March 28, 2013

The Croods + Laundry Cafe = My Thursday well spent!


Have you ever cried in the cinema while watching movies?
If so, what kind of movies? 
My case; I always cry watching cartoon/animated movies in the cinema. 

For some reason they're just so sad and I cry and and and *BAWWWWLLSSS*
I cried watching Toys Story 3 (or was it 2?) and today I cried again watching this awesome movie that you must go and watch as well!:D

*photo courtesy of Mr Google as usual

Definitely was a worthy random picked movie to watch today. 
Glad that I didn't wanna settle for anything else besides this. 

Also cuz I have been reading people's tweet about how good it is la kan. 

We actually planned to watch a 3D movie today and guess what?
I just decided to leave my lenses at home and wore glasses!
Now imagine me fiddling with my 3D glasses finding out ways to actually put it on top of my actual glasses. 
( •_•)>⌐■-■


After the movie we decided to try the sort of new cafe; The Laundry Cafe!
Also because I saw my IG friends (Haffy & Nadine if you're reading this I found out about it from you ladies!;) ) uploaded photos of the food from this cafe and it looked interesting!

Jojoe & I actually went to this place way back when it was still just a laundry place. 

The new concept is pretty interesting I must say, 
one thing that's lacking was just music. 
They didn't play any music - which they really should cuz that would be so perfect. 

 Relaxing instrumental or acoustic music would be nice. 

It's literally a Laundry cafe where you can do your laundry and drink and eat and chill while waiting your clothes washed and dried. 

The menu.

..and my dates & I. 

 Simple but pretty interior ♥‿♥

Pretty little details of the shop.. 
Miri should really have more and more places like these!
We should have loads and loads of cafes like in Japan:D 

What we ordered;

Iced Ribena, Iced Bandung Longan & Hot tea. 

Puding Sago Gula Melaka.
I liked this one a lot! 
They're quite generous with the gula melaka and the sago pudding tastes so yummehhh. 

Gotta love the presentation of their food too (:

Pisang Goreng Cheese. 
Didn't quite like this one, simply cuz the banana was overcooked. :/ 

So far the only place I ever had tasty banana cheese fritters was at a shop called 3 puteri or something- located in Piasau but they closed down:3 

Mashed potato. 
Coming from a person like me who doesn't favor mashed potatoes, 
I'd have to say I actually liked this one. 
The gravy was nice, as well as the mashed potato itself!
It made me wonder the gravy are from the instant ones or do they make it themselves?

Price wise..
I don't really know how to tell anymore lately, honestly. 
Food are getting more pricier it gets annoying. 

The total of our food was RM20+ less than RM30.
I can only remember that the mash potato was RM6 per bowl. tell me whether it's pricey or just normal and okay. 

Will probably come back here with the bestie. 
Maybe try their real food ..(those were just snacks) hehehe. 

Blog again soooooonnn!:)


  1. Haha cousin and I nearly went here but we decided to go Citrus instead! We parked in front of the cafe while jalan2 at the pasar malam. The sago looks good!!

    1. Hehehehe!:) Best jwak nok tokkk.
      and yes, the sago is sooo niceeee:D
      X puas la sbb portion nya x byk ilak:P

  2. Where's the Laundry Cafe! So pretty

    1. It's next to Idaman cafe in Saberkas eexin!:D
      Go try, the place is niceee:)

  3. hye. thanks for the noce comments and the nice pictures of our shop. we really2 thankyou. u also may follow us on our blog! we'll be posting the promotion