February 24, 2015

Nur Amani Arissa.

Salam and Hello all!

I have been having a hard time to blog lately..
mainly cuz I am so confused on what to share.

Then it hits me that I worry too much and that I don't treat my blog as MY blog anymore, get it? 
I am not sure since when..but I somehow along the way I decided that I should have a specific blog that shares specific things. 

Which is sad, of course!
I started blogging for myself, to store the highlights of my life; the ups and downs. 
For me to look at again in future.

Need to always remind this to myself now. 
I appreciate my readers too, and I feel like you would also want to be a part of my ordinary life too, yes?
Especially the ones who has been following me from Day 1.
From my old blogs to this recent one. 
Thank you, you!

since nothing much has happen to me lately..
(cuz my daily life would usually revolves around dirty diapers and nursing lol)
I wanted to keep track of Little Amani's growth and progress here too! 

I was browsing through her old photos and I would love to share some of them with you too.
It's funny to look at her photos cuz her look changes every month! 

These photos were all taken at the 27th of every month..
Feeling a bit sad that I didn't do special shoots for her every month! 
Now almost 7 months, too lazy to start.
Sorry, these set of photos are taken from my old phone and starting January took it using my new phone.
Also showing you special never before seen un-glam photos of her la mostly.

She is actually quite fair in real life..
Not sure why she looks darker in photos.

Really should have taken nicer photos of her on every 27th of every month. 
Maybe second child hahahahaha. 

Okay now, I shall blog again soon!
Need to catch up with my sleep, it's late! 

February 4, 2015

My Motherhood Journey.

Salam & hello everyone!

Being a mother at 26 is probably a common thing..
Although I am not too sure whether nowadays if it is considered as something unusual, cuz of the expectations people have to modern ladies now- yes, no? 

Young ladies are more encourage to attend uni, hold a degree, look for a career, "live life", and when you're satisfied enough, look for a spouse and settle down. 
Well, at least this is what I have been seeing lately..
Of course, everybody has their own thoughts and opinion and this is MINE. 
So I am just saying all this either based on what I have experienced OR based on what I observed around me hehehh. 
So PLEASE, don't get offended or think too much about this post hahaha. 
I am just sharing a tiny bit of my thought. 

If you notice, I qoute "live life" cuz apparently some people think that living life is not committing your life to someone (in this case a husband lol), earn your own money and spend it the way you want to. 
Hey, don't get me wrong, that includes responsible things as well la right, like buying a house or a car or something. 
Not everyone likes the idea of a lady staying home being a SAHM..hate to admit it but yes. 

that does not relate to my life in any ways at all. 

My motherhood journey.

Honestly, I am enjoying EVERY SINGLE BIT of it. 
I love my little lady, I love taking care of her full time cuz I wanna be there for her even if she won't have this memory later on but I will. 
I wanna be there when she had her firsts and record them hehehe. 
So I would prefer staying home with her by working from home!

I have been taking care of her full time since Day 1, ( with a little help from the husband & in laws of course ) that includes bathing her, feeding her, changing her, playing with her.. well you know, everything that a baby needs lol.

Breastfeeding her since Day 1 as well, up till now & planning to do so till she's 2 years old, In sha Allah. Errr, when she was a month old till if I am not mistaken 2 months plus she sometimes switched to bottle ( but still mommy's milk hehe) but now cuz I have been direct feeding her she refuses her bottle..woops. 

So now I worry if I won't be available and if she couldn't have my milk T.T 
Okay sorry but sometimes I get a little emotional about this hahaha. 
But honestly, breast milk is harder to take care of especially when you go out the whole day!
EBM (Expressed Breast Milk) needs more care, (temperature, yadah yadah) and heating up and blahhh. 
Easier to direct feed so please don't blame me T.T
I am so scared of the bacteria as well if I don't take EBM care seriously. 

I thank Allah for giving me a very supportive husband when it comes to taking care of the little one, he really does help a lot. :]


I guess both my husband and I are just trying to go with the flow and trying to give her all the attention and love we could give her.
My idea of my family is I would love my family to not be ashamed of showing love cuz I feel that it is crucial to let your partner and kids know that they are loved by simple gestures like hugs and kisses!
..and I love yous!
PDA all we want cuz legal, right? 

My opinion is..
Both of us should proceed on the ways that we think is best for our family, regardless of what other people might think.
I think every parent should keep this in mind.
Different time, different kid, different era, different everything- so just follow your heart and do whatever you feel is best for your kid and you. 
To me if I will have other children later on we might use different methods for each kid cuz they have their own individual personalities, yes? 

A bit scared when I think about her growing up so fast..
Often I think about her teenage years..(cuz that's when we get rebellious and all, you know hahaha) but I do hope she's gonna turn out okay, with our style of upbringing. 

Supportive is my key; I try to always keep this in mind. 
If later on she likes football, then be it. 
If she is destined to be good in Maths, then okay I'll make her teach me as well cuz I am really bad at it bahaha. 
If she can't sing, it's fine I'll just keep on supporting her by letting her sing in the bathroom for as long as she wants. (hahahaha)

She is now 6 months old and that means I get to explore her food now!
How can a mother feel that being a mother is not interesting? 

Obviously motherhood has changed me a bit I think. 
Simple little things she does easily amuses me & she's all I think about now besides my husband. 
If I am having a bad day I'll just turn to this little kid right here and instantly I would feel all better again. 

Motherhood to me also means..

// No more good night's sleep, not because she doesn't sleep well at night..
It's because I am a mother now and I worry a lot! >.< 
// No more OOTDs everyday cuz I pretty much recycle what I wear cuz I will definitely go for practicality now more than fashion..but I do have my dress up days ;)
// No more late night movies..okay maybe not yet. Have to wait till she's a little older. 
// Poops & pees. 
// Puke and milk stains. 

All that and much more..
but in the end it is all WORTH IT. 

..cuz it is mostly rainbows and butterflies!

High five, little one!

I'll blog again soon!