September 2, 2013

Mask review - Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Real Powder Mask

Salam & Hi!

Remember I went to a facial session few days back?
If you don't you can check it out here 

From there and also during the OPI road show I went to,
now I know that I have ridiculously dry skin.
I've always thought I'm a combination of both..
but I keep on getting comments on how "very dry" my skin/face is.
But at least now it's easier for me to choose my skin care product, yes?

Before I rant on about the mask,
let me tell you a little bit about HiShop !

HiShop is an online shopping site!
Yes, I'm sticking with that short definition.
I mean come on, will you even care about any other words after shopping?

Online shopping is nothing new,
but what I hate the most about shopping online is their messy website layout.

Something that made me signed up for HiShop - is their simple website layout!

I am slightly slow when it comes to websites with too much things/sidebars/hidden navigation in it
so I LOVE HiShop's design simply cuz it is simple.

Directly when you sign in, all the bars you need are on top!
All you have to do is choose which one do you wanna look for C:
Make-up, skin care, fragrance..

..and of course, their SALES corner!

If you have no clue on what are you planning to purchase,
'fret not- you can browse through their featured products.
 Also some new arrivals..

You can also shop by brands - if you have specific brand in mind!;)
Easy peasy.
As you can see, they have a lot of known brands to choose from.
Simply click "buy now" and BOOM.
You can view what's in your shopping cart & also edit the things in it.
They definitely have loads of special offers, so be on the lookout by subscribing to them!

Tonight I tried the mask from Beauty Clinic MediHeal;
the "Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Real Powder Mask".

Although this post is sponsored,
I would love for my dear readers to know that this review is solely based on my very own honest opinions on the product.
It will forever stay that way.
Don't worry!;)

"Moisture Care Autumn squash powder sheet is beneficial to skin moisture & provides the freshness and efficiency of ingredients efficiently and adds the closeness and nutrition of skin with the synergy effect of concentrated essence."

So..that pretty much means that this mask is supposed to give me the moisture that my skin needs!

As I mentioned, my skin is dry.
Say hello to my lubang idong and my dry skin!


..also visible redness around my nose area..
Not sure if you can really see that my skin is dry..(cuz honestly I can't hahaha)

P/s: This mask is a bit too tedious for me :|
You need to gently push the bottom part of the mask (where the ampule is) to the upper left corner like so.

After your mask is soaked with it,
simply take it out and put it on your face!

Another thing I dislike about the mask is..the smell. :3
The smell is too pumpkin-ish (if that makes any sense) but I really didn't like it >.<
I had to take it off earlier than I am supposed to cuz I hated the smell.

Even though I did not put it on THAT long,
it definitely leaves the moisturizing feeling on my skin!

It feels so fresh & when I touch my face it feels slightly smoother than before I put it on:D

It's quite sticky, but I think that is why it is extremely moisturizing to your skin.

All in all,
What I like about it - the fact that it does moisturize my skin even when I didn't wore it that long :D
What I pretty much dislike about it - definitely the smell. :\

If I am not mistaken I think they have it in Orange too, so I bet that smells nice!
Although I'm not quite sure what it's for.

you can always try this out if you like pumpkins most importantly if you have dry skin!

Go ahead,
try and shop at HiShop!
I love the fact that the person behind it was really responsive to my emails and whatnots!
So don't be afraid to ask; they will definitely reply back to you ASAP.
She even expected for my parcel to arrive later; when it actually arrived earlier!:D

Here's a special rebate for my readers;
simply insert the code AUGBOX for a RM20 rebate!:)
*with minimum purchase of RM99- valid till 31st OCT 2013

I reaaaally wanna try Farmasi Cosmetics; hopefully I'll get around to it!

I still have 2 more items to try..
so stick around,
I'll blog again soon!

Special shout out to Mabel Yan,
Thank you so much!


  1. Thanks so much for the stunning review, Fynna! Love your complexion and long lashes! xx

    PS: Will definitely bear in mind about the smell of the pumpkin mask - not a huge fan of pumpkin myself. ;)

    1. Aww thank YOU! Teeehee.
      Followed your blog as well you're pretty!:D
      Yeap, it smells quite bad :3 Unless it smells like pumpkin pie than maybe it would be better hahaha:P