October 30, 2012


I feel so awkward today.. -.-
My holidays are pretty much here, so I have been lazing around the house & did nothing productive. 
But if catching up with series is considered something productive, then yes, I have been so so productive for the last few days. 
Not an easy thing to search for working links to watch all of those series online, no?;)

My list;
Modern Family
New Girl 
The Big Bang Theory 
Don't trust the B in Apartment 23
Ghost Whisperer

Just recently starting to catch up with (& in plan);
American Horror Story
Desperate Housewives 

I used to watch Pretty Litlle Liars as well..but I think I did mention before that I stopped watching it. 
I might start watching it again if I ran out of series to watch.:P
Dexter seems interesting too, but it's too far to catch up now..so we'll see about that.

My fav chocolate flavored snack :D 
Went out for a while today just to send something to Jojoe and I ended up going to a store..

Met a friend and we had a chat..
...I wasn't feeling awkward at all, I was all yeah?yadayada blabla chatchat..
 until I was driving back home.
 I felt soooo awkward of myself till I actually stopped at the road side just to tweet about how awkward I feel HAHAHAHA.
You know when we always have this cheek to cheek greeting sort of thing when we meet other people?
I just realized today that I tend to place my hand at the back of people's head instead of their back or shoulder or something! o.o
I just realized how awkward it is...and perhaps how awkward people might feel about me doing so....
Mmkays, maybe if I describe it this way it may emphasize more on why I feel that it is awkward for me to do so..
It's like when you wanna kiss a person..you put your hands at the back of their head..touching the hair..
Phew I am so awkward. 
But NO, I don't have ANY intentions of kissing anyone HAHAHA.


Sorry in advance if I will ever make any of you (if we ever meet in person that is) feel awkward if I did that to you..


Mmkays, so my real point is..
I bought something. 

YAY for more transparent cases wooop wooppp.
I bought this to replace my old make up bag...but mainly cuz I love it so much cuz it's transparent.
The small one costs RM2.50 
& the bigger one costs me rm4. 
Muahahahaha cheap stuff = Win. 

There's 3 sizes of these, I got the medium & the biggest ones. 
I might get the smallest one as well for me to store my meds & other important needs that I need to bring with me everywhere I go. 

Perfect for travelling as well!;)

Blog again soon!

October 26, 2012


I have been wanting to revamp my blog so it would become more "me". 
Also to make it so much easier for you to navigate around my blog..
Too bad I am not that good in tweaking those codes.
So all I can play with is the header & only small things here and there. 

From my previous header I think it's pretty obvious that I like to keep it simple.
Therefore not much changes for the new one - just different fonts used.

I like keeping my name as my header still..
But I changed the description.

Still keeping the blue & white theme going on..
Tho I would love to have some photo collage thingy as my header with the current one. 
Maybe I could try...
We'll see. 

My two glasses.
Left - Home use ; Right - For when I am out.
I do have to change to the black one if I need to face my laptop. 
It's almost impossible to read from the screen with my old glasses. :\

Blog again soon!

October 22, 2012

You & me; we're stuck like glue.

Last weekend I had a quite relaxing one..
We went for a very short swim, yeap a short one cuz it was raining the whole day T.T
I was really excited about chilling there with the swimming and all..:|
Guess it just wasn't my day.

I craved for some potato salads; cuz Jojoe makes really good ones!
Decided to make some for myself.

Too bad we didn't have any minced beef at home..
so it didn't taste like how I want it to be. .( which is how Jojoe would make it for me...T.T )
Was in a rush as well, I totally forgot to take a photo of it after it's done.
Share with me any delicious potato salads recipe?;D

I am currently in a phase where every time I try to read, I just simply can't. 
I got this a month ago, no? I haven't even started reading it but I have been bringing it everywhere with me.
...and taking more photos of it hoping that I would actually start reading it lol.

 Pretty Swirly keropok
Haven't try it yet. 

Are you hungry right now?
Mmmkays, here's more photos of food.

A friend ordered the cheese pizza earlier & that was the first time I tasted it.
Mahhhn, it was niiiiiceee.
I really love how the uhmm paste (?) under the layer of the cheese compliments the taste of all the cheesy thing going on lawl.
Those balls are actually cream cheese :O
One thing I didn't like about the pizza? 
The cheese stuffed crust. 

Blog again soon!

October 14, 2012

Sunday treats:)

Darnn, I swear it's like I am living in a body of a 50 year old woman!
My back hurts almost all the time; it's probably because of all the slouching and facing my laptop all the time with bad posture yadayada~ But now it gets worse cuz even when I walk sometimes I get backache.-.-

Feeling all content right now after all the pampering..
Stayed home & did few things that makes me all happy inside!:)

I have been putting this aside for quite a while now, glad that I finally got the chance to spend some time on it.

Syasya asked me to help her to assemble this mini fruit shop few weeks back but she didn't dare to ask me when am I gonna start doing it muahahaha so I figured I could use some distractions..

..and also cuz it makes me happy.
Let's do this!

 It is a bit harder than the ones I did before, simply because I need to glue pretty much everything; and the glue they provided was really MEH!
Had to use UHU; thankfully I had some left from my DIY projects..

The ones I did before was all made out of Styrofoam but this one is made of paper.. which is good, but just a liiiitle bit harder to do. Explains why Syasya didn't do it herself!
The mother bought a mini cake shop as well but guess what she did to it?
She threw it away cuz she said it was too hard for her to make hahahahha.

I guess you need some patience, huh?

You know, I will always have this uhmm nice sort of feeling after it's done. 
I would love to get more of these but I have nowhere to store it nicely..:3
I mean, it would be such a waste if I were to just let it be just like that, no?
Plus they're too cute!

People at home are making me eat more:/
As a result I had a burger for dinner. 

Let's just say that it was a Sunday exception.;)

..and cuz I have all the time in the world to just do what I wanna do today..

Face mask, eye mask, hair mask, hand mask hoyesssss.
Both eye & face masks why? Cuz I can.:P

Hand mask (orange packet "Hand Me Love") - Nature Republic
Face & eye masks (blue packets) - Sasa
Hair mask (orange tube) - Nature Republic

Before Sasa was opened here in Miri, I tried their mask while I was back in KK few years back & I loved it! Bought some few weeks back on promotion; got 4 masks for only rm10.:D
Why I like their face masks is because of the clean fresh feeling after using it. 
I always pop these kind of masks in the fridge for few minutes before using it, so it felt even fresher!

Hand mask bought quite some time ago, I figured I should use it cuz I have no idea for how long am I allowed to keep it lawl.
I didn't really like it tho, it doesn't do much to your hands..Might as well invest in a good hand cream; you could use it so many times compared to hand masks:/
*psssst. My current fav is the Nivea Q10 hand cream!;)

My arms & elbows (can you believe it I had to google siku in English cuz I forgot what it is in English.. -.- ) were quite neglected cuz of the problems I have been having with my lips..so with all the love, I bought the classic Nivea body milk & it works wonders me likey:D 
Cracked heels creams are a must for me T.T

Can you see the bump at my left eye?:|
It's been there for weeks & it's really disturbing! 
I have no idea on how to remove it or make it disappear T.T
I should probably go to a pharmacy and ask. 

..and ohh! You notice how clean & fresh does my face looks?:D 
Took the photo right after I took off my face mask..

One random thought; 
I should probably try some other lipstick. 

How was your Sunday? Did anything interesting?

Blog again soon!:)

October 3, 2012

salt pepper shaker.

So sometimes I forget how to breathe.
Sometimes I forget how to swallow too.
Every time I forgot how to swallow I panicked, like how one would splutter and act all panicky when one is drowning?
That is exactly how I felt.  
That, is definitely not a lie. 
How is it even possible for me to forget how to swallow I have no idea!

I have noticed that my views are increasing day by day, 
and I am seriously thankful for that and forgive me for not blogging as frequent!

Haven't been up to anything unusual lately..
Explains the lack of updates.
Maybe people should give me ideas on places to go or send me somewhere so I could blog about it?Lol.
Also cuz I have been out and around; not much time to actually be in front of my laptop to actually blog. 
Not a fan of mobile blogging yet, so there.

Here's what I have been up to, pretty much.
 Had to sing while I was still recovering from my asthma & fever and all.. It was horrible:\
Glad that I managed to at least not ruin the wedding by singing off key or anything haha:P
...and managed to not cough while singing!

 Been eating like a pig; I am sadly back to my bad habit which is eating junks & also eating them right before I sleep! -.-' 
The last photo is a combined gift of our anniversary & his birthday cuz I am so broke teeeheee.
Received a new cover from my cousin, attended a wedding as a photog (it has been a while it was really tiring phew), the ridiculously attention seeker cat, and my camera is getting older day by day :(

Haven't been doing much OOTDs lately cuz I don't feel like dressing up and also cuz I have no where to go :|

 I have something planned for myself; if it turned out great I might blog about it, 
so stay tuned?;) 

Blog again soon, lovelies!