February 20, 2013

When I say things..

Sorry again and again for my excuses for not blogging as constant as I am supposed to (I think - that is if you do care about me updating pretty much everyday) and also those sorry(s) I've been saying (or in this case typing) are also dedicated to myself as a self reminder on how much I need to rant or be positive on this side of my world.

 ..or sometimes be all emo when I am desperate to let it all out.



For some reason I have been making weird unnecessary stupid decisions lately.
For instance..
I would usually get myself those brown colored lenses which costs me 45 bucks; which is actually quite a lot for now cuz I am well, surprise surprise, broke. 
*insert sarcastic tone*

that was the main reason why I wanted to just get myself a pair of the clear ones for the time being..
and guess what?
I bought a box of it for 45bucks. 

A box contains 3 pairs - one month each.
Brown ones? A pair for 3 months. 

Yes, same thing.
Could've had prettier "undroopy" eyes if I would have just gotten the brown ones. 

Now for some reason I feel like I need to read books,
cuz it made me feel like my brain is just..

It's almost like I am not using it at all AMAGAH. 
..and for the record, that was just one of the stupid "decisions" and "things" I did for the past few weeks. 

It's either I need to read more or socialize more. 

But as for that lens case, 
in my defense, that uncle who owns the shop is just plain scary and he managed to make me feel like I have to just purchase whatever he told me to. 

I have been trying to focus on more happier things in my life lately, 
but life lately is just so..
..and monotonous. 

I mean, 
my problems are still there, I am still stuck with my everyday routine, 
everything is just still there, 
either still unfixed and broken,
or just there. 

Not quite sure what I should be doing next..
So I have been drinking a lot of coffee. 
A lot. 


I'll blog again soon?

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