September 26, 2013

In and out.

Salam & Hi!
I have been struggling through  A LOT of things lately,
which makes me feel like staying in and just sleep all day long. 

But then again..
when I think about it..
Why would I choose to be gloomy when I can easily make it all bright and sunny again?

It will forever be hard, 
But you've gotta live & leave all the negativity behind. 
We all live to please the Only ONE, so whatever you choose to do & you did - so leave the rest to Him. 

Be thankful for whatever that happens to you, 
for whatever you have,
be it bad or good.
It all happens for a reason - just hang on there. 

I am still in the midst of preparing for my upcoming reception..
You can quite say that I am occupied pretty much most of the time. 
At least my mind is - if not my time. 

I decided to get some fresh air today,
I have been too stuffy in and out, physically and mentally (if that makes any sense) so I got some sinful KFC CHIKINNN for my lunch. 

Got some fresh flowers as well as..
this new little friend of mine!

I wanted to get some other kind of fish..
But this is the easiest to take care of so..

Okay I have to go now, 
Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon! 

September 24, 2013

Morning post.

Salam & helu!
A bit unusual for me to update this early but..
I want you to know that you are gonna have a fabulous day today!

..also sharing with you a pretty photo of my food today.

Not starting the day with coffee today.. least not yet.

Blog again soon!

September 23, 2013

Double dose; Just something.

Salam & Hi!
Here comes another Double dose of me updating..
Nothing special to update about but..
I had quite an interesting and SAD day today so..

I would like to share some of it with you.
No, not the sadness, 
just the story.

One whole day I had to drive everywhere in town today, 
till I almost got lost cuz I was not at my usual side of the world..
Okay not literally the world but my out of the zone that I am usually familiar with. 
It was scary for a moment cuz no one was with me and imagine if I end up at some weird place that I don't know about that would be so scary T.T

..I obviously managed to find the way out, right?

when I was driving to send out the invitation, I saw a small little kitten in the middle of the road!!
It looked really helpless and clueless and the road was so busy and cars were driving quite fast at that area!
..because I couldn't just stop in the middle of the road (it would be dangerous for me too -.-)
I actually turned to check the little kitty again..
if it's still there I wanted to keep the kitten.


I seriously cannot stop replaying the image of the poor little kitty not knowing what to do while it was in the middle of the road AND what I saw after I turned T.T




Poor little kitty what were you doing in the middle of the busy road???


Cute Blue Bird Crying

Sorry that I got there too late little kitty T.T

..this is still too sad for me.
Here's a pretty photo of my brunch earlier. 

I promise I'll blog about happier things soon, 
do stick around!

Blog again soon!

My perfume story; TAG!

Salam & Hi!

I just generally love anything that smells good.
Okay I just couldn't think of any other intro okay?
Who likes smelly things anyway pssh.

I must have a type of scent (obviously has to be my favorite type of scent) in my car, in my room, in my toilet, in my house, and even in my bag.
..even my clothes. 
Simply anything that I can put a scent to it- I will.

I have been like that ever since I was in primary school.
Except back then it was either body mist or deodorant la hahaha. 

These were the first few "perfume" I had back then!

Who else still remembers this?
They still have it in stores up till today but it's different from these I think.
It doesn't smell the same anymore.

Got stuck with Impulse till high school.
But then I changed to a few other perfume including some local cheap ass body mists in between HAHAHA. 

Obviously cuz it's just ridiculous (now that I thought about it) to go to school wearing expensive perfumes hahaha:P
But I still did anyways!

I loved cool water sooo much I even got a few bottles of it but cheap version that smells very very similar to it hahahaha.

Okay, mostly back then those perfume weren't mine, 
but after I worn the real ones I go and look for a cheaper version (sort of like a China version of each perfume hahaha) just so I could have the same scent without wasting it by wearing it to school.

Then..when I got into Uni years..
I got hooked on Heiress by Paris Hilton!

I got 2 bottles of the same perfume in a year. 
Still thinking of getting one soon - I miss this scent!

..also got hooked on Bvlgari Omnia.

During my first year of Uni, 
that was when I got to know my husband & he gave me few perfumes (till now!:P)

The first perfume he got me..

Then this..

..and these..

I think I missed out a few..
But that's all that I could remember for now.

p/s: Happy 5 years of knowing each other dearest husband!;)

My favorite one of all has to be Radiance ; so the husband bought me another bottle of it! 
But a different Radiance -Cosmic Radiance:D 

Yes, the one in a photo from my previous post.:)
Currently my fav fav fav!<3 

Out of all..
my least favorite is CK's Forbidden Euphoria. 
I do love one of from the Euphoria's range but I forgot what it's called:3

What perfumes have you had since school?
I Tag you!

Blog again soon!

September 20, 2013

Finding reasons to smile. :[

Salam & Helu!

Today I had a quite depressing day, sadly.
For some reason I felt miserable, weak, just everything negative. 
At some point it even felt like I hadn't had enough food.
..which made me had Nasi Lemak for breakfast haha.

It was too weird even I myself noticed it that I actually changed and dressed nicely cuz I thought that I needed to get out to.. perhaps get some fresh air. 
..or maybe do a little tissue shopping or something. 
Just something. 

When I'm all dressed up with make up on I was literally on the floor dragging myself instead of walking normally like WTF. 

So I conclude that today is my most depressing day everrr.

I took vain photos of myself tho, 
cuz I was really trying hard to cheer myself up BAHAHA 
SIGH why am I like thissss!

Finally got a wireless remote for my camera so..another reason to take vain photos of myself?

Didn't feel like smiling at all. all.
Up to the point where I did this. 

Still a pretty picture so......

Today's essentials.

I'm gonna look for more food now. 

Blog again soon!
Happy weekends!

September 19, 2013

When everything seems to go down, just push it back up & fight.

Salam & Helooooooo!

I apologize for not updating for quite a while.
As often as I say it..I really do mean it every time. 

Been busy with..well, 
It's very occupying hahaha. 
My reception is a few weeks away so that adds up too.. 

Now let's see..
Apart of all the things that happened to me..
here are some little things that I wanna share with you! 

Chocolate haul!
The husband came home with truckloads of chocolates for me this time :D
..and a new perfume too:)

We played paintball..
..and we brought back bruises and cuts.

But we had sooo much fun although it was really tiring as well:/
I didn't really move though............
Stayed at one bunker and shoots randomly till the game ends hahahahaXD

The husband & I did a little gardening..

 I keep on saying "saliva" instead of "Salvia" 

We wanted to see whether we are capable of planting flowers heeeheeee.

Bought two pots & that was how it looked like after we plant in the seeds. 

Can you believe that it grew??
I'll definitely show you how it looks like now hahaha.
We planted this last week, and now the sprouts are showing :')
We're proud parents bahahahaha
grow pretty flowers, grow!

Then, few days ago I signed a petition. 
Do you Mirians know that we have a horn bill family in joining our neighborhood now?
Their names are Jimmy & Faridah (the horn bill couple) & they have kids too!
How adorableeeeeee is that?? T.T 

However, Piasau Camp is gonna be taken over by some other people now & they are planning to develop the place..
..and that means no more trees & a place for those horn bills to live T.T
Ohh how I hate developments sometimes ):

All of us signed heeeheee.
I really do hope they are gonna protect those wild horn bills!
I really should go and visit them soon. 
(yes, most of the times I am a nature freak and an animal lover too p/s: I hate looking at people eating turtle eggs HMMH)

We celebrated the husband's birthday & the sister in law's birthday by having a special dinner..
..but I am sad that again this year I can't give any extravagant gifts for the husband T.T
But even worse la this year cuz I didn't even have the chance to wrap his present HAHAHA:P
Sorry love!
But the kids did something for him!!

Didn't expect that they would actually give him presents for his birthday! 
One from each ? That's even more unexpected hahaha. 
I still don't know how it looks inside..
I have to wait for the husband to come home & open his prezzies! 

I got gifts too nyehehehehe!
But from the bestie:D
She's back from her recent trip so she got me these;

Pretty happy bubble bath & a souvenir from Langkawi:)

All in all I am just extremely thankful for all the wonderful people and things around me, 
They come to remind me just when I needed it the most. 
Self reminder, 
ALWAYS focus on happier things in life, be friends with the people who brings out the best in you, 
and NEVER stop praying for good things to happen to everyone

In spite of everything that's happened/happening, I shall leave it to God & just do what I think and feel is best for both my husband & I. 

Wooops. Enough telling you what my self reminders are..
What have you been up to lately?

Blog again soon!

September 4, 2013

Breakfast is the most wonderful meal of the day~

Salam & Hi!

That's pretty much how my breakfast would look like these days when the husband's not around.
Mainly cuz I don't have to cook it, means it is easy to make - also no leftovers.
Today I replaced the tuna with eggs.
I want potatoes!!
No, I am currently not on a diet or anything bahahaha.
I think the only time I was actually dieting, you know.. with the supplements and planned meal and exercises and all..was early this year. 
Then I shed few kgs & my grandmomma keep on saying that I look sick cuz of it so I kinda stopped dieting. 
Plus it's almost impossible to diet if the husband's around so..

I hate veggies, but lately I have been feeling so weak so MY logic is that I need to eat more greens and fruits, and bammm, there you have it, 
Finna eats salad for breakfast/lunch almost everyday.

Haven't really tried any other veggie option cuz I can't even finish the veggies I bought for all those HAISH.
I hate leftovers cuz there's no one who's gonna finish it:/
It all goes to waste AND makes our fridge all full/messy.

Maybe I should stock up my groceries with food like these just so I can make small portions of food that's simple and easy to make, and that will never have any leftovers. 

I mean, if I were to cook curry ka masak kurma ka, masak kicap ka..
Confirm got leftovers wan.

Ehhhh while I'm typing these out 
 suddenly there's ants on my table it's so annoying!

Here's a pretty photo of my earphone's flower. 

Thank you bestie!;)

..that reminds me I need to get new fresh flowers. 

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!

Need to figure out ways to get rid of these ants. 

September 2, 2013

Mask review - Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Real Powder Mask

Salam & Hi!

Remember I went to a facial session few days back?
If you don't you can check it out here 

From there and also during the OPI road show I went to,
now I know that I have ridiculously dry skin.
I've always thought I'm a combination of both..
but I keep on getting comments on how "very dry" my skin/face is.
But at least now it's easier for me to choose my skin care product, yes?

Before I rant on about the mask,
let me tell you a little bit about HiShop !

HiShop is an online shopping site!
Yes, I'm sticking with that short definition.
I mean come on, will you even care about any other words after shopping?

Online shopping is nothing new,
but what I hate the most about shopping online is their messy website layout.

Something that made me signed up for HiShop - is their simple website layout!

I am slightly slow when it comes to websites with too much things/sidebars/hidden navigation in it
so I LOVE HiShop's design simply cuz it is simple.

Directly when you sign in, all the bars you need are on top!
All you have to do is choose which one do you wanna look for C:
Make-up, skin care, fragrance..

..and of course, their SALES corner!

If you have no clue on what are you planning to purchase,
'fret not- you can browse through their featured products.
 Also some new arrivals..

You can also shop by brands - if you have specific brand in mind!;)
Easy peasy.
As you can see, they have a lot of known brands to choose from.
Simply click "buy now" and BOOM.
You can view what's in your shopping cart & also edit the things in it.
They definitely have loads of special offers, so be on the lookout by subscribing to them!

Tonight I tried the mask from Beauty Clinic MediHeal;
the "Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Real Powder Mask".

Although this post is sponsored,
I would love for my dear readers to know that this review is solely based on my very own honest opinions on the product.
It will forever stay that way.
Don't worry!;)

"Moisture Care Autumn squash powder sheet is beneficial to skin moisture & provides the freshness and efficiency of ingredients efficiently and adds the closeness and nutrition of skin with the synergy effect of concentrated essence."

So..that pretty much means that this mask is supposed to give me the moisture that my skin needs!

As I mentioned, my skin is dry.
Say hello to my lubang idong and my dry skin!


..also visible redness around my nose area..
Not sure if you can really see that my skin is dry..(cuz honestly I can't hahaha)

P/s: This mask is a bit too tedious for me :|
You need to gently push the bottom part of the mask (where the ampule is) to the upper left corner like so.

After your mask is soaked with it,
simply take it out and put it on your face!

Another thing I dislike about the mask is..the smell. :3
The smell is too pumpkin-ish (if that makes any sense) but I really didn't like it >.<
I had to take it off earlier than I am supposed to cuz I hated the smell.

Even though I did not put it on THAT long,
it definitely leaves the moisturizing feeling on my skin!

It feels so fresh & when I touch my face it feels slightly smoother than before I put it on:D

It's quite sticky, but I think that is why it is extremely moisturizing to your skin.

All in all,
What I like about it - the fact that it does moisturize my skin even when I didn't wore it that long :D
What I pretty much dislike about it - definitely the smell. :\

If I am not mistaken I think they have it in Orange too, so I bet that smells nice!
Although I'm not quite sure what it's for.

you can always try this out if you like pumpkins most importantly if you have dry skin!

Go ahead,
try and shop at HiShop!
I love the fact that the person behind it was really responsive to my emails and whatnots!
So don't be afraid to ask; they will definitely reply back to you ASAP.
She even expected for my parcel to arrive later; when it actually arrived earlier!:D

Here's a special rebate for my readers;
simply insert the code AUGBOX for a RM20 rebate!:)
*with minimum purchase of RM99- valid till 31st OCT 2013

I reaaaally wanna try Farmasi Cosmetics; hopefully I'll get around to it!

I still have 2 more items to try..
so stick around,
I'll blog again soon!

Special shout out to Mabel Yan,
Thank you so much!