February 25, 2013

blessed in different ways, cursed in some other..

Glad that I finally got the chance to go catch a movie!
I like going to the movies and somehow I feel all weird if I haven't been going for a while. 

Watched Hansel & Gretel with the bestie and her little sister, went for late lunch/dinner right after and we spent some time playing a dance game on Kinect at the cafe we went! 
Not a brilliant idea to "dance" or even move that much after a meal. 
no one puked, pheww. 

I almost did tho. 

Miri should open more businesses/services like that, really. 
More decent karaoke places, anything that involves food and entertainment should be fine, yes?
..of course with affordable prices. 

I like "room" concept; where we can book a room for Karaoke sessions - and in our case today; Kinect session! 
Paid rm5 for each person for an hour. (Y)
Hopefully the price stays that way. 
Should've taken some photos.. so I could blog about it properly. 
I figured you will find out about that cafe soon enough.
..cuz it's at the Play Cafe/Lounge on the same floor as GSC Bintang Mall.

I wanted to grab a coffee before leaving & I was told that tonight will be the last night they're gonna be open cuz the place is going under renovation and will be closed for a month. 
Can I be sad now?
Miri needs more cafe(s) too!  T.T 
I need my hawt drinks and a nice place to relax T.T 

Current random read. 
Randomly felt like reading.. Randomly picked up a book. 
Just what I needed, something somewhat relaxing..
Ahh, I so badly need a vacation. 
..or perhaps I need all my problems to be magically solved. -.-

I need to get my hands on the Cecelia Ahern's book :3 

Super thoughtful bestie's mom got me some popcorn from her trip!
Zangkyuuu so much! :*
I even have another popcorn to claim from one of my cousins ehhehehehe. 
Looks like I'll be snacking on popcorn for a while!

I am obviously amused with my eyelashes, really. 
Ever since I knew the existence of mascaras & how pretty your eyes can look like with awesome lashes, 
I have been amused on how much I can do to mine!
Is it too obvious that I am kind of proud of them now cuz every time I do some extra work on them I like posting photos up in my IG hahahahahahaha. 

I honestly felt like my lashes were a bit too long, 
but now I figured out ways to "curl" it without perming them. :]

It is a bit tedious to do so I would only do it whenever I have so many time to waste. :P

That, my ladies, I will share with you on my next post. 
(or probably my next next post.)
Stick around if you're curious, 
I'll be blogging again soon! 

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