September 4, 2013

Breakfast is the most wonderful meal of the day~

Salam & Hi!

That's pretty much how my breakfast would look like these days when the husband's not around.
Mainly cuz I don't have to cook it, means it is easy to make - also no leftovers.
Today I replaced the tuna with eggs.
I want potatoes!!
No, I am currently not on a diet or anything bahahaha.
I think the only time I was actually dieting, you know.. with the supplements and planned meal and exercises and all..was early this year. 
Then I shed few kgs & my grandmomma keep on saying that I look sick cuz of it so I kinda stopped dieting. 
Plus it's almost impossible to diet if the husband's around so..

I hate veggies, but lately I have been feeling so weak so MY logic is that I need to eat more greens and fruits, and bammm, there you have it, 
Finna eats salad for breakfast/lunch almost everyday.

Haven't really tried any other veggie option cuz I can't even finish the veggies I bought for all those HAISH.
I hate leftovers cuz there's no one who's gonna finish it:/
It all goes to waste AND makes our fridge all full/messy.

Maybe I should stock up my groceries with food like these just so I can make small portions of food that's simple and easy to make, and that will never have any leftovers. 

I mean, if I were to cook curry ka masak kurma ka, masak kicap ka..
Confirm got leftovers wan.

Ehhhh while I'm typing these out 
 suddenly there's ants on my table it's so annoying!

Here's a pretty photo of my earphone's flower. 

Thank you bestie!;)

..that reminds me I need to get new fresh flowers. 

Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon!

Need to figure out ways to get rid of these ants. 

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