March 26, 2013


It's the one thing that I really don't quite mind having once in a while..
I discovered some time ago that I quite like changes in my life. 
Maybe not all, 
but I do try to adapt to new changes and get used to it and expect more of it. 

..before I go on ranting, 
bear in mind that these are merely MY thoughts, something that is personal, something that is about ME, and just ME. 
This does not relate to ANYONE in any case, 
I am just here sharing my thoughts about myself - in order to keep track of the changes in my life. 

I have changed physically (appearance wise) as you noticed, 
and to be honest, I am scared. 

This is to me, quite a deal of a change, really. 

I am honestly still me, I am still the same person in the inside (although I hope to always change to a better  person) and I am still well, ME. 

Here's a little secret. 
I always feel all dhjbfjakdfs inside every time a person judges me. 

I am not gonna elaborate more cuz I am scared that I might sound like I am the one who's judging instead. 

..and today I made that mistake. 

I shouldn't have said anything about it at the first place..
Not quite sure why I did; specially now - even though I have been wanting to say it even before all of this "changes". 

I apologize for all the wrong things I've said at wrong timings, 
I apologize for so many things. 

on a happier note;
I am also grateful for so many things! 
A lot has happened after this slight change of mine, 
it's still quite unbelievable. 

I guess I should really stop ranting now before I actually start typing the wrong things again!

Here's a little reminder, for you & for me. 
Don't judge.

"Next time you think you're perfect, try walking on water."

Cracks me up every time. 

Blog again soon! 

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