July 29, 2013

Prepping up for Eid?

In my today's list of things to do includes baking a cake & laundry..
So while waiting for my laundry I figured that I could steal some time to update!

Can't quite digest that Ramadan is coming to an end so soon!
That and- the fact that my face is so sensitive lately.:3
Bad timing since it's gonna be Eid soon and also my reception!

Few days ago I came across this. 

Nivea's Make up Skin Therapy Set. 
I am currently using Hada Labo's set; but it doesn't do much to my skin, sadly. :\
Although I am not quite sure why. 
..because I pretty much put on BB cream everyday ( the very least) so I definitely could relate to this product! 
I got hooked to it cuz of the black facial cleanser bahahaha. 

This box costed me RM23 something - for those 3 things above.
Quite reasonable if you ask me! 
It has a facial cleanser, a face mask and a SERUM!

SERUM- the magic word that will definitely make me go ooohhh?
I can't tell you what it does to me.. or whether or not it is working..
It says that I would have to at least use those for 7 to 8 days to see the difference. 
Since it is not that expensive.. figured that I could give it a go!
Hopefully it'll give my skin a bit glow, cuz SERIOUSLY, if I don't have my BB cream on I look like a dead person walking. 
I look so pale and so..unhealthy. 

Which comes with this small reminder for you ladies;
as much cream, and whatnots you put on your face, 
ALWAYS remember to eat healthily and drink more water. 
There's no other powerful remedy than that to keep your skin all glowy and supple! 

In that case..
Maybe I should eat more veggies and fruits?

My most problematic area of my face..are the eyes. 
Under eyes. 

That's also why I look so unhealthy, cuz my eyes are always so BLACK like it got punched every single day. 
Yesterday we went out shopping, 
and we stopped by at the OPI booth/ road show in Bintang Mall. 
I got free stuff weeeee. 

I really wanted to blog about it but I didn't have my camera with me! 
I seriously need to start bringing my camera around with me again cuz it seems like lately random things keep on happening to me while I'm out!
I participated in the "Know your skin" thingy, where you get to color your skin zones;
of which zone do you think you have oily, or sensitive and yadayada,
and get a free gift right after!:)

I got an eye cream for that (YAY! I was really eyeing on their eye cream hahaha) 
and I got a face toner for answering a question from their DJ of the day. 

Thank you OPI! 

So all in all, 
I am currently trying out the Nivea set plus the toner and eye cream from Dermalogica. 
Let's hope my skin will be all prepped up for Eid!

What's your current skin care routine 
what have you prepared for Eid? 

Blog again soon!

ps: Don't forget to work on your faith too!
This is the perfect timing to be as close as we can to our creator. 
*Self reminder as well!

Selamat beribadah! 

July 23, 2013

You are my shining star.

Hello hello!
Now let me try this. 
By this I mean blogging again after missing here and there as usual. 

Being married is.. well, different. 
Totally different. 
I feel much more responsible of so many things that I don't really spend time or thoughts on before this..
..and just. so. many. other. things. 
 BUT! I feel content, alhamdulillah:D

It's nice to go out with the husband anytime we want and do whatever we want hahaha. 
It's just nice to know that you will definitely have someone to talk to late at night without having to call them with a chance that they might not be awake hahahahaha. 
Now I can just wake him up cuz he's right next to me!

We have to do everything ourselves now..
bills, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, cars, fuel..
A marriage comes with full responsibilities and worries.
You would also have to rearrange your financial budgeting and all those serious things..

Don't worry, 
the happiness comes equal as well, 

I am still learning the new pattern of my new life, 
so lately I have been feeling like I don't have enough time in a day!
It's like one day the husband is here and we can go jalan-jalan makan and all, 
the next thing I know he's off to work again. 
Today I did a huge set of laundry & the next thing I know the basket is full again. 

so far it is...FUN!

Some things are stressing me out as well, 
but let's just focus on happier things in life, shall we?
I often forget to not dwell on the down side of things, so here I am reminding myself to just focus on happier things and try to think of ways to fix things that needs fixing. 

I am now currently planing for our reception soon..
I have no idea what I am doing bahahaha. 
I really wanna do loads of DIY things!
Let's hope I would have the time and I can be as creative as I can be. 

So sorry that I haven't had the time to update any OOTDs, 
cuz I have been too busy to dress up lately. 
I will, very soon I hope. 

Perhaps some simple Eid OOTDs or something. 

in my previous post I mentioned that I am thinking of changing to a new camera to replace my muffin. 
I seriously think I need something more practical for me so it could be easier for me to blog and do vlogs!
I am eyeing D5200....
Many said that I shouldn't replace my D90 with a D5200..
but I just love the flip out LCD monitor.. ( you ladies would definitely get the idea why I love that feature so much:p )
and also the fact that the video has auto focus. 
Plus we still have another D90 so I think that it is okay for me to change mine to a new one. 

It would definitely make me share more photos here!;)
I am selling off my Sigma 70-200mm lens as well, 
cuz I rarely use it. 
It's too heavy and bulky for me now..
so let me know if any of you are interested. 
It's almost brand new cuz I seriously rarely use it hahaha 
I have no idea why I decided back then to get that one -.-

..and this is the D5200 that I have my eyes on.. 

Although I do wish that they have it in white.....
..that would be really awesome!! 

Please, please please dear God let me have this soon!

Say hello to me and my gorgeous eye bags!

Blog again soon!

July 12, 2013

BANA burger - YUMMS!


In my previous post I mentioned that I went to Bintulu & that I had this tasty burger, yes?
So..the husband took some photos from the camera..
Figured I should share them with you.

But before that...

Say hello to these two gorgeous ladies, 
on my right - Sis Jaja; thank you so much for the hospitality! Your turn if you're here next! (:
On my left - Kak Buddy; my awesome henna buddy.:P
Can't wait to look at her henna design for my reception :D 

So anyhoo, 
The monster burger I had was at this humble little 'stall'.
The menu;

I just realized that the monster burger wasn't on the menu. 
Not quite sure why tho.
Maybe it's one of the weekend specials or something. 

Couldn't really show you from the photos of how huge this burger was, 
should've taken using our kit lens instead.
But lately I am too lazy to bring around my muffin so that explains why nyehehehe. 
These photos were from the effort of the husband. :p

What I love the most about their burgers is that the patty is full of taste, 
as in meat taste (haha) and the sauce is not too 'overwhelming' that it compliments the whole burger. 
The bun is perfect as well - not too soft, you know like the ones that's too soft till it tastes soggy?
Yeah, this one wasn't like that.
Aiyah, kenot be a food blogger liddis lahh. 
Pendek kata nang nyaman la.

If you're in Bintulu,
perhaps you should go try their burger - and if you're from Bintulu, lemme know what else is nice there!


...I was wondering whether you guys still want me to update on the Part 3 of my wedding? 
Nothing much to share, really. 
It was just short and sweet. :P
I would probably share more photos and that's about it. 

Happy fasting, lovelies!

Blog again soon!

July 9, 2013

Ohh how time flies..


Now now this time the reasons why I have been missing is cuz my sister in law got admitted few days ago.
Alhamdulillah she's okay now & I am currently helping the in laws family..
explains why I am pretty occupied most of the time. 

I went to Bintulu as well (before sis in law got admitted) so I managed to spend some time with the husband!
We had a movie marathon,( I really so badly wanna watch Despicable Me 2!) I can now cross out Man of Steel & World War Z & Monsters Uni off my movie list!:)

All three movies were just okay for me, blehhh.
Man of Steel was good but the story line was too messy - my personal opinion. 
The effects were awesome tho!
World War Z..didn't quite like the role of Brad Pitt in the movie. 
As for Monsters Uni...I honestly expected more! >.<
But I'm glad that we finally got the chance to watch movies. 

Here's some peeks from my Instagram updates. 

Had the best (so far) local burger in Bintulu!
Tried their monster burger and it tasted awesome 5 stars! 

The patty was juicy and nice, full of taste uhmm yumms :3

..my kids are thoughtful, really. 
They are also one of the many reasons for my happiness. 

They gave me some chocolates nyehehe how can one not love chocolates?
Especially when it's a gift! ;]

The husband started a DIY project & he managed to get it done!:D
This was his first project - our shoe rack!

I initially wanted him to paint it white but one of his uncle said that the wood is a good type of wood that it is a shame if we were to paint it hahahaha. 
Next project is our book shelf!
We wanted to paint it white..
that's obviously my choice of color.;)
I cannot wait to get started on my DIY projects as well!

A cousin gave us this car sticker - I like anything that glows :3 

...and that is us on our 2nd wedding monthsary. 
Cuz we didn't get to be together during our first monthsary...
Therefore there's 2nd monthsary lawl.

..and that up there, is for you - if in case you forgot how I look like or...if you missed me.

Need to start organizing my schedule, 
it is all over the place!

I am also planning to get a new DSLR to replace my old one..
I think it's about time.
Not looking for a higher range than my D90 cuz I need one that has a good video thingy as well as good quality photos.
Still going for Nikon tho.
Gonna sell my Sigma lens cuz I don't really use it anymore..
I hope I will get the new camera before Eid!

I'll update my OOTD very soon ( I hope) and happy fasting to all muslims!

Blog again soon!