July 29, 2013

Prepping up for Eid?

In my today's list of things to do includes baking a cake & laundry..
So while waiting for my laundry I figured that I could steal some time to update!

Can't quite digest that Ramadan is coming to an end so soon!
That and- the fact that my face is so sensitive lately.:3
Bad timing since it's gonna be Eid soon and also my reception!

Few days ago I came across this. 

Nivea's Make up Skin Therapy Set. 
I am currently using Hada Labo's set; but it doesn't do much to my skin, sadly. :\
Although I am not quite sure why. 
..because I pretty much put on BB cream everyday ( the very least) so I definitely could relate to this product! 
I got hooked to it cuz of the black facial cleanser bahahaha. 

This box costed me RM23 something - for those 3 things above.
Quite reasonable if you ask me! 
It has a facial cleanser, a face mask and a SERUM!

SERUM- the magic word that will definitely make me go ooohhh?
I can't tell you what it does to me.. or whether or not it is working..
It says that I would have to at least use those for 7 to 8 days to see the difference. 
Since it is not that expensive.. figured that I could give it a go!
Hopefully it'll give my skin a bit glow, cuz SERIOUSLY, if I don't have my BB cream on I look like a dead person walking. 
I look so pale and so..unhealthy. 

Which comes with this small reminder for you ladies;
as much cream, and whatnots you put on your face, 
ALWAYS remember to eat healthily and drink more water. 
There's no other powerful remedy than that to keep your skin all glowy and supple! 

In that case..
Maybe I should eat more veggies and fruits?

My most problematic area of my face..are the eyes. 
Under eyes. 

That's also why I look so unhealthy, cuz my eyes are always so BLACK like it got punched every single day. 
Yesterday we went out shopping, 
and we stopped by at the OPI booth/ road show in Bintang Mall. 
I got free stuff weeeee. 

I really wanted to blog about it but I didn't have my camera with me! 
I seriously need to start bringing my camera around with me again cuz it seems like lately random things keep on happening to me while I'm out!
I participated in the "Know your skin" thingy, where you get to color your skin zones;
of which zone do you think you have oily, or sensitive and yadayada,
and get a free gift right after!:)

I got an eye cream for that (YAY! I was really eyeing on their eye cream hahaha) 
and I got a face toner for answering a question from their DJ of the day. 

Thank you OPI! 

So all in all, 
I am currently trying out the Nivea set plus the toner and eye cream from Dermalogica. 
Let's hope my skin will be all prepped up for Eid!

What's your current skin care routine 
what have you prepared for Eid? 

Blog again soon!

ps: Don't forget to work on your faith too!
This is the perfect timing to be as close as we can to our creator. 
*Self reminder as well!

Selamat beribadah! 


  1. Just wondering which contact lens are you using :)?
    It looks so nature and good on you!

    1. Hi there Ty!
      I'm using FreshKon's winsome brown - my ultimate fav!
      Thank youuu:)