August 31, 2013

Line is addictive..

...when you "line" with your best friend.
Everything is exaggerated. 

Salam & Hi!

I don't whatsapp with the bestie anymore cuz she loves line too much -
 the fact that we both can totally understand and imagine if we were to do the same expression! 

I've had "Line" for quite a while; I even almost deleted it cuz I didn't like it but now I have a reason to keep it nyehehehe. 

I wanted to upload some photos here tonight but I forgot to bring my cable along so...

Here you go, 
my very FIRST beauty box (and FIRST VLOG!) I received yesterday!

I was soooo excited when I received the email from Mabel (HiShop's Community Manager) saying that she delivered a parcel for me as I was chosen for the August's preferred blogger! 
I have been wanting to try these beauty boxes, but I just couldn't get around to it yet:3

So you can imagine how excited I was!

I've actually browsed through their website for a few times as I wanted to try some of the products that they have.. 
Now that I know that it is fast & efficient, I can't wait to order mine very soon! (I hope;] )
So glad that it arrived earlier than I expected:]

I will make posts regarding all the stuff I got, 
above is just a short video of me un-boxing and not really talking about the products that I received. 
Pretty much cuz I haven't really done any research on those things yet..

Will probably blog about it on Monday..
so do stick around! 

If you are curious to see what else do they offer you can directly go here;

and maybe get something for yourself as a treat?;)
Ps: I really wanna try their lip balms and their JellyPongPong stuff!
Ohh ohhh and also Farmasi's cosmetics!
..and maybe Bloop, Tony Moly, Rosebud....
Mmmkays, maybe all :P

I will most probably make more Vlogs..
(I think I've been saying this since like, forever bahaha)
of things. 
I am really not quite sure what kind of videos I should focus on..
but we'll see. 

Feel free to subscribe, say Hi to me, comment, like..all that, you know! 

I'll blog again soon!


August 29, 2013

BOOM it rained.

Salam & Hi!
It has been sunny all week long..
so today I went out to get my car washed. 

It was a great feeling while it lasted. 
It rained 15 minutes after I got my car washed ..

I was supposed to run few errands today but me being me as usual..
I procrastinate too much. 
BUT! I got some things done.., eating. 

I think I gained a few kgs. :\
I am not quite sure tho, but I better not!
I have a dress to fit in very very soon!

Simple outfit for the day..
..and comfy flat shoes. 

Not quite sure why I love wearing black lately. 
Some details..

I finally got my watch "resized" so I wore it right after!
The bracelet I wore is another recent gift from the bestie:D 
Alhamdulillah :]

..and extremely thoughtful by getting me some fresh flowers for the house! 

Blessed & content. 

Japanese Happy Cat

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon! 

August 28, 2013


Salam & Hi!
So today I had to stay home as I had to wait for some people to come to fix something at our place..
..which they ended up not showing up -.-
and because I stayed home today I felt like making something very simple to eat!
It's getting boring to always go and dine outside, I am really tired of fast food & just..
 restaurant food. 

Reason why I would rarely make anything at home is cuz there's no one to share my food with..
so that gets boring too.:\
I will only cook proper food when Jojoe's around!
Welp. Jojoe does most of the cooking hehehe. 

Today I made the bestie & her sister to come over to join me!

Made extremely simple salad simply cuz I was craving for some salads!  
Threw everything I could think of in, 
thank god the sisters liked it..:P
..or maybe it was just me?

I threw some lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pasta, and some tuna in. 
Maybe next time I should throw in some chickens and boiled eggs too!

I bought a packet of pasta and a bottle of bolognese sauce so there you go, 
bolognese pasta. 

Our simple lunch.

..because it wasn't planned, 
we had some take-aways as well.

The bestie was excited to try her Ah Huat coffee so all of us had one mug of that.
I really should do this more often!
Next time I am gonna plan one so at least I'll know what food to prepare:]

Keeked my current song obsession!

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!

Double dose.

Salam & Hi!

Felt crappy for almost the whole day - blogging is one of my therapy.
Made my blogging environment extra special today. 
Therefore the double dose!


Getting chubbier HMMH.
..but there's #ootd anyways!:P
Toilet edition bahaha.

Flowers for you and me. 
Make your day awesome people!

Blog again soon! 
:] :]

August 27, 2013

Pampering session; Herbaline Miri.

Salam & Hi!
I am never a big fan of facials. 
Simply cuz I don't like it when they poke my face - even if it's to take out the blackheads and stuff..
I just don't like it. :/

..but I do love getting pampered! 
Like, seriously.

I was badly looking for a place with a good body massage (and affordable!) so I drove around town to look for one. 
Initially I wanted to go to this one place but unfortunately she wasn't available..:\
Then I remembered that I keep on commenting on this Herbaline huge signboard by the road where it stated their current promotion, which is the RM38 nett for a facial for a first timer! 

..then I randomly went.
Too bad their body massage was a tad too expensive for me, so I went on to try their facial!


What I love the most was the head & shoulder massage they gave me ooooohhhmannn. 
I'd have to thank my promoter for that day, she was extremely nice!
Her name is Audrey - too bad I didn't take any photos with her:/

It was a bit hard to take a lot photos as well cuz I only brought along my 50mm prime lens.. 

before you start your facial, you'll be headed to this place where you get to soak your feet in!

I was hoping she would give me a foot massage as well bahahaha.
But they didn't - although they provide you with a brush for you so you could do it yourself. :]

The main point of this place is to get you relaxed, 
and I'd have to say that I immediately felt so relaxed when I saw their interior.. 
It's soooo "spa like"! 

While you soak your feet in, those are baskets/their kind of locker to store your shoes in; which they will nicely keep it for you. 
All you have to do is just enjoy and relax. 

After that's done, Audrey lead me upstairs where the facial rooms are.

At the entrance of the rooms, you'll be asked to breathe in/out their lavender scent which is boiled in a pot like so..

Sorry that I couldn't take photos of the room tho, cuz it was quite dark.
I love the music they played during the session, it made me feel like I was somewhere else.. the beach..on vacation..
I slept like a baby for a while bahahaha. 

After facial & the shoulder and head massage, I was given a lemongrass tea & also another pot of different scent for you to breathe in more in order to make you feel all refreshed. 
I felt like a princess nyehehe. 

The last treatment to conclude the facial was..

fish spa! was too ticklish I couldn't stand it even for 5 minutes lololol.

Even by looking through these photos again makes me feel WARGHWARGHWARGH hahahahaXD

A bird's nest I saw while I was in the fish spa pool. 

Eat my dead skin fishies!

 Purple orchids! My absolute favorite flower!

If you have never been to Herbaline Miri, 
you should go and try their facial (for first timers only) while it's still on promo! 
It's only RM38nett (they don't even accept tips!) 

I'm not sure for how long the promotion lasts, 
so go ahead and try your luck!;)

Lot 593, Pujut 2, Jalan Rama 1, Pujut 2A Jalan Lutong Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
+6085 655 611 / +6 085 663328

Stick around,  
I'll blog again soon :]
p/s: Not sponsored;)