March 2, 2013

What's in my bag tag!

I tag you too!;)

I am not quite sure what is up with me and "What's in my bag" videos, blog post..
I just..well, love watching/reading about em!
I hope it is not a sign that I am kepo that I like knowing what ladies have in their bags hahahahaha.
I did a Vlog once,
and now I'm dedicating an entire post for my updated version of my 
What's in my bag!

Honestly, lately I have been changing my bags a lot. 
Pretty much cuz I bought quite a number of bags from my trip and my mission is to use all of them!
I would usually save a bag for special places or days..
But not this time. 
Bought all of those bag to be used till it cannot be used anymore. 

I have (!) been bragging about how practical this bag is, 
I just love huge bags where you can practically throw everything in. 

Used to bring more stuff than this back then. 
I managed to finally reduce the number of stuff a little - but here's a little secret;
I still bring another extra bag where I put everything else that I think I might need, and take it wherever I go!

I simply cannot just bring my purse and phone. 
I cannot. 

I do wish I can, tho. 

Now, lemme know what you have in yours!
Leave me comments here if you did yours, 
I would love to read it!

Take care, 
I'll blog again soon.:*


  1. I will do this tag when I got time. :D

    1. Alright!Leave me your link once you did it okay!:D

  2. do check my blog:)