September 24, 2012

Review;Chappy Chapped Lips! Blistex Lip Moisturizer.

If you are a follower on my twitter; you'd probably knew that I was sick AGAIN, for the past few days. 
Man, I am really tired of being sick.:3 Anybody has ways to prevent from getting sick?:\
Anyhoos, I caught a fever & my dearest asthma came back( I guess it's not ready to leave me yet) and those few days were really terrible for me T.T
I had to sing for a wedding last Saturday & I wasn't even fully recovered yet OHHGAWD I was coughing non stop it worries me so so badddd!
Thank god I managed to not cough while I was singing..
But I'd have to admit that I could have done better..:\

My skin; particularly my face is not at its best condition, with all the redness and unnecessary pimples popping out here and there psssh.
But the most horrible looking "thing" on my face was my lips.
It was so horrible looking that I couldn't get myself to actually snap a photo of it to show you guys how badly chapped and dried it was.
It was really dry, it bleeds, it hurts so so bad!
Now don't you go telling me that I need to drink more water cuz trust me I am the last person you would wanna tell that to!
..cuz most of the time water is the only thing I drink.

My lips are famous for its dryness (haha) so my friends are always giving me lip balms to try, or they would recommend me some lip products to try..& the latest would be the Hada Labo's lip moisturizer. 

Blogged about it here; (but not a review or anything) .

I was surprised that I actually finished two tubes of it!
I NEVER used my lip balms till its all gone mmkay!
I thought it's almost impossible to actually finish a tube-apparently I am wrong..
or maybe the stick is just short that I could finish it so fast hehehe.

The Hada Labo was good, but when my lips gotten even worse, it didn't help that much so I decided to get a different one this time & I got myself this;

Was torn in between getting this one & the Palm Cocoa Butter thing, obviously cuz of the cocoa butter cuz so many people said cocoa butter is good for moisturizing.. and it was a trusted brand as well compared to this one. 
But I somehow picked this one instead simply because it does not look all fancy and I have never heard of the brand before hahahaha.
I mean, it does look all "professional", no?
It looks to me like a pharmacy looking lip thingy so I assume that it'll help.:P

..and guess what?
I am forever trusting my instinct hahahahha.X)

It really helped; A LOT!
Right after I applied it for the first time I could feel all the burning sensation and all the hurt from my chapped lips are reduced OHHGAWDD you have no idea how good it felt!

I like how it has this cooling effect when I apply it, and the taste is very citrus-lime-ishy. Lol.
It smells nice, it tastes nice, it makes my lips feel all cooly wooly.XD
It has SPF15, so I guess that's good for day time too?;)

After less than 5 times of applying it my lips are getting so so much better and I can write this post happily without worrying about all the pain and the ugliness cuz it's all healed!:D

Another plus point is that it's cheap!:)
Got it from Watsons for RM 8.60.

I have tried so many lip products, trust me.
I even googled for some home remedies..
So far I have only tried rubbing honey, honey & brown sugar, softly brushing my lips with my toothbrush..

Maybe I need to change my lip products once in a while, no? 
But there are few lip thingies I tried before that I could only use once or twice.:|

Those are some of the lip products I have..Yes, I still keep them but I do not use them anymore(:
I actually have more, some I've misplaced and some I've thrown away. 
But for some reason I like collection lip thingies/ chap sticks.

I hope my lips stays this way now..It's troublesome when it gets all chapped and dry:3
What's your favorite lip moisturizer/balm? :D

September 20, 2012

4th Anniversary. (:

I actually had doubts about this post..
I had to think so many times to actually post this.
Not that it's a bad thing or anything.. I just don't feel like publishing too much on my love life lately.
I somehow like to keep it for myself for now.
There's too many things going on that made me feel like it's a bit scary to actually share this with you guys but..
Ohhh well.

Today is our 4th Anniversary! (yayyyyysss!:D )
Jojoe & I had been in a relationship for 4 years now, can you believe it? Lol.:P
Despite all the nasty things and people (haha) we had to go through, we somehow managed to stay together till today; AND many more years AND to insyallah go to the next big step. 
Insyallah, AMIN!
*pray for our never ending happiness? thank you!;)*

No words can describe how thankful I am to have him as a part of my life..

I can't believe I actually forgot that today is our anniversary!-.-'
So embarrassing that he was the one who remembered and texted me last night while I was sleeping lol.

He's currently out of town, so we don't get to celebrate it together or anything.. 
Not that we usually do, but I feel kinda sad that I couldn't at least be with him and spend time with him :|

Mmmkays, there's actually A LOT of things that I really wanna say,
but I think some things are better left unsaid.
Well, at least not here. 

For all of you who're reading this I hope you pray for us for our happiness and all the best things in life,
and I shall do the same thing to you in return.:) 


September 13, 2012

Quality time with the bestie is loveeee.

I love coffee shops.
The ones where you can really relax, and places that has wifi hahahaha:P
That's mainly the reason why I like going to Starbucks or Coffee Bean; cuz you pay a lot for your drinks and it makes me not feel guilty to stay for as long as I want to ahahahaha.:P
..and also cuz I love doing my work there, or read my book or blog!
That's so far the only place that I can be all alone and not be bothered by anyone.
I'd have to say that I prefer Starbucks cuz I am already familiar with the Baristas and also I can collect my Bpoints.

Mirians might know that San Francisco coffee opened a while back in PermyMall, 
but it has closed down for some reason and some other coffee shop took over the place.
So we decided to try there yesterday, cuz both the bestie and I loved the fact that it's not always full of people.
You get to relax more and not fight for nice spots /tables. (Y)

Before we decided to settle down there and order and all we kinda inspected the place hahahaha.
We went in, explored every corner, looked at the menu, looked at the price, went out of the shop, and went back in.
I even googled the place before actually deciding to stay or leave hahaha.
(Nawp, there's nothing on google. I think it's owned by a local)
Thank god the workers were nice and friendly. :D

I ordered this drink called Cookie Cream Macchiato or something I forgot what exactly it is called; but I remember the description of the drink was "it's like drinking cookies" or something. Haaa. How can I not find that interesting, right? 
It was really niceeeeeeee. I liked it a lot, except I would prefer it to have stronger coffee taste.
But I think you can add in more shots. 
It tasted all milky and creamy, uhmmm like a white chocolate drink. 
Very very nice. 
Even more interesting is that it has chocolate chips at the bottom of the drink!:D
So it's like digging for treasure hahahaha. 
..and also I think it could've been a bit more hot or at least a bit warmer. 
Cuz I like my drinks hawwwt.

Ohhhhh! They even have teh tarik on their menu. 
Although it's ridiculous to pay that much for a teh tarik.............

The place is nicely decorated too - another plus point there.^^.

One of the downsides of this place are the hot drinks.
Personally I think it is quite pricey, cuz the mugs are smaller if it were to be compared to Starbucks ' or Coffee Bean's. 
For the small mug is RM9.50 (for my cookie cream macchiato) and if I am not mistaken for the largest mug was RM13-ish?:/ I don't remember....
Okay when I put it that way, the prices are quite similar but I have a problem with the hot drinks' yeah.
(OMG I just realized that I forgot to take lots of relevant photos hahahaha) 
I should've taken photos of the mugs -.-

As for the ice blended drinks and such, I can say that the price is normal for places like these.
I ordered a drink that's watermelon and lychee flavored; and again- it was not a disappointment at all. (Y)
They even gave me a complimentary cheese cake. :D

...and more irrelevant photos. 

That paper I'm holding? It's like a text book for the place.
On it is how you pronounce all the words they have on the menu and stuff.
Sorry I didn't take a photo of it cuz I brought Jojoe's 50mm prime it was too meh to actually take close ups.

...and that's my awesome date for the day.

We would definitely come back (when we're not broke and all haha) here and stay there the whole day  :P
I just cannot get over with the fact that the workers are really really nice. 

Rich people should come here and open more fancy coffee shops, right?;)
*Ps: Please open a cheaper one but still fancy looking.:P


September 12, 2012

A short and simple birthday post.

Happy Birthday to the person I love the most,
I pray for your health & all the good things in life..
 I seriously wish that I could be there with you but it's okay, I'll wait for you to come back mmkays?:)

Stay amazing as you already are, 
You will forever be my birthday boy; no matter how old you are!;)

Love you, Mr Shah Faizal.

September 9, 2012

Tea party.C(_)~

Some of you may not know that my aunt loves making cute cuppycakes. 
She gets orders from people and all..I'd have to admit that she is getting better day by day.
So the other day (or was it yesterday...) she came up with this idea to set up a small "dessert table" as she calls it ( she was inspired by some online uhh thing) cuz she made these cute little cakes in jars!

If you are on tumblr or pinterest this shouldn't be new for you..;)
Someone ordered those cakes and all from her, so we kinda borrowed it to try and set up this cute table set up. (haha)

I just recently started to take photos again, so excuse the bad framing and all. 
I am still trying to get inspired as much as I can be, cuz I need to start focusing on doing things that makes me happy instead of thinking about what other people want me to do. :|

I personally love most of her cakes, they're so yummy!:D
...and fattening. 
But it's okay for the cheat days, no?;)

If you'd like to order or ask for detailed information;
you can comment here or email me!:D

...she makes red velvets, rainbow cakes, fondant cakes, chocolate? vanilla? butterscotch? 
You name it, request, she can make it happen. (insyallah)

ps: Bad thing to live with a person who loves to bake.-.-'
( Maybe the real problem is that I am a sweet tooth. :P )

September 4, 2012

My fur-less cats obsession?

Note the caps - It defines the happiness I am feeling right now haahahha.:P
I am happy that my item came today weeee:D
I bought this cute ear plug for my phone last month & it has finally arrived!

How can that not be cute? *DAWWHH*
I am a sucker over cute tiny stuff like these HEHEHE.

It is just ridiculously cute! Like how does an ear plug for your phone can be so cuteeeeee.
(Okay sorry for the amount of the word cute I am using in this post but heyyyyy.)

The best part is that it looks like he's hanging on my phone DAWWWWHHHH. XD
Momma said he looks like Fish my pet cat teeeheeee. 
So now I can remember my dearest Fish by looking at this cute hanging kitty! 
Keep on holding on, kitty kat!

If any of you are wondering where can you get this, you can go to this Facebook page
..and enjoy browsing & shopping!
They wrapped it nicely, with bubble wrap & all; I am a satisfied customer.
Will definitely shop there again next time!;)
I recommend you to get your phone accessories from them!:D

beforeendingapostthought: Jojoe's lens is hard to play with.:| Explains my out of focus photos. :|


September 1, 2012


Give me colors in my rain, reboot everything & give me the chance to restart my life.

Am I the only one who hates going out on weekends?:|
For now I appreciate the chance & time to go out on weekdays, cuz I seriously hate going out on the weekends:/ 
Specially to the malls; they're just too many people everywhere PSSSH.
I don't mind having too many people around (okay I am lying) but I hate facing rude people & idiots on weekends BLERGH.
I have to admit I have zero patience on weekends! 
Except when I go to relaxing places like the beach ka what kaaaa. 
I simply cannot stand it sometimes. Mmkay, probably most of the time.

Today I had to accompany my momma out, I was cranky the whole time (wooopsy) obviously cuz of the reasons I stated above plus Aunt Flow is here so..yeah.
Bought few things to take my mind of things..

Finally got myself a new notebook fan for my laptop; I used a real stand fan to cool my laptop the whole time before I got this hahaha.:P Got myself the purple plushie, and a new book to read. 
..and also a cute eco friendly notebook on the left.:)
I don't favor the expression that the purple teddy has, but I figured it would be handy if I travel cuz Mystical is now not as pretty as it was before.. ( the unicorn teeeheee)
If I ever come across another Mystical, I will definitely get the same exact one!

I think I haven't blogged about my new limited edition BonusLink card? 
I posted it on my instagram & twitter, but a lot of things has been happening around that I didn't get the chance to properly blog about it. 
I am not a fan of green, but I love supporting green causes:D 
So I donated some points to get this limited edition card..
You have the chance to get this limited edition card & help at the same time too!

Click here for details;

Have fun donating & receiving your exciting mail!;)

*cuz to me the most fun part was getting the card through mail HAHA;P