August 14, 2013

..when the sun starts shining that's when you count the stars.

I seriously need to stop blogging at this hour..
especially when I am extremely sleepy and tired like I am right now. 
but it's really sad that this is the only time I have for blogging :3

I am so happy that I finally get to meet the bestieeee:D 
I have been ridiculously occupied - by what I am not sure myself but for some reason I am just always occupied. 

I have been dying to watch The Conjuring but because of the limited time I have, 
I still haven't  T.T
This is sad ): 

I still have a few Eid Kurungs for this year..
so I get to show you more photos of my outfit! :)
Although I am not quite sure when can I wear the rest cuz Miri is so dull when it comes to Raya :/ 

This particular kurung was bought just to match the husband's Baju Melayu so I simply grabbed one while I was in Brunei.

I honestly prefer simple Kurungs like these & i can say that pretty much all my Kurungs are the same pattern as this. 
I am not the kind of person who likes to wear fancy Kurungs on Eid, 
for example long dresses with ribbons, or any sort of fancy designed Kurungs. 

..but I think I should start wearing some fancy ones starting next year..
cuz the husband commented that my Kurungs are all the same every year hahaha!
The only difference are the patterns or the materials of the kain. 

You know you should do something about it if your husband starts commenting!
Hahahahaha X)

I also need to be more creative with the way I wear my shawls. :3
Maybe next year I should start wearing Kebaya..
..and perhaps some plain long dresses. 

So happy that I am not that shy anymore when the husband takes photos of me and my outfit. 
Although he needs to work on his angle and focusing!
I need to look taller in photos (at least) HAHAHA.

Blog again soon!

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