August 17, 2013

o o t d ; E i d. - Tie dye!

Bought the tie dye back when I was in Melaka.
It is originally a 4mtrs piece of cloth; tailored into a maxi kurung skirt. 
I am honestly not a big fan of tie dyes but I think I bought it cuz there was an exhibition or somethin' that made me wanna get one for myself.
Normal tourist logic. 

Shawl is a gift from the bestie, finally get to pair it up with my outfit!

For some reason I keep on seeing these kind of color pretty much everywhere this year. 
Different shades of pink & blue combined together.
I even saw a house painted in those colors hahahaha. 
Should've taken a photo of it! 

I am again - lacking of sleep & rest,
so I should probably go and get more sleep.

I shall update more soon, 
Miss me, will you?

Blog again soon!

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