February 8, 2013

I feel..


All I needed was to feel content. 
I hope it stays..

..I managed to make my Dad's belated gift all nice & decent weee!



I know how hard it is to look for gifts for guys..
then perhaps this could be an idea for you too if you're on a budget.
My dad and I, we share the same love for coffee!
 So like I mentioned in the previous post I got him some coffees for his birthday :D




Initially I wanted to get him "Illy coffee" as well but both the store I went to - the expiry dates is this year;
so meh. 
I have never tried those coffees before except for the Davidoff coffee..
I really hope my dad's gonna love it all. 


Got the rest of the family some small gifts too!

Went all around town to run some of my errands alone..
but managed to meet up with the bestie for lunch.
Didn't feel like putting on any basic make up on as well and the first thing the bestie asked when she saw me was "Were you crying?"

Sadly my eyes are really puffy now so I really do look like I was crying then walked around as if nothing happened teehee.

and OHH I finally get the chance to share with you photos of the bag my mom & dad got me for my birthday!

Yes, it is bright orange!:D
I love the color orange for some reason..
Matches my necklace too!

It is big & extremely practical!
The perfect bag to carry around especially when I have errands & some small shopping to do. 
I wanted to show you how it looks inside..
Maybe I will instagram it one day..

I keep on having the word
in my head for the past few days..
I need to keep in mind that perhaps I could use that word to good use. 

Blog again soon!

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