March 4, 2013

Traditional mask; Bedak sejuk.


The fact that I like pampering myself is not really a secret now, no?
It's really obvious that I like pampering myself at home mostly, 
so I like surveying for masks; any type of masks, for every part of my body.

I used to always be around during wedding preparations back then, 
and one thing I like doing while I am at one is to observe the things that the elders do to sort of "prepare" the bride for her big day C:

I prefer the grandmama's or the great grandmama's to pamper the brides.. 
They would usually have all those tips and tricks (petua orang tua) which I find interesting and amusing at the same time.

Too bad now most of the grandmamas doesn't really know about old folk's tips,
like my grandmomma!
She doesn't really know about the do's and don'ts or I think it is called "taboos"?
which I find quite sad, cuz I like it when people try to keep some tradition bits in their everyday life.

Here's one that I honestly wanna stick with if I can;
To not meet my future husband a week before our actual marriage day. 

back to my point!

During the night of preparation for the bride, 
we would usually have Henna sessions and my favorite part ;
the traditional mask - bedak sejuk or bekasey as we call it!

I absolutely love this thing. 
Now, back then I never actually dare to try to put this on simply cuz my family believes in a few things that you just have to wait till you're gonna get married; only then you can do it..
You know what I mean?

Say..trimming your eyebrows. 
My momma is against doing this before your wedding!
(Don't worry, I don't trim mine- insyallah never, I'll try my best to prevent that from happening!) 

She's even sort of against me wearing heavy make up simply cuz she said it might make me look all ordinary at my future wedding. 
She's also against me taking so many photos of myself!

Kata orang tua, takut seri muka ilang..
Nak? ;)

But this one, 
is approved by Le Momma. 

My problem was that I look extremely pale nowadays. 
It's probably because I don't have enough vitamins..or whatever. 
..and I also wanna whiten my armpits and pretty much my whole body. 

 I'm even up to the extend of taking supplements daily (Vit C & Vit E) 
just so I could take extra care of my skin, specifically. 
(Yep, still taking em)

Then again..
keeping up with facial masks and lotions and whatnots..
is definitely not an easy thing to do. 
Plus most of them so far doesn't really do the job well enough. 

That's why I tried this!
So far I have been using this for a few times, less than 10 times I think. 
I can already see that my skin is getting much better, it's not too dry, the color's even..
definitely less paler. 

I googled some benefits of this Bedak Sejuk,
- Helps whiten your skin
- Helps reduces oil on your skin
- Makes your skin feels all fresh & clean 
- Helps smoothen your skin 

Go ahead & google for more if you're curious!:) 
I am not quite sure how credible those benefits are, 
but I am here sharing you my personal experience. 

Something important to remember;
Please, if you decide to try this & your skin has side effects, remove immediately. 
Any hints of itchiness, or redness, remove, REMOVE. 
It might not work on every type of skin, you have to really remember that. 

Also, if you do have pimples and whatnots, please be careful on applying this,
I suggest you to try on a small part of your face.
Who knows it might hurt your pimple or something :3

But honestly I think it should be okay.

I would usually apply this before I go to bed, but I don't sleep with it cuz it's a bit messy as it is powdery when it's dry. 

Got this for only RM2.50!

How to apply;
- Take 2 to 3 of it, drop some water on it , crush it on your palm, apply evenly.
You can leave it on for as long as you want! (I think. Hahaha)

and today I discovered that I actually have fine wrinkles on my forehead. 
I am starting to have wrinkles. 
I do not need more reasons to not take care of myself starting from now!

Prevention is key, 
it's good to take good care of your body and skin form the age 20 at least. 
..or earlier if you like. 

I'd love to still have nice skin and body even when I am older. ;)

Now off I go applying more of this on me!
Blog again soon! 



  1. Fynna,where have you been lately?
    Did you close your twitter?

    1. Helu, I am a bit occupied lately; explains why I'm missing for a while!;) Thank you for coming back here teeeheee!:p
      ..and yes I did:)

  2. hey Fynna,i was wondering where did u get that thing cuz i've never seen it ^_^

    1. Helu (: If you're from Miri, you can get those in Kenyalang (Ng Sian Hup) in Piasau for only rm2.50.:)

  3. the bedak sejuk i mean..hehe.. :D

  4. Cold talc.. Bedak sejuk.. its cool to wear this thing.. though inexpensive..the effect are miracle than most cosmetic product.. i often used it (three times a week) prevents pimple and variant skin tone.. i suggest everyone should give it a try..Nice blog afterall and thnks for sharing..