February 8, 2013

Little treats.


Uhmmm yeh. 
Bought few things for me earlier hehehehehehe. 
Guilty for spending on unnecessary stuff - but on the bright side I got some gifts for the people I care about as well, so there! 

I am honestly not a big fan of lipsticks simply cuz I have a serious case of never ending chapped lips..
..and usually by putting on lipstick does not help in any ways at all. 

but because I'm developing this new love for lip colors..
also cuz I look pale without any colors on my lips now..
plus the CNY sale is just mad..

So I got those two new colors for RM20 each!
Yehhh for that ;)

Unnecessary rings to add to my collection..
Got them for 6.90 each. 

Those lip balms are too cute to resist!
I personally think that it would make a nice cute gift too, don't you agree?:)
Got those for only rm15!
Original price for 1 tube /stick of the lip balm is actually rm22.90! (if I am not mistaken but it's not far off) 

Sorry I had errands to do today so I didn't really had the chance to hunt for more sales at other places!
Hmmph I should really stop trying to blog at this hour.
My brain and my feelings just won't cooperate with me psssh.



At least I updated with photos, yes?


Blog again soon!


  1. We have the same lip shade! I love Revlon lip colours, especially the matte collection! I got mine from the Christmas sale at Parkson. I usually get them at RM35 from Watsons though. Top 3 colours so far that I'll always buy when they habis: Cocoa Craving, Wine Not and Fabulous Fig :)

    1. Yes, they're all such nice colors!:)
      I was so happy that they had sales for Revlon make up! Hahahaha!;)
      I do love Maybelline's better tho:) and I prefer pink shades hehehehe:D

  2. I love Revlon's lipstick! And I've been eyeing Wine Not in a really long time. I should get one for myself. hehe...as if I don't have enough lipstick already! haha!

    1. Hahahaha there can never be too much lipstick for us ladies!:P
      I do prefer Maybelline's tho:D If you're in Miri, you should get ones in Boulevard they're cheappp hahaha:P