking tonnes of photos with it.

Here's a suggestion for the ladies here;
if you're planning to START purchasing eye colors, ALWAYS go for earthy colors first.
..cuz it's safer that way.;)
Get 'em browns, nudes, and blacks, woman!
They can never go wrong :D

..and OHH.
Meet my current addiction.

I am currently obsessed with seaweeds.

Hype me on Lookbook, will you?
Please and thank you!

I shall blog again soon!:D

May 22, 2013

Q U I C K!


so here's a quick update cuz I need to get ready; watching Fast & Furious 6 tonight!
Not my kind of movie, but I guess bonding is never a bad thing, no?;)

Weather has been ridiculously hot in Miri (like, SERIOUSLY!) so I guess I'm trying to lay off some blacks as I possibly can. 

Bright, summery colors! 
Well, okay maybe not. 
I should really invest on a few pairs of loose pants to match this crazy weather :\
I feel like I am sweating even by looking at those photos I took earlier hahahaha.
..okay gross. 

I am gaining weight like mad I am never gonna stop ranting about this till I loose some.

Besides the crazy hot weather , time has been flying so extremely fast lately too!
So because of that I promised myself to wake up earlier than usual tomorrow just to have breakfast with Giz at 8am. 

I'll let you know if I can get ready before 8!

Okay now, 
Off I go!

Blog again soon!;)

May 21, 2013

Creative juice.

Ola Mi Amors!
For some reason I keep on craving for sweets. :]
I am now gaining weight like mad & those unnecessary cravings are just..well. Unnecessary.

A friend once tweeted about how her mother loves the Red Velvet from this one bakery, 
and hmmhh honestly I can't stop thinking about it ever since hahaha.

So we ended up getting 3 different cakes muahahaha. 
I'm definitely not having any cakes for a month at least. 
White chocolate spongecake and two different red velvets. 

..and that's the awesome one! 
I LOVE the cream cheese red velvet! 
..even when I was back at Momma's home, I love to just spoon out the red velvet cupcakes my aunt would make and topped my cream cheese by my own so I could have more than it should have. :P

Giz keeps on telling me to look at the camera and smile but I just couldn't cuz I was enjoying my cakesssss!
Hahahaha I might not look like I'm enjoying it but I really was!
I was enjoying my cake and dreaming at the same time...;)

Gizmo had her usual black coffee. 

Initially I wanted to separate yesterday's post & my OOTD post for today..
but I figured I should just combine it together :D

Remember the skirt I told you about?
I wore it tadayyy!

Tried "experimenting" with the top color to combine with the pretty purple (or is it magenta?)  skirt; 
instead of going for the safe blacks and whites. 
..well. At least that was how I imagined to pair it with. 
Even though this nude peachy color might not be as daring or anything.. 

I should really get more of these kind of skirts in different colors!
They're comfy AND "flowy"!:D

Any other ideas of what other colors of top I can combine it with?

Blog again soon!:)

May 20, 2013

My Big Day - Part 2!

Here's part 2 of my big day.., again!

Still couldn't quite digest I am Jojoe's wife;
but feeling extremely content alhamdulillah!

Didn't have all the photos at me, so I could only share some, mmkays?:)

Our Nikah ceremony was simple,
Started with Jemaah for Solat Maghrib ; I arrived after Maghrib for a short tazkirah while waiting for Isya'. 
Joined the jemaah for Isya' and we proceeded to the Nikah session right after.
..then we had "tepung tawar" plus some photo session!
Yeap, simple!:)

I shall have another post on my Nikah, cuz I have a few more photos to share with you guys!
Wait for the last part- Part 3 mmkays?:D

My family - with one brother missing.
Sadly he couldn't be there on my day cuz he's in Kuching studying.
But I'm gonna make sure they're all here during my reception for sure!

Family members - thank you thank you thank you :D

Closest friends; 
Thank you so much you guys, for all the help..

Shakil, if you're reading this,
Sila imagine smiley face hmmmhh itu!

Feels kinda weird having our photo taken instead nyehehehe. 
Maybe Jojoe & I should have a "pre-wedding" (or in our case pre post wedding shoot? lolwhut)
themed photo shoot or something!
That would be so much fun - especially now that we're married so we could hold hands and all HAHAHA:P

Told ya it feels kinda weird to have our photos taken; so there he goes taking photos of me *GRINS*

My make up & outfit was sponsored by my Aunt, 
she's a freelance make up artist & emcee. 
Should've had the outfit altered a bit though, before the day!
But it's okay, 
another reception soon, insyallah!:D
Flower bouquet done by a local florist ; Ghee Ann. 
Pelamin done by local freelance bridal; Zaidi.

there goes part 2.

Stay tuned for the last part of my big day, yes?;)

Blog again soon!

May 16, 2013

OOTD]] Endless summer.

Miri has been soooo hot lately, pheewww!
I got extremely lazy if I need to go out of the house cuz of the weather :3
But if you are out, do look up and enjoy looking at the skies. 
It's ridiculously gorgeous lately too ;)

Nothing fancy for my outfit today - making use of whatever I have as usual teeeheee. 
But come on, I think it's fair that this OOTD deserves a post of itself after my ensemble of green maroon and  denim-ish mixed together. 

Bestie & I went to T4; we've been craving for their Pearl Milk Tea for weeks now!
..and we were happy when we saw there's a new menu as well!

Seaweed potato chips!:)
Quite tasty, but I would prefer it to be a bit thinner, then it would be perfect!
..also perhaps some extra of the powdery flavor thing?

We also took photos with the same outfit for my banner..
..we'll see if I can choose one that "fits" my blog the most.

What do you think of this one?;)

Blog again soon!;)
p/s; My remaining henna looks like nail polish!:P