September 19, 2013

When everything seems to go down, just push it back up & fight.

Salam & Helooooooo!

I apologize for not updating for quite a while.
As often as I say it..I really do mean it every time. 

Been busy with..well, 
It's very occupying hahaha. 
My reception is a few weeks away so that adds up too.. 

Now let's see..
Apart of all the things that happened to me..
here are some little things that I wanna share with you! 

Chocolate haul!
The husband came home with truckloads of chocolates for me this time :D
..and a new perfume too:)

We played paintball..
..and we brought back bruises and cuts.

But we had sooo much fun although it was really tiring as well:/
I didn't really move though............
Stayed at one bunker and shoots randomly till the game ends hahahahaXD

The husband & I did a little gardening..

 I keep on saying "saliva" instead of "Salvia" 

We wanted to see whether we are capable of planting flowers heeeheeee.

Bought two pots & that was how it looked like after we plant in the seeds. 

Can you believe that it grew??
I'll definitely show you how it looks like now hahaha.
We planted this last week, and now the sprouts are showing :')
We're proud parents bahahahaha
grow pretty flowers, grow!

Then, few days ago I signed a petition. 
Do you Mirians know that we have a horn bill family in joining our neighborhood now?
Their names are Jimmy & Faridah (the horn bill couple) & they have kids too!
How adorableeeeeee is that?? T.T 

However, Piasau Camp is gonna be taken over by some other people now & they are planning to develop the place..
..and that means no more trees & a place for those horn bills to live T.T
Ohh how I hate developments sometimes ):

All of us signed heeeheee.
I really do hope they are gonna protect those wild horn bills!
I really should go and visit them soon. 
(yes, most of the times I am a nature freak and an animal lover too p/s: I hate looking at people eating turtle eggs HMMH)

We celebrated the husband's birthday & the sister in law's birthday by having a special dinner..
..but I am sad that again this year I can't give any extravagant gifts for the husband T.T
But even worse la this year cuz I didn't even have the chance to wrap his present HAHAHA:P
Sorry love!
But the kids did something for him!!

Didn't expect that they would actually give him presents for his birthday! 
One from each ? That's even more unexpected hahaha. 
I still don't know how it looks inside..
I have to wait for the husband to come home & open his prezzies! 

I got gifts too nyehehehehe!
But from the bestie:D
She's back from her recent trip so she got me these;

Pretty happy bubble bath & a souvenir from Langkawi:)

All in all I am just extremely thankful for all the wonderful people and things around me, 
They come to remind me just when I needed it the most. 
Self reminder, 
ALWAYS focus on happier things in life, be friends with the people who brings out the best in you, 
and NEVER stop praying for good things to happen to everyone

In spite of everything that's happened/happening, I shall leave it to God & just do what I think and feel is best for both my husband & I. 

Wooops. Enough telling you what my self reminders are..
What have you been up to lately?

Blog again soon!

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