August 29, 2013

BOOM it rained.

Salam & Hi!
It has been sunny all week long..
so today I went out to get my car washed. 

It was a great feeling while it lasted. 
It rained 15 minutes after I got my car washed ..

I was supposed to run few errands today but me being me as usual..
I procrastinate too much. 
BUT! I got some things done.., eating. 

I think I gained a few kgs. :\
I am not quite sure tho, but I better not!
I have a dress to fit in very very soon!

Simple outfit for the day..
..and comfy flat shoes. 

Not quite sure why I love wearing black lately. 
Some details..

I finally got my watch "resized" so I wore it right after!
The bracelet I wore is another recent gift from the bestie:D 
Alhamdulillah :]

..and extremely thoughtful by getting me some fresh flowers for the house! 

Blessed & content. 

Japanese Happy Cat

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon! 

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