August 21, 2013

Organizing our little home.

How have you guys been doing?
I am extremely worried and stressed cuz I haven't prepared a thing for our reception and I am scared as shit.

I have my checklist and all sorts of planned stuff..but it's still on paper 
so I am worried worried worried. 

I haven't even have a dress yet IT WORRIES ME SO BAD. 
Which is why I am here, "detoxing".
Sort of. 

Anyone wants to share with me some wedding checklist just in case I forgot something?
But most importantly I NEED to get my dress tailored ASAP T.T 
Imagine having a reception with no dress nauzubillah

As some of you may know, 
both Jojoe & I have our own place now and obviously my favorite part of it all are the small little tiny details-
I've always wanted my own room.. alhamdulillah I have one whole house to decorate lol. 
ambek kau.

We're doing things slow, 
as we still have our reception to think of..
so I am here to share with you - *who knows it might come in handy!* 
..some little things I got (cheap ones!) for our kitchen!

Personally, things does not necessarily need to be all costly to be pretty;
it's how you look at things and how you use it!
..but of course if you have extra money to spend, then why not? ;)

I love anything simple..or anything floral..or any kind of swirly-wirly detailed things. 
Jojoe loves anything simple - so that works for both of us. 
Although he leans more to minimalist concept.

 I got the table mats for our dining table cuz I have this - *well apparently according to the husband is weird; feeling that the marble table would be ruined if we have no table mats. 
I just don't favor how we would just put our plates on top of the table, you know?:3
It feels....naked. 
Those table mats comes with coasters as well- which is a bonus!C:
Per set (which has 6 table mats and coasters) costed us 8bucks.

...then I got this idea that it would also be perfect for our fridge!

It's the perfect size, so I wouldn't have to worry about ruining or making messes in our fridge ;)
Excuse the contents of our fridge, I haven't decided on how to organize our left overs and how to store our food hehehe. 

We decided to go for black and white theme for our kitchen..
so these mugs are perfect.
Got those for only 10bucks for 6 mugs!
I just might add some DIY details to those mugs..
...see if I can find the time to do so. 

As for storing coffees & teas and whatnot,
I picked up a simple box for it. 
..that would do for now. 

I might change this, to a better and more organized box. 
Probably something like my jewelry that my teas and coffees won't mix together. 

Bought that for less than 10bucks!

Few weeks ago we went to the Miri Heritage Center and picked this up;

 ..a table runner for our kitchen counter. 
Simply because this particular type can help keep those ants away!
I'm not sure what it's made of, but it smells nice. 
It feels like some sort of wood, but I have no idea what.
Bought a few more of those in smaller sizes as well. 

 Some other little details..

Small jars/bottles for spices; 7bucks for a set of 5.

Oven mitts- 6bucks for a set. 

Who doesn't like nice scents?
Our home currently has three scents to choose from. 
Those two and another automatic spray by Ambi Pur. 
I forgot what's the scent called but it was the one with a teddy bear photo on it somewhere hahaha. 

Here's some reminder,
you wouldn't wanna spend so much on little things like these. 
Chances are you're gonna get bored of it..or it'll worn out..
so might as well get cheaper ones (but still pretty and with good quality!) and you won't feel guilty or anything if you decide to get a new one!;)

Can't wait to get around other house things! 
I love how we can plan on how to organize our spaces and storage cuz our house is still quite empty :]

Let me know if you like to read more about our place, 
and things like these!

Blog again soon lovelies!

Stick around :]


  1. Bestnya dah kahwin. Wishing you all the great things in your marriage babe! And good luck with your reception preps. Im sure everything will turn out magical :)

    1. Hehehe awwh thank you, love! I really hope everything will turn out alright, I am really worried T.T I really haven't prepared a thing :[ But thank you for all your wishes, hanis!:) God bless :*