March 31, 2013

Review; Nature Republic- Garden Recipe Wash Off Pack [Strawberry]


This morning while I was in the bathroom I noticed that my face has some sort of glow.
Okay, maybe not a glow; but my face looks slightly brighter and fresher!
..and I thought to myself, oh wow I must have done something good that I am all "glowy" 

Vain much?

But really! 
My face looks extra bright and fresher looking today, too bad I didn't went out of the house to show it off 
bahahahaha okay okay, I'm kidding. 


Two days ago I tried this. 

So THAT was the reason why my skin was looking extra fresh compared to the usual pale face:D
Specially lately, that I haven't gotten proper sleep;
which means I sleep realllly late at night and wake up reaaallly late in the morning. 
It's not considered as a nice beauty sleep mmkays?
Plus after all those coffees and the unhealthy junks I've been dumping into my body..

Imagine my level of vain self confidence when I looked in the mirror this morning..
I kept on looking at myself in the mirror throughout the day. 
I even had my mascara on even when I stayed at home today.

If you're wondering what this is, 
it is a wash off pack- which is like a face mask sort of thing. 

Simple steps to apply!
Simply wash/clean your face, dry it off & apply this evenly on your face. 
Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes (I tend to leave them on for 20 minutes;) )
Then wash it off with lukewarm water! 

I felt a slight burning sensation right after I apply it, 
but it does not stay long. 
Lasted for about 10-20 seconds or so?
..and it smells like smushed strawberries!
Which of course, I didn't like cuz I'm not a big fan of strawberries (and I wonder why do I keep on getting myself strawberry scent products -.-) but I still can tolerate the sweet smell. 

I honestly got this cuz of the cute packaging! 
Can't resist that cute strawberry smiling away hahaahaha:p
It had costed me uhmmm less than 10bucks.
I forgot exactly how much I got it for :3

Don't you judge by it's small packaging!
Cuz actually it can be used up to 3 times!
Tonight's the second time I applied it, and I still have a generous amount of it for some other time. 
I simply did not tear the plastic on top all off, so I just place a heavy memo pad on top to secure the remaining. 

The texture is more or less like strawberry jam teeeheee. 
Makes my face feels smoother after rinsing it off. 

Other fruits in this range includes Kiwi, Carrot, Broccoli, and Kohlrabi.  
Different fruits does different job, as for Strawberry, 
it's for a brighter skin tone. 

Looks like it did the job well!
Sorry that I didn't have a before and after photo..

I think I might try the other fruits as well. 
Perhaps also a giveaway of those?
I need more followers to actually go on with giveaways, really. 

Hit the follow button dear readers, 
so I could make more giveaways pronto!:D

Wouldn't you like some gifts from me?

I shall blog again soon!

ps// If you ever wonder; I apply my moisturizer after every session of my mask pampering days.
It helps keep the moisture of my face, just in case one of those masks I tried sucks my skin's moisture.

When trying any new products, try it on at a small area of either your hands or your neck.
That way you would still be sort of "safe" if you're allergic to anything!;)


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  2. I got this in the full size and I really regretted it. I guess my skin is too sensitive so it just irritated my face too much. Sad!