February 5, 2013

Make yourself feel special - one! (1)

Well honestly I have been trying to blog without having to think too much like how I would usually do..
..having quite a hard time to do so. 
I guess it's just one of those days!

..also cuz I have been home & with my brain being such a snail it certainly didn't help at all.

So anyhoo, 
here I am!

Remember how I said I have recently discovered small small things in my life that I do, 
that is somehow amusing to me?

Now here's one thing that I have been doing that I'm gonna share with you!
Nothing big or fancy...it's simple & it makes me happy
so there!

If you are a constant reader of my blog,
you should be aware of how much I love pampering myself!
Mostly at home - when I have some extra cash I would go out for a body massage or a simple pedicure session.

Here's another thing that I like doing;
My special showers!


I have been thinking of some other sentence to describe it tho..

It's just someth' someth' I like to do NOT on a daily basis.

I have my special shower scent on my special days!
Note the keyword here - special.
Sorry if I'm gonna repeat that so many times in this post.

maybe those St Ives are not special to you,
but it is to me!
Cuz it is definitely not something that I would purchase every month to be used daily.
It is quite pricey for me to actually constantly purchase every month - for now.

So here's how it works.

Step one.
- Get yourself a fancy shower gel that has a different scent from your everyday shower gels!

Step two.
- Use it either when you're feeling a bit down, emotionally unstable, very happy, or very special!;)

Step 3.
- Keep it in your drawer after use. Just so you won't use it everyday. :P

Not that I want you to not feel special everyday..
But I think by having a different scent on your special days is kind of special.
It never failed to make me feel all tingly & happy & confident inside..
So I assume it would have the same effect on you? :]

Choose one that's slightly pricey than the ones you have ( but don't overspend!)-
simply splurge on one.

St Ives' Oatmeal & Shea Butter is my current "special" scent- but I am planning to look for more so I could change after I am done with this one.

While you're having one of your special showers...(mmkays I am aware that this sounds a bit weird haha)
you can imagine that you're on a vacay..
..and things like that.

Light some candles!

Stop being so hard on yourself,
you deserve everything special in your life,
and you are the only one who can make that happen.

Dream big - believe - and make it happen.

Here's my favorite quote for the day;

(that I got from a twitter friend of mine)

"Why should you be around with people who suck the happiness out of you? Be with those who bring out the best in you!"

Blog again soon!


  1. Totally feel you in this. Coz I actually am doing the same thing too!

    1. Glad that you've been doing it too!
      Makes you feel all special, no?:)
      Thanks for reading my blog!:D

  2. This is probably the best suggestion I've heard in ages!

    1. Awww thank youuu!
      ..and perhaps you're gonna give it a try too?;)
      Thanks for reading my blog!:D