September 20, 2013

Finding reasons to smile. :[

Salam & Helu!

Today I had a quite depressing day, sadly.
For some reason I felt miserable, weak, just everything negative. 
At some point it even felt like I hadn't had enough food.
..which made me had Nasi Lemak for breakfast haha.

It was too weird even I myself noticed it that I actually changed and dressed nicely cuz I thought that I needed to get out to.. perhaps get some fresh air. 
..or maybe do a little tissue shopping or something. 
Just something. 

When I'm all dressed up with make up on I was literally on the floor dragging myself instead of walking normally like WTF. 

So I conclude that today is my most depressing day everrr.

I took vain photos of myself tho, 
cuz I was really trying hard to cheer myself up BAHAHA 
SIGH why am I like thissss!

Finally got a wireless remote for my camera so..another reason to take vain photos of myself?

Didn't feel like smiling at all. all.
Up to the point where I did this. 

Still a pretty picture so......

Today's essentials.

I'm gonna look for more food now. 

Blog again soon!
Happy weekends!

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