June 25, 2013

May Fav; Body Shop's Body Butter!

So last month, 
Jojoe got me few things from The Body Shop; which is great cuz I rarely would get things from The Body Shop...now I find it a bit weird how I would always go to there but ended up not getting anything teehee.

This particular body butter is now on my list of my May Favorites! 
One thing about me - I love body butters. 
Pretty much cuz I have really dry skin, so I prefer body butters compared to normal lotions cuz I think it works better. 

But one thing I hate about body butters is that they're always so sticky :3
So I could only apply body butters at night before I sleep which is kind of sad cuz body butters always smell so nice! 

..that's the reason why I love this one :]
It feels like a normal cream & after you apply it on it doesn't leave the sticky feeling on your skin - ahhh, awesome. 

Big Thumbs Up

Plus any products with either pomegranate or passion fruit scent can never go wrong. 
Cheesy Grin

..but then again, we all have our favorite kind of scent. 

It smells really sweet & fruity (obviously) & sometimes it makes me feel like I applied melted candies on me 
As much as I love the smell, I won't apply it everyday cuz it can get too sweet at some point. 

It definitely worked wonders for my skin, 
it hydrates my skin nicely. 

...three stars out of five?
or maybe four!

All in all,
Me Gusta.

MeGusta Meme

Blog again soon!

What's your favorite product of the month? 

OOTD; Over-sized stripes//


I finally got the chance to go out and catch a movie! 
Went out for a movie date with two of my favorite people evurrr,
Giz & Shakil!
Too bad the best friend had to leave early - but Shakil & I had some coffees & doughnuts right after.

Here's what I wore today;

I love how comfy this shirt is - but it's shoulder is well.. over-sized, so I had to pin both sides of the shoulders to my tudung.
It's still the perfect kind of combination for a movie date + some evening coffee + beach session.

Decided to bring out my birthday clutch out too!
Also cuz I need to start practicing to not bring too many things in my bag :|
..it is definitely not "healthy" for my shoulder to be bringing all those extra unnecessary weight!

Felt like giving having some neutral colors on my eyes as well :]
I actually did an everyday make up tutorial make up video few days ago..
But I am still thinking on whether or not I should upload it. 
I need to get my camera back - so I could start playing with videos a bit more apart from my Keeks. 

Ohhhhh & I got this few days ago too;

It's the thingy that hugs my phone while charging. :']
You tell me how is that not cute bahahaha. 

Btw, I recommend you iPhone users to have "Battery Doctor" app on your phone. 
While charging your phone, run the app and it'll let you know when to stop charging so your battery won't be overcharged. 

We watched Pee Mak & it was awesome!
It's either cuz the movie was actually quite good or cuz I watched it with the right people. 

Can't wait to watch Monsters University, Man of Steel & World War Z!
Looking forward to late night movie dates!

Off I go now, 
I'll blog again soon! 

June 20, 2013



For some reason it just felt right to have that title for this. 
No, it does not relate to anything at all muahaha.

Now first; 
I desperately need a vacay.
..or at least just a picnic day- I miss the beach!

I need the best friend to be with me all the time!
..somewhere out of town, some place with swimming pool & awesome beaches. 

I wanna go for a honeymoon with the husband soon, 
pretty please? 

I pretty much just need a getaway.
Just some private bonding time.

Maybe I should start creating a vision board or something.
Just to be clear of what and where do I really wanna be or be doing right now. 

This is what I wore today!

Combined pastels & blacks for the day!
Those pair of heels are actually different from the ones that I would usually wear, 
this pair is shiny :]
It's actually a gift from the husband few years back (while we were dating hehe) which I totally had forgotten about! 
So happy that I found them teeeheee C:

That particular bag is by far my most favorite bag!
I just love drawings like those on bags..shirts..you name it. 
Earlier today I almost bought myself a shirt that has Monroe's face printed on it hehehe. 
I am a sucker over black & white printed "artsy cartoony faces" on anything!
Sheepish Grin

There's also this pair of chunky heels from Vincii that I love so muchhhhh;
it was LOVE at first sight,, that I really so badly wanna get T.T 
Let's just hope I can & I will, mmmkays?:D

Other than that..I am also looking for some sponsors to work with!
Do email me if you are interested to sort of "work" with me!

I am thinking of beauty related products, or clothing so I could be more playful with more outfit choices!
..and in return, I shall promote your brand or product in my blog. 

I'll blog again soon?



So I have decided to not continue with the June photo challenge anymore. 
I am so bad with challenges, but I will definitely try again next time hahahaha. 

Also - you have no idea how hard it was for me to blog this post tonight; for you. 
The connection is being such a bish tonight,

*Had to continue typing this post today (which is the next day, du'uh)

One thing in life that I just can't simply tolerate (!) = slow or unstable internet connection!
If it's there, it should be there, and if it's not then it's better to not have it at all, geddit?

I have been extremely occupied with things (they're mostly not even about me, really) so I didn't really have the time to take photos and all that..
..or properly sit down and blog..
..or to even meet the best friend..
..or to even wander around in malls pointlessly.

I just didn't have time for myself :\

You have no idea how content I felt when I finally got the chance to meet the bestie for some OOTD lovin'
& for some dim sum weeeeee :]

Excuse the unflattering photos of the food, but I was too excited AND hungry so I couldn't be bothered but I still wanna show you anyways,, phew!
I like Mega Hotel's dim sum, but they should really have more choice..
But it's delish nevertheless! :]

Here's my OOTD for yesterday;


 I desperately need to do some retail therapy..
But I have other priorities so as usual; it just had to wait. :[

Lately I have been eyeing more house things compared to things for my outfit..
It feels weird and funny at the same time.

Mmmkays, I shall update again soon,
I need to go have some breakfast now & get ready so I could take today's OOTD for you as well!;)

Blog again soon,
Thank you for those who keeps on coming back for my updates,


June 14, 2013

June Photo A Day - Delayed Week 1. :\

As promised, [although it's a little bit delayed] here's seven photos for the first week of the photo challenge!

1- B is for..

2- A moment

3- On my table

 4- After Dark

5- Environment 

6- Transport

7- Bright

Okay now, 
I'll be back with this week's photos very soon :D
I need to go out to run some errands and get ready for tonight!

Have an awesome Friday, 
you gorgeous people. :*

Blog again soon!

Coping; I CRY. T.T

Life is CRAZY. 
I am exhausted, inside AND out. 

Can that be the excuse of me missing from my blog when I actually sort of "promised" to you guys that I would come back very soon?:/

Few days ago I finally went to the dentist. 
The last time I went for a dental check up was when I got free check ups back in secondary school HAHA. 


..but this is what I got from all the visits to the dentist..which is like, NEVER.

It was only when I couldn't bear the pain that I finally decided to go. 
Mannnn, my teeth are so ugleh booo:/

Walked out the dentist with 3 fillings & one that has to do with the nerves and cavities OHH I DON'T KNOW but it hurts like a -
It is still hurting now & the worst part about it is that I can't enjoy my food T.T
I am now always hungry and always just swallowing my food without properly chewing it T.T


Last week I had to stay a night at the hospital (MCMC) to accompany my father in law for a minor operation. 
..then sis in law has some teeth problem as well that will probably require an operation as well. 
..then I got occupied with SO MANY THINGS. 

I am definitely not kidding. 

I went to Brunei twice to get some of my wedding stuff done & while I am writing this more things are being dumped in my mind. 

I need to teach some kids starting tomorrow and that will also occupy my weekend :\ 
All I feel like saying now is WARGHHH.
I will be waiting patiently for my reward at the end of the day HEHE. 

Perhaps I should eat some chocolates. 

Okay, I'll come back tomorrow to show you prettier and more decent photos, yes?

Good night.

Blog again tomorrow!;)

June 3, 2013

June photo A Day - Let's do this!

..and yet I still try muahaha.

I can NEVER finish a photo challenge.
here I am trying it again for this month. 

This is how I am going to do it..
I shall compile 7 photos (for each week) and share it with you guys here!

Let's see if I managed to finish at least for this month's challenge lawl. 

You can also join it here;

Okay bye now!