January 30, 2013

Men's skin care routine?

Finally..I am actually blogging about this. 
Not quite sure if I do have male readers...
But, if I do.. I am so sorry if this post (that I have been talking about too much) won't give you too much info or anything. 

But anywaysssss, 
I just wanna share with you - Jojoe's current skin care routine.
Mind you, he was extremely ( okay perhaps I am exaggerating a bit here) lazy when it comes to taking care of his face. 

I had a problem with his oily skin..
I am not quite sure why, I just somehow find it annoying for him to have oily skin & not do anything about it
So back then I used to try making him take extra care of his skin (face) by getting him oil blotting papers, made him buy himself facial cleansers..and whatnot. 
He agreed to it yes, but he was still quite lazy about it (but he did it anyways cuz he spent his money on it) until the day he got curious of my visits to Nature Republic.

For some reason he got hooked to Nature Republic & yay that's good news to me;
cuz it means he will finally actually be interested in taking care of his skin!

..and also cuz he is such a health freak now that he takes care of his body & yadayadaaaa. 

He's been asking me about skin care ever since, 
which I love so much - it's like blogging to him face to face teeeheee. 

Not that I am good or that I know so much about skin care, 
it's just one of the little things that makes me happy, you know? 

What I am going to show you is his second set of his skin care routine, 
which is different than the first set that he used to have.

Why am I sharing this is because it is so much easier for guys especially!
You know how girls sometimes have so many things to put on their face everyday? 
That's something I actually enjoy doing (layering skin care) but that's what Jojoe hates the most. 

My everyday skin care routine would include;
1. Facial wash
2. Toner
3. Eye cream
4. Moisturizer
5. Sunblock 
6. Oxygen Mist 

...and I still have this serum on my list of things to get. 
I just simply love having to put all those things on my face everyday!

For his first set he had;
1. Facial wash
2. Toner
3. Moisturizer
4. Sunblock
5. Make up remover (for the sunblock cuz it's thick) 

..and that was recommended by the sales person (ehemsss not me!) 
It was all from Nature Republic. 
Both of us could really see the difference, it made his face looks more fresher and cleaner. 
eventually he got tired of the sunblock applying & removing it..
So he decided that he needs one thing that serves for all

Can't believe he actually found one. 
I fail. 

From left;
Facial wash , Africa Bird's All in One controller and Nivea's UV blocker. 

So now he has only 3 things to apply everyday. 

let me just explain briefly what does what. 

Facial wash - It cleanses your face from all the dirt you collected all day.
Apparently this one helps to control his oily skin as well. 

The All in one controller thing is very interesting to me! It works as a toner + lotion + essence!
That pretty much means it's gonna help your skin to be moisturized & provide your skin with all the things that it needs hahahaha. 
It even says on the box that it is a perfect solution to men! 

Last thing is the UV blocker. 
I chose that one for him cuz he has obvious pores and spots. 
This Nivea UV Blocker is gonna help repair the skin cells & reduce the dark spots and even helps to even uneven skin tone. 
..AND it has SPF (it's an UV blocker obviously) so that covers the sun block issues!
Also, it is water based. 
For some reason both Jojoe & I find that amusing. 

If you are wondering whether or not those products really work, 
we should all go ask him hahaha.

I did notice some changes like I have mentioned, 
his face is more cleaner & fresher looking now and also his friends (according to him) has been noticing the changes too! 
One of them actually wanted Jojoe to get him the exact things that Jojoe has been using, how interesting?

It's really easy and simple;
I have to give credits to the All in One Africa Bird from Nature Republic. 
It makes a guy's job so much easier since it has pretty much everything in it;
the only thing that's missing is some SPF - the reason why Jojoe has to get the UV blocker thing. 

I do recommend for guys (if I do have guy readers) 
to actually get your hands on that. 
It makes your everyday skin care routine so much easier & it smells so niceeee!

It's always good to take good care of your self ;
body, mind and soul -
as early as you can!
So now that you have read that, 
if you haven't actually started taking care of your skin, 
then probably it's time ;)

Don't wait till your face is full of pimples & spots or when you're all wrinkly, 
start now!

Blog again soon! 

ps: This is a personal review; I am not in any way affiliated to any company, unless stated. 


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