March 31, 2013

Review; Nature Republic- Garden Recipe Wash Off Pack [Strawberry]


This morning while I was in the bathroom I noticed that my face has some sort of glow.
Okay, maybe not a glow; but my face looks slightly brighter and fresher!
..and I thought to myself, oh wow I must have done something good that I am all "glowy" 

Vain much?

But really! 
My face looks extra bright and fresher looking today, too bad I didn't went out of the house to show it off 
bahahahaha okay okay, I'm kidding. 


Two days ago I tried this. 

So THAT was the reason why my skin was looking extra fresh compared to the usual pale face:D
Specially lately, that I haven't gotten proper sleep;
which means I sleep realllly late at night and wake up reaaallly late in the morning. 
It's not considered as a nice beauty sleep mmkays?
Plus after all those coffees and the unhealthy junks I've been dumping into my body..

Imagine my level of vain self confidence when I looked in the mirror this morning..
I kept on looking at myself in the mirror throughout the day. 
I even had my mascara on even when I stayed at home today.

If you're wondering what this is, 
it is a wash off pack- which is like a face mask sort of thing. 

Simple steps to apply!
Simply wash/clean your face, dry it off & apply this evenly on your face. 
Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes (I tend to leave them on for 20 minutes;) )
Then wash it off with lukewarm water! 

I felt a slight burning sensation right after I apply it, 
but it does not stay long. 
Lasted for about 10-20 seconds or so?
..and it smells like smushed strawberries!
Which of course, I didn't like cuz I'm not a big fan of strawberries (and I wonder why do I keep on getting myself strawberry scent products -.-) but I still can tolerate the sweet smell. 

I honestly got this cuz of the cute packaging! 
Can't resist that cute strawberry smiling away hahaahaha:p
It had costed me uhmmm less than 10bucks.
I forgot exactly how much I got it for :3

Don't you judge by it's small packaging!
Cuz actually it can be used up to 3 times!
Tonight's the second time I applied it, and I still have a generous amount of it for some other time. 
I simply did not tear the plastic on top all off, so I just place a heavy memo pad on top to secure the remaining. 

The texture is more or less like strawberry jam teeeheee. 
Makes my face feels smoother after rinsing it off. 

Other fruits in this range includes Kiwi, Carrot, Broccoli, and Kohlrabi.  
Different fruits does different job, as for Strawberry, 
it's for a brighter skin tone. 

Looks like it did the job well!
Sorry that I didn't have a before and after photo..

I think I might try the other fruits as well. 
Perhaps also a giveaway of those?
I need more followers to actually go on with giveaways, really. 

Hit the follow button dear readers, 
so I could make more giveaways pronto!:D

Wouldn't you like some gifts from me?

I shall blog again soon!

ps// If you ever wonder; I apply my moisturizer after every session of my mask pampering days.
It helps keep the moisture of my face, just in case one of those masks I tried sucks my skin's moisture.

When trying any new products, try it on at a small area of either your hands or your neck.
That way you would still be sort of "safe" if you're allergic to anything!;)

March 30, 2013

Printed words.


Random books I have picked up since December last year. 

But within these two months or so I have been picking up more random books!
As soon as I finish one I will immediately get myself another one. -.-
Good that I am currently in my reading phase..
but it hurts my wallet. 

Why can't books be more cheaper PSSHH.
Books I didn't read till end in the photo above;
A Maiden's Grave & Jodi Picoult's The pact.

I've been raving about this..but The Boy Who Could See Demons is really good. 
Ain, if you're reading this (not quite sure if you do..but!) yes, it's a good book! (In my opinion la hehe)

I need to get my hands on Shaun Hutson's new book pronto! 
One of my favorite authors. C:

Currently leaning towards more relaxing books; explains my choices lately. 
I could use some artificial happiness for my brain for a while.

if you're wondering; I have decided to not have an IG account for now. 
Maybe one day I'm gonna create another one..
But as of now..
you can stalk me from my Keek!
Even better cuz they're video updates muahahaha. 

Blawg again sooon!

March 28, 2013

The Croods + Laundry Cafe = My Thursday well spent!


Have you ever cried in the cinema while watching movies?
If so, what kind of movies? 
My case; I always cry watching cartoon/animated movies in the cinema. 

For some reason they're just so sad and I cry and and and *BAWWWWLLSSS*
I cried watching Toys Story 3 (or was it 2?) and today I cried again watching this awesome movie that you must go and watch as well!:D

*photo courtesy of Mr Google as usual

Definitely was a worthy random picked movie to watch today. 
Glad that I didn't wanna settle for anything else besides this. 

Also cuz I have been reading people's tweet about how good it is la kan. 

We actually planned to watch a 3D movie today and guess what?
I just decided to leave my lenses at home and wore glasses!
Now imagine me fiddling with my 3D glasses finding out ways to actually put it on top of my actual glasses. 
( •_•)>⌐■-■


After the movie we decided to try the sort of new cafe; The Laundry Cafe!
Also because I saw my IG friends (Haffy & Nadine if you're reading this I found out about it from you ladies!;) ) uploaded photos of the food from this cafe and it looked interesting!

Jojoe & I actually went to this place way back when it was still just a laundry place. 

The new concept is pretty interesting I must say, 
one thing that's lacking was just music. 
They didn't play any music - which they really should cuz that would be so perfect. 

 Relaxing instrumental or acoustic music would be nice. 

It's literally a Laundry cafe where you can do your laundry and drink and eat and chill while waiting your clothes washed and dried. 

The menu.

..and my dates & I. 

 Simple but pretty interior ♥‿♥

Pretty little details of the shop.. 
Miri should really have more and more places like these!
We should have loads and loads of cafes like in Japan:D 

What we ordered;

Iced Ribena, Iced Bandung Longan & Hot tea. 

Puding Sago Gula Melaka.
I liked this one a lot! 
They're quite generous with the gula melaka and the sago pudding tastes so yummehhh. 

Gotta love the presentation of their food too (:

Pisang Goreng Cheese. 
Didn't quite like this one, simply cuz the banana was overcooked. :/ 

So far the only place I ever had tasty banana cheese fritters was at a shop called 3 puteri or something- located in Piasau but they closed down:3 

Mashed potato. 
Coming from a person like me who doesn't favor mashed potatoes, 
I'd have to say I actually liked this one. 
The gravy was nice, as well as the mashed potato itself!
It made me wonder the gravy are from the instant ones or do they make it themselves?

Price wise..
I don't really know how to tell anymore lately, honestly. 
Food are getting more pricier it gets annoying. 

The total of our food was RM20+ less than RM30.
I can only remember that the mash potato was RM6 per bowl. tell me whether it's pricey or just normal and okay. 

Will probably come back here with the bestie. 
Maybe try their real food ..(those were just snacks) hehehe. 

Blog again soooooonnn!:)

March 27, 2013


Most of you would probably know that I have been wanting to make Vlogs..
I just can't stop saying that I really do wanna make Vlogs. 
Not quite sure why tho, considering the fact that I am so awkward in front of any camera. 

So today I made another attempt to start small. 

I have a Keek account too - decided to join in the sudden fun that's going on.. 

..also, what I pretty much do for the last few days. 
I need to focus & get all my work over and done with so I could go out and de-stress a bit. 

My current interesting read. 

I cannot wait to finish this one! 
..or I simply don't wanna finish this one! 
It's the kind of book that I wanna finish but not wanting it to end at the same time. 
But I'm dying to know how it's gonna end.

I've been taking photos for people for the past week and that made me realize how rusty I am now.:3
I feel so all-over-the-place right now,
I am just not sure about everything, 
which is really super duper annoying. 

I feel the need to start taking photos again, in order to practice more and also cuz I used to love it so much..

..and there we go, there will always be a BUT. 


Sit up straight. 

I'll blog again soon.


March 26, 2013


It's the one thing that I really don't quite mind having once in a while..
I discovered some time ago that I quite like changes in my life. 
Maybe not all, 
but I do try to adapt to new changes and get used to it and expect more of it. 

..before I go on ranting, 
bear in mind that these are merely MY thoughts, something that is personal, something that is about ME, and just ME. 
This does not relate to ANYONE in any case, 
I am just here sharing my thoughts about myself - in order to keep track of the changes in my life. 

I have changed physically (appearance wise) as you noticed, 
and to be honest, I am scared. 

This is to me, quite a deal of a change, really. 

I am honestly still me, I am still the same person in the inside (although I hope to always change to a better  person) and I am still well, ME. 

Here's a little secret. 
I always feel all dhjbfjakdfs inside every time a person judges me. 

I am not gonna elaborate more cuz I am scared that I might sound like I am the one who's judging instead. 

..and today I made that mistake. 

I shouldn't have said anything about it at the first place..
Not quite sure why I did; specially now - even though I have been wanting to say it even before all of this "changes". 

I apologize for all the wrong things I've said at wrong timings, 
I apologize for so many things. 

on a happier note;
I am also grateful for so many things! 
A lot has happened after this slight change of mine, 
it's still quite unbelievable. 

I guess I should really stop ranting now before I actually start typing the wrong things again!

Here's a little reminder, for you & for me. 
Don't judge.

"Next time you think you're perfect, try walking on water."

Cracks me up every time. 

Blog again soon! 

March 24, 2013

Nano's visit + so many other things!

Boy you have no idea how glad I am to finally have the time to actually blog!
I apologize for not being here for quite a while & thank you for those who keeps on coming here to make sure I am still updating! 
Yes, I am still here, don't you worry! 

If you're a already a follower on my IG, (you can also view my IG photos on my sidebar)
 you should know that I am going through some changes.. 
That would also be one of the main reasons why I haven't been updating much. 

Permanently, insyallah. 
If you are planning on giving me some lectures (bad or good) or anything, 
I thank you in advance but please, no judging
Give me some time to actually remove my other photos.
Welp. I guess I'll start making new sets of OOTDs then! 

Another happy note;
both the bestie & I got to meet my blogger friend, Nano!

..but because both Giz and I are too occupied this month, we didn't have time to actually plan on nicer things to do and all for our dearest Nano! 
I'm sorry Nano, but I do hope you honestly had a good time hanging out with us!;)
Looking forward for future meetups, of course!

She's such a lovely person in flesh (haha she's also nice virtually don't worry:p)
..and pretty!

Being her virtual friend I know that she loves going for sushi, so we decided to treat her some sushi love!
Didn't wanna bring her to Sushi King simply cuz I actually hate the service there so we went for Sanga instead! 

I just realized that I didn't really took that much photos..
Maybe next time we should hire a personal photographer for blogger meet ups.:P
Haha diva much?

They have the best Salmon skin!

I also know for a fact that she loves - I repeat, LOVES Starbucks!
But then again Bintang's Starbucks is closed for renovation so we couldn't bring her there, sadly. 

We decided to replace our coffee session to a Play session!
Went to Play cafe to burn some cals bond in a different way!

...and of course,
more photos of us!

Told her if she's coming again soon we're gonna go for some Karaoke session.
Gave you sweats and memories to keep from our first meet up, Nano!

..and here's our video you requested, Nano!
Couldn't edit it, sadly. :|
But hey, that's raw footage right there!
Hahahaha x)

*Uhmm dear readers, excuse my goofiness; yes, I am pretty much like that all the time.
Ps: Giz, sorry I kept on blocking youuu! >.<"

Had so much fun, obviously!
Definitely an awesome meet up,
looking forward to hang out again (and have more fun!), okay Nano? :D
Much love from both Giz & I!

Check out Nano's post on her blog about on meet up -

Glad to finally meet you in person, sweetie!

Meeting up other bloggers in future is now in my list of things to do.
It's fun, and let's mingle! (hahaha)
Let me know if you're in Miri, fellow bloggers!

Blog more soon!


March 4, 2013

Traditional mask; Bedak sejuk.


The fact that I like pampering myself is not really a secret now, no?
It's really obvious that I like pampering myself at home mostly, 
so I like surveying for masks; any type of masks, for every part of my body.

I used to always be around during wedding preparations back then, 
and one thing I like doing while I am at one is to observe the things that the elders do to sort of "prepare" the bride for her big day C:

I prefer the grandmama's or the great grandmama's to pamper the brides.. 
They would usually have all those tips and tricks (petua orang tua) which I find interesting and amusing at the same time.

Too bad now most of the grandmamas doesn't really know about old folk's tips,
like my grandmomma!
She doesn't really know about the do's and don'ts or I think it is called "taboos"?
which I find quite sad, cuz I like it when people try to keep some tradition bits in their everyday life.

Here's one that I honestly wanna stick with if I can;
To not meet my future husband a week before our actual marriage day. 

back to my point!

During the night of preparation for the bride, 
we would usually have Henna sessions and my favorite part ;
the traditional mask - bedak sejuk or bekasey as we call it!

I absolutely love this thing. 
Now, back then I never actually dare to try to put this on simply cuz my family believes in a few things that you just have to wait till you're gonna get married; only then you can do it..
You know what I mean?

Say..trimming your eyebrows. 
My momma is against doing this before your wedding!
(Don't worry, I don't trim mine- insyallah never, I'll try my best to prevent that from happening!) 

She's even sort of against me wearing heavy make up simply cuz she said it might make me look all ordinary at my future wedding. 
She's also against me taking so many photos of myself!

Kata orang tua, takut seri muka ilang..
Nak? ;)

But this one, 
is approved by Le Momma. 

My problem was that I look extremely pale nowadays. 
It's probably because I don't have enough vitamins..or whatever. 
..and I also wanna whiten my armpits and pretty much my whole body. 

 I'm even up to the extend of taking supplements daily (Vit C & Vit E) 
just so I could take extra care of my skin, specifically. 
(Yep, still taking em)

Then again..
keeping up with facial masks and lotions and whatnots..
is definitely not an easy thing to do. 
Plus most of them so far doesn't really do the job well enough. 

That's why I tried this!
So far I have been using this for a few times, less than 10 times I think. 
I can already see that my skin is getting much better, it's not too dry, the color's even..
definitely less paler. 

I googled some benefits of this Bedak Sejuk,
- Helps whiten your skin
- Helps reduces oil on your skin
- Makes your skin feels all fresh & clean 
- Helps smoothen your skin 

Go ahead & google for more if you're curious!:) 
I am not quite sure how credible those benefits are, 
but I am here sharing you my personal experience. 

Something important to remember;
Please, if you decide to try this & your skin has side effects, remove immediately. 
Any hints of itchiness, or redness, remove, REMOVE. 
It might not work on every type of skin, you have to really remember that. 

Also, if you do have pimples and whatnots, please be careful on applying this,
I suggest you to try on a small part of your face.
Who knows it might hurt your pimple or something :3

But honestly I think it should be okay.

I would usually apply this before I go to bed, but I don't sleep with it cuz it's a bit messy as it is powdery when it's dry. 

Got this for only RM2.50!

How to apply;
- Take 2 to 3 of it, drop some water on it , crush it on your palm, apply evenly.
You can leave it on for as long as you want! (I think. Hahaha)

and today I discovered that I actually have fine wrinkles on my forehead. 
I am starting to have wrinkles. 
I do not need more reasons to not take care of myself starting from now!

Prevention is key, 
it's good to take good care of your body and skin form the age 20 at least. 
..or earlier if you like. 

I'd love to still have nice skin and body even when I am older. ;)

Now off I go applying more of this on me!
Blog again soon! 


March 3, 2013

It was a dream- not anymore!

I randomly googled an easy simple quick no bake (haha) cheesecake recipe yesterday. 
Simply cuz I had a dream that I wanted to make a cheesecake.
..I pretty much made my dream came true, no?

Honestly I am not the type who would cook or bake. 
Not that I don't like doing it tho.
I am just not always there in the kitchen. 
So yesterday was my first time making a cheesecake..
Explains why I googled with all those keywords - easy, quick, simple, no bake cheesecake.

Eh, wait.
Not actually my first time..
I have another recipe that's easy too & I made it a few times.
..and very delly!

Let's focus on this one first!

My aunt bakes a lot at home cuz she sells cupcakes and wedding cakes and all those kind of stuff..
That means I have all the ingredients at home, wooopeedoo!
Too bad we didn't have digestive cookies at home,
so I replaced it with Biskut Tiger. (hahahaha)

I got the recipe 

But I added in blended oreos for the top mixture & also some oreo crumbs just to make it look a bit more appetizing hehehe. 
( Yes, I am aware that it probably does not look that appetizing but hey efforts matter.)

..and my base is a bit ruined. 
It's supposed to stick together more firmly but aunt said if I add in a bit more butter would fix it. 
Plus I didn't actually wait for to set or anything. 

But at least now I know how to make an easy cheesecake:D
It's quite yummy too!
I mean, as if anything can go wrong with cream cheese and whipped cream psssh. 

Next time (if there ever will be haha)
if I am gonna make one of these again, 
I'll make a prettier one. 

Blog again soon!

March 2, 2013

What's in my bag tag!

I tag you too!;)

I am not quite sure what is up with me and "What's in my bag" videos, blog post..
I just..well, love watching/reading about em!
I hope it is not a sign that I am kepo that I like knowing what ladies have in their bags hahahahaha.
I did a Vlog once,
and now I'm dedicating an entire post for my updated version of my 
What's in my bag!

Honestly, lately I have been changing my bags a lot. 
Pretty much cuz I bought quite a number of bags from my trip and my mission is to use all of them!
I would usually save a bag for special places or days..
But not this time. 
Bought all of those bag to be used till it cannot be used anymore. 

I have (!) been bragging about how practical this bag is, 
I just love huge bags where you can practically throw everything in. 

Used to bring more stuff than this back then. 
I managed to finally reduce the number of stuff a little - but here's a little secret;
I still bring another extra bag where I put everything else that I think I might need, and take it wherever I go!

I simply cannot just bring my purse and phone. 
I cannot. 

I do wish I can, tho. 

Now, lemme know what you have in yours!
Leave me comments here if you did yours, 
I would love to read it!

Take care, 
I'll blog again soon.:*