March 24, 2013

Nano's visit + so many other things!

Boy you have no idea how glad I am to finally have the time to actually blog!
I apologize for not being here for quite a while & thank you for those who keeps on coming here to make sure I am still updating! 
Yes, I am still here, don't you worry! 

If you're a already a follower on my IG, (you can also view my IG photos on my sidebar)
 you should know that I am going through some changes.. 
That would also be one of the main reasons why I haven't been updating much. 

Permanently, insyallah. 
If you are planning on giving me some lectures (bad or good) or anything, 
I thank you in advance but please, no judging
Give me some time to actually remove my other photos.
Welp. I guess I'll start making new sets of OOTDs then! 

Another happy note;
both the bestie & I got to meet my blogger friend, Nano!

..but because both Giz and I are too occupied this month, we didn't have time to actually plan on nicer things to do and all for our dearest Nano! 
I'm sorry Nano, but I do hope you honestly had a good time hanging out with us!;)
Looking forward for future meetups, of course!

She's such a lovely person in flesh (haha she's also nice virtually don't worry:p)
..and pretty!

Being her virtual friend I know that she loves going for sushi, so we decided to treat her some sushi love!
Didn't wanna bring her to Sushi King simply cuz I actually hate the service there so we went for Sanga instead! 

I just realized that I didn't really took that much photos..
Maybe next time we should hire a personal photographer for blogger meet ups.:P
Haha diva much?

They have the best Salmon skin!

I also know for a fact that she loves - I repeat, LOVES Starbucks!
But then again Bintang's Starbucks is closed for renovation so we couldn't bring her there, sadly. 

We decided to replace our coffee session to a Play session!
Went to Play cafe to burn some cals bond in a different way!

...and of course,
more photos of us!

Told her if she's coming again soon we're gonna go for some Karaoke session.
Gave you sweats and memories to keep from our first meet up, Nano!

..and here's our video you requested, Nano!
Couldn't edit it, sadly. :|
But hey, that's raw footage right there!
Hahahaha x)

*Uhmm dear readers, excuse my goofiness; yes, I am pretty much like that all the time.
Ps: Giz, sorry I kept on blocking youuu! >.<"

Had so much fun, obviously!
Definitely an awesome meet up,
looking forward to hang out again (and have more fun!), okay Nano? :D
Much love from both Giz & I!

Check out Nano's post on her blog about on meet up -

Glad to finally meet you in person, sweetie!

Meeting up other bloggers in future is now in my list of things to do.
It's fun, and let's mingle! (hahaha)
Let me know if you're in Miri, fellow bloggers!

Blog more soon!



  1. Smiling from ear to ear while reading this entry. Then I laughed so hard at the video, my cousins had to come and watch to see what's so funny! Thank you so much dearies! Love you both to bits! Come to Kuching gik! Will bring u jalan2! :*

    Much love, Nano. ^_^

    1. Hahahaha! No problem Nano, thank you jwak!:D
      Next time lagik okay!:D
      Insyallah one day kmk org gk go Kuching!:)