August 28, 2013


Salam & Hi!
So today I had to stay home as I had to wait for some people to come to fix something at our place..
..which they ended up not showing up -.-
and because I stayed home today I felt like making something very simple to eat!
It's getting boring to always go and dine outside, I am really tired of fast food & just..
 restaurant food. 

Reason why I would rarely make anything at home is cuz there's no one to share my food with..
so that gets boring too.:\
I will only cook proper food when Jojoe's around!
Welp. Jojoe does most of the cooking hehehe. 

Today I made the bestie & her sister to come over to join me!

Made extremely simple salad simply cuz I was craving for some salads!  
Threw everything I could think of in, 
thank god the sisters liked it..:P
..or maybe it was just me?

I threw some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pasta, and some tuna in. 
Maybe next time I should throw in some chickens and boiled eggs too!

I bought a packet of pasta and a bottle of bolognese sauce so there you go, 
bolognese pasta. 

Our simple lunch.

..because it wasn't planned, 
we had some take-aways as well.

The bestie was excited to try her Ah Huat coffee so all of us had one mug of that.
I really should do this more often!
Next time I am gonna plan one so at least I'll know what food to prepare:]

Keeked my current song obsession!

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!

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