July 10, 2012

Review 1- Nature Republic's Rice Mask Sheet

My best friend asked me the other day, do I still wear mask regularly?
I stopped for a while, probably around a month or so because of my allergies.
I couldn't just apply or use any sort of skin care or any mask or whatsoever.
I can't even put on some perfume!-.-

For few weeks I had no protection on my face.-.-

But fret not, it's all A-Okay now. Well, at least it wasn't as bad anymore.
The answer is yes, I still do apply/wear/use (haha) masks at least three times a month.
Sometimes more.

I haven't been trying out new masks cuz I am worried that it might damage my skin..so even if I feel like
trying new ones, I have to choose the brands that I am already familiar with.

This time it is Nature Republic's Rice Sheet Mask!:D
I somehow fall under the dry skin category but not too dry; plus the T zone area which is a bit more oily than the rest.

This particular mask sheet is for dry skin, it helps to moisturize your skin. 
I'd have to warn the people who has oily skin, this product is very moisturizing. But of course they'll definitely help you to choose which one is best for you! 
They have a lot of other kinds for this range, all I did was just let the kind lady to take a look at my face and recommend which suits my skin better. (: 

So before putting it on, I popped it into the fridge for 15 minutes or so. 
 Ahhh, before I forget, make sure your face is clean before putting it on! You can go & wash your face while waiting for your mask to cool in the fridge;)
I am currently using Fresh Farm Cleanser by Nature Republic as well. 

It works well for me, although I'd have to say sometimes it does not clean that well. How did I know this?
When applying toner, I use cotton pads & I can see sometimes it's a bit brown-ish which comes from the dirt on my face even after I cleanse it with my facial cleanser. -.-
Will probably change back to ZA's cleanser right after I finish this one. 

Like other mask sheets, it's gonna look like so. Honestly I don't favor mask sheets like these anymore simply because I feel like it is messier and a bit more tedious to put on compared to the bottled masks.
I'd have to dig into the packet & get the juices all over my fingers..Uhhhmmm. Not fun at all.:|
Bottled is way much easier to apply, you just need to squeeze it out and use a brush to even it out on your skin!  

Anyhoo, back to this mask! This is how my skin looks like before putting it on..not that you can tell the difference that much teeeheeee.

 Left it on for about 15minutes.
It feels uhh a bit weird compared to other masks I have tried before. Personally I think it was a bit too moisturizing. Usually after putting masks on, I would just leave the mask's juice on my face & go right to bed! But not for this one. I had to wash it off cuz it felt all sticky and I didn't like it:3

The bright side of it is that my skin immediately felt all moisturized and soft right after! The next morning my face looks a bit brighter :D

I would rate it 2 hearts out of five.

Worth to try, if you need something moisturizing.;)

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