September 26, 2013

In and out.

Salam & Hi!
I have been struggling through  A LOT of things lately,
which makes me feel like staying in and just sleep all day long. 

But then again..
when I think about it..
Why would I choose to be gloomy when I can easily make it all bright and sunny again?

It will forever be hard, 
But you've gotta live & leave all the negativity behind. 
We all live to please the Only ONE, so whatever you choose to do & you did - so leave the rest to Him. 

Be thankful for whatever that happens to you, 
for whatever you have,
be it bad or good.
It all happens for a reason - just hang on there. 

I am still in the midst of preparing for my upcoming reception..
You can quite say that I am occupied pretty much most of the time. 
At least my mind is - if not my time. 

I decided to get some fresh air today,
I have been too stuffy in and out, physically and mentally (if that makes any sense) so I got some sinful KFC CHIKINNN for my lunch. 

Got some fresh flowers as well as..
this new little friend of mine!

I wanted to get some other kind of fish..
But this is the easiest to take care of so..

Okay I have to go now, 
Stick around, 
I'll blog again soon! 

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