December 30, 2014

Life updates; Fresh start!

Assalamualaikum; Hello!



..because I have not been blogging for so long,
I think I have forgotten how to do this. 
But I've decided that I should keep on blogging so here I am!

I have a terrible headache right now so let's just do some quick updates about my life, okay?

I updated both my "About Me" section & my header;
I hope you like it!
Something more recent.

Quick recap;
  • I got pregnant December last year, gave birth July this year. 
  • Anything before and in between my pregnancy and after it; I CANNOT REMEMBER. 
This is why I should start blogging again!
..else I'll forget what area my highlights in life lolololol. 

Forgive this forgetful mommy, it's all after giving birth to a baby.
It seems like- out comes the baby, gone are all the memories wahahhaa. 

Other than baby stuff..
I just got chubbier and that's about it. 

Still need to brainstorm on what will my blog content will lean more to now...
I'll blog again soon!

August 30, 2014

My labor story; 27-07-2014 // Nur Amani Arissa ♥ - Part 1

Salam everyone!

The reason why I have been missing for so long lately is cuz I finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

I really wanna tell my story, 
but I am sorry if any of this will end so abrupt cuz I am stealing some time typing this while my baby is sleeping!
She's definitely gonna wake up any time soon so..yeah.

I gave birth at 37/38 weeks of my pregnancy (if I am not mistaken) during the last day of Ramadhan.
So uhmm yeah, I had to listen to "takbir raya" on the hospital bed..without my baby next to me. 
Sad & happy at the same time..
sad cuz I was alone; I gave birth at 5.45pm & got out from the labor room at 7ish? 
So the husband couldn't stay with me at the hospital cuz of the limited visiting hours. 
My baby wasn't with me too, cuz she had to be admitted in a different ward as she was on antibiotic.. 
..but happy cuz finally my little squirmy is out of the belly..
means I can finally hug her and kiss her! :D 

I gave birth 3 weeks earlier than my due date, and the reason being is that my water sort of broke a little..
Apparently little squirmy's sack was torn cuz she was too naughty and active in my belly! 
I had to be admitted & stayed there for 4 days. 

..because of that we had to be monitored cuz of the possibility of infections & I was given antibiotic.
I didn't get any sort of contractions till I had to be induced three times!

Man, the thing that stressed me out so much was the stay, pretty much cuz I had to be alone (but with other patients) almost all the time.
Also cuz it was super duper hot there; and being pregnant (especially when it's really near to labor) makes one sweat so so much!
Obviously cuz it is my first pregnancy & I had no idea what to expect or what to do.. 
it also made me all nervous and anxious. 

The first 2 induce did me nothing. 
I did not feel any contractions at all, what more to say whether my body is ready for labor or not. 
The 3rd one was the one, 
and MAN! 
Contractions sure does hurt so so much!

The contractions was so bad that we finally told the nurses that "maybe" I am ready to give birth. 
Honestly, I didn't even know whether what I was feeling are contractions..
I don't even know what I was feeling till Jojoe googled what it might be hahaha:p 

I shall blog part 2 when I have the time okay?
My baby is awake I have to go attend her now!

Blog again soon, 
Hope you missed me!

May 2, 2014

Life & preggy updates!

Salam and Hello all!

So..I have reached my 25/26th week (Blaming my apps for these confusing weeks) of pregnancy! 
Little squirmy is active as usual; well actually even more active lately!
Which made me happy cuz it's like my very own reminder that my baby's here with me. 

I have been eating laksa a lot, I really don't mind having it everyday..

I have been updating more on my Dayre, mainly cuz it is easier for me to access cuz I do not have the luxury to actually sit down in front of my laptop and blog and upload photos and everything.
If you love reading my updates, or if you're curious to know what I had for lunch or what I wore or what my little squirmy is up to, go ahead and follow me there.

I went for a check up last Tuesday and found out that my hemoglobin is low.
When the nurse told me the downside of it..
I admit that I immediately felt so scared and guilty.
I have been trying so hard to not think of any negative things throughout this pregnancy of mine, 
so I decided to focus on happier things, and to fix it rather than dwelling and worrying about what's gonna happen to my baby. 
I honestly leave it all to Him; I will try my very best to do what I can to keep my baby healthy. 

I need to start consuming more healthy food, increase my iron intake..
Gonna read more on what kind of food that has loads of iron. 
No wonder I have been suffering from terrible headaches and been feeling so tired and weak lately..
Dear squirmy, please be healthy and strong for us!

On the bright side, 
I HAVE been having good food;
we went for some good sushi last week.

Self reminder; make full use of your phone camera. 
The quality is amazing!:)
..and no, I did not have any of those raw sushis/salmons. 
All I had was the salmon head, and mostly the tempuras. 

The husband made me some good food too while he was around!

..managed to only capture during the day we had those noodles hehehe. 

Apart from food..
Here's my tummy update!

..and we found our baby's bed!

Okay my back is starting to hurt again so I'm gonna leave you with two videos of little squirmy in my tummy!
The second one is taken earlier today;
little squirmy is extra active today!
So much love for our baby already.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah, 
Thank you.

#blessed #gratitude 

I'll blog again soon!

April 11, 2014

Our news; Alhamdulillah!

Salam & Hi!

So..I guess it's about time to share with you my lovely readers, our most precious news ever. 
If you can..try guess from the photo.
If you got it right, 
then yay!

..but if you have no clue..

Just to let you know that both Jojoe & I are expecting a little one coming very soon!
*throws confetti* 
Weeee #alhamdulillah! 

My baby and I are currently in the 23rd week!
Yes, already in our second trimester. 

If you wonder why I didn't go all public earlier than this..
Let's just say I like it that way. 
As much as I love sharing about my private life, I do have my own sort of "timeline" on when I should let people know about a certain something. 
Just like my wedding, right?
You're lucky that I didn't wait for this little one to come out THEN let you know. 

 I found out that I was pregnant on December 17th, 2013.
So apparently I was busy travelling around here and there when I was few weeks pregnant..
No wonder I was so easily tired and I slept most of the time!

I had sour cravings, but regarded the fact that I am probably pregnant at that time,
but a few close friends suspected that I am. 
..cuz I always looked pale, I sleep almost all the time when I got the chance to sit down somewhere bahaha. 
 But Alhamdulillah, 
I didn't go through terrible morning sickness; but it does happen once in a while -except it happens usually at night. 

During this pregnancy so far, the worse thing would be my back.
Oh how it would hurt pretty much everyday!
But it's okay, 
I am super duper thankful for all these experiences that I am having! 

I can already feel my baby moving as early as 16 weeks, I think?
If not a week earlier. 
At first I thought it was just gas in my tummy, but then I remembered that I have a little one in me!

Already at 22 weeks, we could check the gender & we did, 
but I guess our baby is just not ready to show us just yet so that'll have to wait.

I can feel my tummy expanding and I'd have to say it does hurt sometimes, 
but's still a "nice" kind of hurt you know?
Every pain for now is worth it all, In Sha Allah. 

Pray for our baby to grow healthy and come out as healthy and clever as she/he can be, will you?

So now that you know..
Can that be an excuse of why I haven't been updating my blog & my OOTDs?
It's either cuz I got too tired or I have nothing to wear now!
This is a hint that I should start shopping for preggy tops and stuff, yes?

Thank you Allah for this beautiful life you've given me,
Thank you for my other half, and also this precious little one. 
Can't wait for you to meet us, little one.
..but take your time, I enjoy your presence and movements in me. 

So I guess I would probably blog more on my pregnancy now, yeah?
We'll see.

Blog again soon!

April 3, 2014

AppTalk; My fav phone apps!

Salam & Hello!

I have to admit, I am quite attached to my phone most of the time.

I used to have a lot of apps in my old phone, simply cuz I wanted to try every app I can download (pretty much haha) also cuz it has bigger storage!
But ever since I got my new phone on my birthday; because of the number of apps I tried, 
it is easier to just download the ones that I love the most. 

Most of the apps before this just fills up my screen and phone storage without me really using it..
so I don't really see the point of me keeping unused apps, no?

I don't really have that much games or songs on my phone..
cuz I would usually play games on the iPad..
..and I don't really listen to songs that much. 
Apart from when I am in the car or in the shower, maybe. 

Even my iPod is not fully utilized lol. 

Now these are probably the most common app that we all HAVE to have, yes?
It keeps me occupied, it makes waiting tolerable. 

My Dayre, ohgod. If it were a house it would be full of spiders. 

Now this app, is useful!
Shazam - is an app for you to sort of "google" a song that you don't know but you wanna know. 
Say if you're in a cafe and they play this beautiful song and you just NEED to know what's the title?
Simply click on Shazam; let Shazam listen to it, and boom! 
It'll show you the title, from what album the song is from and also the artist. 
Pretty handy. 

Below; my most most useful apps that I just cannot not have in my phone. 

Left; Battery Doctor ( I think I mentioned this one before) and Right; Data Usage. 
The Data Monitor doesn't really work for me, that reminds me I need to get rid of it:/ 
Battery Doctor should be everybody's best friend hahaha.
Especially for people who likes to charge their phone overnight!
You should know you shouldn't. ;]
Battery Doctor tells us when to pull out the charger so you wouldn't overcharge and ruin your battery, haaa. 

Data Usage is SUPER USEFUL for people like me, 
who loves to go on Pinterest or Tumblr while I am on my 3G/data. -.-
I would always reach my internet quota earlier than I am supposed to..
by using this app I can monitor my everyday usage so I won't overuse my data in a day.  
How awesome?

As for photo editing..
I don't really have a lot, cuz I think I am currently over the phase of editing my photos. 
I used to have so much more..
I might have another phase of photo editing in the future bahaha. 

Squaready is for making my photos square- for my instagram, of course.
..and one app I would like to highlight is the top right; 
Most fav among all. 
Go ahead and try it, you'll know what I mean. 
That pretty much explains why my skin is always flawless looking  in my IG most of the time 
Come on, people should know by now that most of us girls do that in IG.:P

Last two apps;

Iman is pretty handy too, 
it's by far the best Islamic related app I have. 
It's very practical; it has this Kiblat navigation thingy that's easy to use and In Sha Allah accurate.

There you go!
My fav apps- so far. 

I think need to start a personal project very soon, 
to keep my creative juices running as well as to occupy my time more. 

I'll blog again soon, 

March 22, 2014

February recap; Phew!

Salam everybody!
Oh wow, I did not expect that it would be so hard for me to actually find the time to blog!

Yes, unfortunately I am still with the same excuse-
always so occupied and tired when the day ends. 

It's already almost the end of March..
..and my February was nice-
the best friend and I attended a Hijab Event that was organized by Prudential. 

*this photo below is courtesy of the bestie <3

As a Mirian you should know that it is actually the krill season! Bubok as we call it here hehehe.
So I got the chance to actually be at the market to help sell those tiny krill!
You'd be surprised like I do if you ever look at the amount of people who came and bought the krill.

I also get to see (for the first time in my life!) alive fresh krill, LOL!
You can watch the short video I took on my Instagram:]

Other than that..
what else did I do on February..
Ohh ohh, it was the bestie's birthday; too bad I couldn't do anything extra special on her day this year..
but I finally managed to get her a belated birthday gift - apart from spending the day with her (as usual!)
Here's my love with her helium dolphin!

I also finally have the time to sort out my pins again..

I personally feel that this is the most useful case for all my pins cuz of all the compartments it has..
The only downside to it is the cover; it is easily opened, so it spills out sometimes!
..and when that happens (happened three times already:/) it gets tedious as ever.

After some time not having my OOTD photos taken..
Here's one!

Things to be grateful for this month;
(apart from other blissful things and events and whatnots)


The Magic Faraway Tree!!!!
So happy when I saw the paperback version of this book,
I know I just NEED to have it as a collection!

Also, another good friend got me some goodies:D 

..not to forget these!!
They came all the way from Bintulu via mail, lol.
3 cans from Kak Buddy & 3 cans from Jojoe's cousin. 

Worry not, 
I am not gonna finish them all by myself. 

I think that's pretty much it!
They're of course other highlights in February..
but I can't put them all here. 

For my readers who has been missing me here; 
I have to admit that I am really truly sorry for not updating that much anymore. 
But I promise you I'll share a huge good news (maybe?) with you people very soon, okay!

Lots of love for my dearest readers,
I'll blog again soon!

February 10, 2014

Finally up; how I wear my hijab!:)

Salam & Hello,
my dear readers!

People have been requesting for me to put up a tutorial on how do I wear my hijab,
and it is finally here!
It's too hard for me to do it myself, so the bestie helped me with the photos :D

Initially I wanted to make a video, but it's even more tedious to do so..
Here you go, 
my everyday hijab tutorial. 

Get your shawl ready, 
and I'll try my very best to explain to you how I do it!

First, have your shawl shorter on one side, and leave the longer one down. 
(Okay I have a feeling that I am bad in explaining this but I do hope the photos will help!eeek)

I always have my shawl folded like so, cuz I think it makes the front part look nicer when it's folded.

Then I took the shorter side & pinned it right to the side; close to the spectacles frame like so. 
I hate pinning my shawls to the middle, cuz it makes me feel like something is choking me lol. 

..then I took the loose part ( the longer side) and fold it again. make a neat looking side fold.

..continue pulling it up to the top of your head,

..and bring it all the way back to the side after pretty much "wrapping" your head in it. 

..take a small pin,

..and secure it in place. now, it's actually almost done;
all you need to do is to just fix here and there just a bit more to make it look neater. 

..and TADAHH! 
It's all done!
Easy peasy. 
It was hard to explain tho..cuz I am bad in explaining apparently. :/

My OOTD for the day; 

If you haven't noticed, I've gotten a bit chubbier..
which explains the lack of my usual OOTDs lately ;) 
Everything just doesn't seem to fit in me anymore it's depressing!
Looks like I need to save up for some shopping spree!
(or maybe diet:P) 

Do share with me if you have your favorite ways to wear your hijab,  
particularly ones that doesn't need pinning in the middle!;)

I think I'll blog about my favorite apps next, 
so stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!