July 31, 2012

Let's - Do It Yourself!


I have been quite productive for the past few days.. I need to stay that way forever. 
I had in mind last week to actually start on some DIYs cuz I used to love them so much. Looking through photos and videos of people making DIY projects makes me ohh wanna do it too! I wanted to make some bracelets as a start cuz it's not easy to get hold of fancy accessories that I am looking for here in Miri..You know.

My cousins came over to our place last Sunday so I made them join me too.

One of my cousins love S&S's headbands but her mother got her some DIY stuff for her to make some herself instead of getting her the S&S headbands itself hahahahaha

But look how pretty it turned out! Headbands are obviously inspired by S&S ;) 
I didn't make those tho. Teeeheee. I'm not a fan of making them myself YET.:P But I personally LOVE the orange one!

I made some cute little "friendship bracelets" :D
I had very limited supplies cuz it's not easy to look for stuff here in Miri..So I really had to work with whatever I can have..

The small ones (purple & orange) are the ones I did on my first day. I like how it turned out to be, although I wish they have bigger ones :| The neon pink and yellow is all messy that I took out the yellow and left the neon pink :D
Of course I got all excited right, after I saw the end result..so both the bestie & I went hunting for some DIY things or whatever that we can use to make our bracelets pretty & boy! Look at what we found!:D

Charmmmmmssss! You have no idea how much I love charms! Haha. We were so happy that we could choose although it's a bit pricey; they're 5bucks each :| Can you guess which ones are mine?:D 
I chose charms that are significant to me & my life..;)

Tadaaah! I can haz self made charm bracelet now which I can easily change later on if I'm bored with the current neon pink bracelet ;)

Some of you asked me on Instagram where did I get those stuff in Miri..
Sadly I did not take any photo of the place but I will now describe it to you. (HAHA)
*Note that I am reaaaaly bad with roads/junctions.

It's a store called "Dragon Store" mmkays maybe not dragon store but it has the name dragon on it.:P
It's somewhere near centre point area / pelita / tamu muhibbah; next to Park Hotel. 
I honestly don't know how to describe it specifically, but you could look around & search:D 
 It looks very uhh dodgy & old, but they kinda have some cool stuff there if you really be all creative and imagine how you can work with the stuff they have. Plus, you need to be patient cuz the shop is sooo not organized. 
I bought everything there, from the strings, the bracelets, the charms..all of them. 
So hard to look for cheaper ones here; but do let me know if you know any!;)

Those headbands stuff we didn't get it here, but I think you can easily get them at the same store as well, but of course it'll cost more. 

Miri needs an awesome DIY shop that sells CHEAP & affordable DIY stuff! 

So there! That's what I did during the weekends! 
What have you been up to?;)

P/s: Took few photos of my OOTD today; I shall blog about it separately.

July 28, 2012

Photologue 21- School is back!

 School is here again.

My bag is always full of stuff; I seriously can't leave them at home as much as I want to :|

A new ribbon hair accessory I bought few weeks ago. I am currently still in love with orange:D

July 27, 2012

Up & around.

I have been under the weather few days ago, sadly at this particular month...-.-
Getting better now tho; and do let me know if anyone knows a cure for Asthma.(:

Other than staying in bed all day this week, I have been out and about as well & I bought few small little things for myself as a reward for getting all better now hahahaha:P
Plus Jojoe was back for a week so I have been spending time with him as well.:)

From top, that's what I wore today #ootd - Tried the SkinLite Strawberry Mask - New Mercury phone cover from Jojoe - Another new cheap cover I bought today.
I got the Strawberry Mask just because I never had any masks that smells like fruits before..& boy, it smells really sweet! But I didn't quite like it tho, cuz it feels all weird on my face.:/ I don't see or feel much difference after using it.. I didn't like the texture as well, it's a bit too thick & it does not dry easily. But then again, I am not sure whether it's supposed to not dry or whatever, haha. Not gonna get it again next time tho. 

Went to Sasa with the bestie yesterday & I got myself this because it was on sale!:D I have been wanting to get myself some eye pads but I always end up not getting any cuz I feel like it's a waste of money lawl.:P
But this? It's only uhhh rm5 somethin'! (It was actually stated that it's rm8 somethin after less, but somehow they charged me for 5bucks somethin so that's that!)

 Haven't tried it tho, I actually doubt that it would do any difference to my eyes, but I just need something that can soothe my eyes every night before I go to bed;) It would feel so nice to put this on your eyes after it's chilled a bit, no? Spa treatment at home FTW.

Next thing is something that I NEED. My lips are ridiculously dry, like mad dry that it annoys me & probably the people who looks at me LAWL. It's all chapped and ugly and it makes you wanna peel all the dry skin on my lips yourself every time you look at me hahahha.
Because the bestie loves Hada Labo brand so much; she made me try out their lip moisturizer.
Just tried using it earlier today, and I have to say it already helped a bit!


To kill time before my class we walked around and saw these cute adorable looking things!

Cute, no?:D Hahahahha. Okay, fine. I like buying things that has fringes on it.Lol.
It is actually a liquid eyeliner & both the bestie and I got it for ourselves teeeheeee.
Got it for only 8bucks.;)

Happy Fasting to all Muslims:D
Update soon, toodles!

July 17, 2012

Trip 2- It's singing time! (The Terminal)


A little fact about myself; I enjoy singing. I enjoy it so much that sometimes I sing at weddings, dinners, events and stuff. I enjoy singing so much that I actually have a YouTube account for it. 

 I have to say that I am really glad that both of my other half' loves singing as well! (That would be Jojoe & Giz ehems) Too bad we don't have much places that's decent enough to go for random Karaoke sessions, you know? Like, ones that we can easily go while the sun is still up? Lawl. I mean, karaoke places here in Miri usually opens at 7pm and it's always not just a karaoke place, you get me? 

But ever since we found this place...(!) we got all excited and we went there all the time till like, the people who works there recognizes us. -.-'

Now, where is this amazing place I am talking about?
Say Hello to The Terminal!:D 
It's a very decent looking place for Karaoke sessions:) 
It is located at the Sun City / DiGi Center / Hot Cross Bun / Banana Leaf, Centerpoint area, quite easy to find when you're already in that area. 

I love the fact that it is open early, really. ( Mon-Sun 12pm-1am )
I think quite a number of people knows about this place already, so you better book or be there early if you want a room! Yes, a room:D

It is nicely decorated too;D

We were always given rooms 12, 13, all the teen numbers, but today we got room number 1 which I think is new, cuz I THINK I have never seen it before. It's probably a bigger room divided into two. But that's how it looks like! Very nice, yes?

It's very clean and tidy..and you get 2 cans of soft drinks for each person.

Toilets! You can never take this as an easy matter. They're cleannnnn cleaner than the toilets at our airport -.-' ( I compared airport cuz I have always thought airports should have the cleanest toilets)
To select songs, you will have to choose from a lovely touch screen like so. Teeeheee. I would prefer it to be operated with a remote tho..The songs selection are just okay, if you love singing Indonesian songs, sadly there's not much of it.:/ But still okay,mmkays?:D You can always choose English songs, they often update new songs:)

Now another thing I lalalove about this place is the fact that is very affordable!
If you want more info, here's their facebook page;
I went there today & we were charged RM30 for two. You do the math and see how affordable that is!;)

July 16, 2012

Trip 1- Japanese Store! (and a little humble giveaway!)


You have no idea how much I go "oooohhh ahhhhhh" over Japanese Stores. I love Japanese Stores, cuz they always have interesting & most importantly cheap goodies for sale!
Back then there was 100 yen, it was as fun as this one that I will be blogging about. It's so sad that 100 yen does not update or change their things more often...Probably because I rarely see a lot of people going there after a while. These things sometimes has phases, you know what I mean?
But I have always love their stuff anyways, it's just that they don't have anything new that is interesting as it was before..and the price has mostly gone up a bit. 
Anyhooooo, I got all excited about this newly opened shop, I found out about it even before it was open & went there few times with Jojoe already but didn't have the courage to ask whether I can take photos in the store..But somehow I got all hyper today, and here's a full post dedicated to it!:P

It's Tokutokuya!
So, are you ready to look at what they have inside? 
Ps: I had to combine all my photos cuz I took too much hhehehehehehe. 
Photo loaded post!

Okay, here's the main thing that got me all excited about this store. Too bad I am not like a huge, huge fan of Hello Kitty, (I used to be tho) but even when I am not anymore I still squeak like a little kid when I saw how much they have Hello Kitty cute cute things here!

Bags, plastic bags, paper bags, mirrors, pencil cases, dvd covers, you name it! The highest price I saw was only rm5.99. Not just for the Hello Kitty stuff, but for other things as well:)
 Even their plastic bags are so cute and pretty..o.O Perfect for gifts or crafts.
 They also have a Sesame Street's section, where the whole rack is full of the faces of Elmo, Cookie Monster and all the other Sesame Street's characters:D Not to forget Japanese cartoons; Doraemon, Melody..and the list goes on.;)
The photo above on the left is the photo I tweeted about during my first trip here, those are actually sushi molds :D 

It is so colorful :D 

Okay, you just have to come here if you're in town!;) If you're a freak over cute things especially. 
But I do hope that they're gonna update their things and start getting new stocks as well, cuz some of the racks are already showing some space..hehehe. Would love to see new things coming in, no?

I have something to do before ending this post...I have been wanting to do a give away for my readers for a long time now. But too bad this blog is still new, so I practically have no readers at all...
Would love love love seeing more random and new readers for this blog of mine so I could do give aways whenever I can!:D 
I actually bought few Hello Kitty stuff to give away for one lucky reader..
Maybe some of you lovelies can help me spread the news around?
I am giving away these..!
It's nothing much, obviously..but I really feel like a real fan of Hello Kitty would love these Lol:P 
I am honestly still not sure how I would give these away, but do comment, and LET ME KNOW! :D

If any of you are coming down to Miri & would love to check out this shop, it is next to PermyMall, quite easy to find. Details;

Spread the love people, and comment!:D 

July 12, 2012

Moisturize Madness!

If I have to pick one part of my body that I can change..that would probably my hands. 
Hey, hey. Don't get me wrong! I am thankful for what I have; for having my hands! Hehee.
Just IF.
Cuz...I don't have uhmm pretty hands. You know, lady like hands? 
My mom has prettier and softer hands compared to mine. Even my boyfriend's hands are softer! -.-'

I am a bit insecure about my hands..I can never let anyone or myself take photos of my hands. Lol.
..and I just had to belong to the category of people who love wearing rings. Sigh.Life.Haha.
That's the reason why I am a bit addicted to hand moisturizers,hand creams & lotions. 

The latest one I bought was the Nivea Q10 age defying cream, (just because Mariannan uses them HAHA)
and I'd have to say that it works quite well! It does not feel sticky after applying, but I am not really a fan of the smell, though it smells quite nice..but I prefer fruity fresh smells.:P 

I actually have tried more than these, but most of it doesn't do much. 
Sometimes I just like buying the mini ones that I can throw in my handbag, because I think they're essential!
Specially when it is one of the days when I had some Lalapan!;) 
You wouldn't want your hands to be smelly, no?Teehee.

Do let me know if you have tried fawesome hand cream!
I'd like to try them too.:)

July 11, 2012

Photologue 20.

Something to keep me occupied for the next few days. (:

July 10, 2012

Photologue 19.

 A random photo of my (sad) breakfast earlier today & my nail polish collection.

Review 1- Nature Republic's Rice Mask Sheet

My best friend asked me the other day, do I still wear mask regularly?
I stopped for a while, probably around a month or so because of my allergies.
I couldn't just apply or use any sort of skin care or any mask or whatsoever.
I can't even put on some perfume!-.-

For few weeks I had no protection on my face.-.-

But fret not, it's all A-Okay now. Well, at least it wasn't as bad anymore.
The answer is yes, I still do apply/wear/use (haha) masks at least three times a month.
Sometimes more.

I haven't been trying out new masks cuz I am worried that it might damage my skin..so even if I feel like
trying new ones, I have to choose the brands that I am already familiar with.

This time it is Nature Republic's Rice Sheet Mask!:D
I somehow fall under the dry skin category but not too dry; plus the T zone area which is a bit more oily than the rest.

This particular mask sheet is for dry skin, it helps to moisturize your skin. 
I'd have to warn the people who has oily skin, this product is very moisturizing. But of course they'll definitely help you to choose which one is best for you! 
They have a lot of other kinds for this range, all I did was just let the kind lady to take a look at my face and recommend which suits my skin better. (: 

So before putting it on, I popped it into the fridge for 15 minutes or so. 
 Ahhh, before I forget, make sure your face is clean before putting it on! You can go & wash your face while waiting for your mask to cool in the fridge;)
I am currently using Fresh Farm Cleanser by Nature Republic as well. 

It works well for me, although I'd have to say sometimes it does not clean that well. How did I know this?
When applying toner, I use cotton pads & I can see sometimes it's a bit brown-ish which comes from the dirt on my face even after I cleanse it with my facial cleanser. -.-
Will probably change back to ZA's cleanser right after I finish this one. 

Like other mask sheets, it's gonna look like so. Honestly I don't favor mask sheets like these anymore simply because I feel like it is messier and a bit more tedious to put on compared to the bottled masks.
I'd have to dig into the packet & get the juices all over my fingers..Uhhhmmm. Not fun at all.:|
Bottled is way much easier to apply, you just need to squeeze it out and use a brush to even it out on your skin!  

Anyhoo, back to this mask! This is how my skin looks like before putting it on..not that you can tell the difference that much teeeheeee.

 Left it on for about 15minutes.
It feels uhh a bit weird compared to other masks I have tried before. Personally I think it was a bit too moisturizing. Usually after putting masks on, I would just leave the mask's juice on my face & go right to bed! But not for this one. I had to wash it off cuz it felt all sticky and I didn't like it:3

The bright side of it is that my skin immediately felt all moisturized and soft right after! The next morning my face looks a bit brighter :D

I would rate it 2 hearts out of five.

Worth to try, if you need something moisturizing.;)

July 9, 2012

Photologue + Monologue 18.

I am somehow full of negative emotions today. I stayed home, baby sitting.
I forgot how blogging had always make me feel so much better; ohhhey here I am!

 My work station.
As if I have work to do.-.-'

 I dislike hate reading sad stories. It is probably because I am always a little bit too sensitive.
..and the best friend just had to recommend me to read the saddest book ever!

 I managed not to cry, though.:D
Not sure whether I should be proud of myself..or the other way around.

Had to make some effort to at least feel happy inside. 

"Ohheysss, I haz armpits & huge arms." :D