March 30, 2013

Printed words.


Random books I have picked up since December last year. 

But within these two months or so I have been picking up more random books!
As soon as I finish one I will immediately get myself another one. -.-
Good that I am currently in my reading phase..
but it hurts my wallet. 

Why can't books be more cheaper PSSHH.
Books I didn't read till end in the photo above;
A Maiden's Grave & Jodi Picoult's The pact.

I've been raving about this..but The Boy Who Could See Demons is really good. 
Ain, if you're reading this (not quite sure if you do..but!) yes, it's a good book! (In my opinion la hehe)

I need to get my hands on Shaun Hutson's new book pronto! 
One of my favorite authors. C:

Currently leaning towards more relaxing books; explains my choices lately. 
I could use some artificial happiness for my brain for a while.

if you're wondering; I have decided to not have an IG account for now. 
Maybe one day I'm gonna create another one..
But as of now..
you can stalk me from my Keek!
Even better cuz they're video updates muahahaha. 

Blawg again sooon!

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