September 23, 2013

My perfume story; TAG!

Salam & Hi!

I just generally love anything that smells good.
Okay I just couldn't think of any other intro okay?
Who likes smelly things anyway pssh.

I must have a type of scent (obviously has to be my favorite type of scent) in my car, in my room, in my toilet, in my house, and even in my bag.
..even my clothes. 
Simply anything that I can put a scent to it- I will.

I have been like that ever since I was in primary school.
Except back then it was either body mist or deodorant la hahaha. 

These were the first few "perfume" I had back then!

Who else still remembers this?
They still have it in stores up till today but it's different from these I think.
It doesn't smell the same anymore.

Got stuck with Impulse till high school.
But then I changed to a few other perfume including some local cheap ass body mists in between HAHAHA. 

Obviously cuz it's just ridiculous (now that I thought about it) to go to school wearing expensive perfumes hahaha:P
But I still did anyways!

I loved cool water sooo much I even got a few bottles of it but cheap version that smells very very similar to it hahahaha.

Okay, mostly back then those perfume weren't mine, 
but after I worn the real ones I go and look for a cheaper version (sort of like a China version of each perfume hahaha) just so I could have the same scent without wasting it by wearing it to school.

Then..when I got into Uni years..
I got hooked on Heiress by Paris Hilton!

I got 2 bottles of the same perfume in a year. 
Still thinking of getting one soon - I miss this scent!

..also got hooked on Bvlgari Omnia.

During my first year of Uni, 
that was when I got to know my husband & he gave me few perfumes (till now!:P)

The first perfume he got me..

Then this..

..and these..

I think I missed out a few..
But that's all that I could remember for now.

p/s: Happy 5 years of knowing each other dearest husband!;)

My favorite one of all has to be Radiance ; so the husband bought me another bottle of it! 
But a different Radiance -Cosmic Radiance:D 

Yes, the one in a photo from my previous post.:)
Currently my fav fav fav!<3 

Out of all..
my least favorite is CK's Forbidden Euphoria. 
I do love one of from the Euphoria's range but I forgot what it's called:3

What perfumes have you had since school?
I Tag you!

Blog again soon!

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