August 31, 2013

Line is addictive..

...when you "line" with your best friend.
Everything is exaggerated. 

Salam & Hi!

I don't whatsapp with the bestie anymore cuz she loves line too much -
 the fact that we both can totally understand and imagine if we were to do the same expression! 

I've had "Line" for quite a while; I even almost deleted it cuz I didn't like it but now I have a reason to keep it nyehehehe. 

I wanted to upload some photos here tonight but I forgot to bring my cable along so...

Here you go, 
my very FIRST beauty box (and FIRST VLOG!) I received yesterday!

I was soooo excited when I received the email from Mabel (HiShop's Community Manager) saying that she delivered a parcel for me as I was chosen for the August's preferred blogger! 
I have been wanting to try these beauty boxes, but I just couldn't get around to it yet:3

So you can imagine how excited I was!

I've actually browsed through their website for a few times as I wanted to try some of the products that they have.. 
Now that I know that it is fast & efficient, I can't wait to order mine very soon! (I hope;] )
So glad that it arrived earlier than I expected:]

I will make posts regarding all the stuff I got, 
above is just a short video of me un-boxing and not really talking about the products that I received. 
Pretty much cuz I haven't really done any research on those things yet..

Will probably blog about it on Monday..
so do stick around! 

If you are curious to see what else do they offer you can directly go here;

and maybe get something for yourself as a treat?;)
Ps: I really wanna try their lip balms and their JellyPongPong stuff!
Ohh ohhh and also Farmasi's cosmetics!
..and maybe Bloop, Tony Moly, Rosebud....
Mmmkays, maybe all :P

I will most probably make more Vlogs..
(I think I've been saying this since like, forever bahaha)
of things. 
I am really not quite sure what kind of videos I should focus on..
but we'll see. 

Feel free to subscribe, say Hi to me, comment, like..all that, you know! 

I'll blog again soon!



  1. u're fun to watch. u should do more vlog :D

    1. Aww thank you V!:) I will definitely try making more soon!
      So glad that someon liked it bahaha so at least I know it's worth making!;)
      Thanks for dropping by:D

  2. awak makin cantikkkk, mashaAllah.. seronok tgk live.. hee, more vlogs please

    1. Alhamdulillah, thank you kak asha!:D
      Teeeeheee yay! ni yg buat semangat to do more!
      bahaha:p Thank you for dropping by (always;)) kak asha<3