February 24, 2013

nineteen random facts about me!

I have no idea why I am doing this but, there are maybe a few things that I am gonna list down that you never expected me to be/do/been doing/done so.. here goes nothing!

Bear in mind that they're just some silly facts about me - coming from me, 
so I guess they're mostly true. 

Not that it matters so much but I figured that it could be fun to actually think of the small things about me and try listing it down plus sharing with you guys about it is just another bonus, no?

Also cuz I've been wanting to join in the fun cuz I've seen some other bloggers did it too

1. I am a sucker over junk food.

2. I am a pure Malay and my mother passed away when I was one year old; I am now living with my momma (grandma) and yes, my dad is still around loving me like he's supposed to haha!:p 

3. I have 6 siblings and one new mom! I absolutely love all of them to bits! C:

4. I had my ears pierced when I was in Kindergarten but too bad I simply cannot wear any other earrings besides real gold :3 Hmmmphhh.

5. I dislike the taste of black pepper. Black pepper sauce..Prosperity burger..I do not like them. :\

6. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano.

7. I LOVE drawing. Just that I am not anywhere near being good at it. I can't even draw a stick man nicely! -.-

8.  I am friendly, but I have very few close friends. I have one best friend that has been with me since high school till now, and another one during my PLKN years till now. 

9. I am easily attached to people - explains fact number 8.

10. ..cuz of that I am sometimes socially awkward. teehee. 

11. I cannot tolerate rudeness.

12. I love walking on grass barefooted!

13. I have a goldfish memory. I find it hard to remember names and faces :| 

14. I like good surprises like birthdays! Love being surprised & organizing them. 

15.  My front teeth is not properly aligned cuz I sucked my thumb ever since I was little - I only stopped when I was in primary 6! 

16.  Momma used to put loads of Vicks Vaporub (and god knows what else haha) on my thumb while I am asleep just so I won't suck my thumb anymore but I would immediately wake up and wash it off and simply go back to sucking my thumb and fall asleep again. 

17. Easily forgives but never forgets. 

18. Sucker over fries. Seriously.

19. A habit I somehow developed recently - unintentionally leaving my mouth slightly open when I am focusing on doing something like watching series or whenever I am in front of my laptop.

There you go!
Initially it was supposed to be 25 facts..then I took it down to 20..
I just couldn't think of the twentieth one right now! >.<

So there you go, 
nineteen random facts about me.

Now you probably know 19 extra things about me 

Blog again soon!  

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