March 3, 2013

It was a dream- not anymore!

I randomly googled an easy simple quick no bake (haha) cheesecake recipe yesterday. 
Simply cuz I had a dream that I wanted to make a cheesecake.
..I pretty much made my dream came true, no?

Honestly I am not the type who would cook or bake. 
Not that I don't like doing it tho.
I am just not always there in the kitchen. 
So yesterday was my first time making a cheesecake..
Explains why I googled with all those keywords - easy, quick, simple, no bake cheesecake.

Eh, wait.
Not actually my first time..
I have another recipe that's easy too & I made it a few times.
..and very delly!

Let's focus on this one first!

My aunt bakes a lot at home cuz she sells cupcakes and wedding cakes and all those kind of stuff..
That means I have all the ingredients at home, wooopeedoo!
Too bad we didn't have digestive cookies at home,
so I replaced it with Biskut Tiger. (hahahaha)

I got the recipe 

But I added in blended oreos for the top mixture & also some oreo crumbs just to make it look a bit more appetizing hehehe. 
( Yes, I am aware that it probably does not look that appetizing but hey efforts matter.)

..and my base is a bit ruined. 
It's supposed to stick together more firmly but aunt said if I add in a bit more butter would fix it. 
Plus I didn't actually wait for to set or anything. 

But at least now I know how to make an easy cheesecake:D
It's quite yummy too!
I mean, as if anything can go wrong with cream cheese and whipped cream psssh. 

Next time (if there ever will be haha)
if I am gonna make one of these again, 
I'll make a prettier one. 

Blog again soon!

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