February 17, 2013

need no reason to be..


Boy I hate it when I feel the need to blog but I just don't know how to even start. 
Like, my mind just goes blank.
- or maybe it's too full of things that I wanna say and share, till I can't pour it all out. 


Excuse me if this post is gonna be all random & unorganized.

Latest on my list of things to get pronto;
* L'Oreal Youth Code essence
* Electronic eyelash curler 
* Hada Labo BB Air
* The planet shirt I saw earlier

I planned for the bestie's birthday surprises & looked for her gifts!

Not that we celebrated it with lots of people and party and things..
I actually surprised her twice cuz I told her that I couldn't be with her on the 14th (which is her birthday) and that it can only be a post birthday celebration. 
So she didn't expect me to actually surprise her that evening!:p

Went to her house with a slice of cake and a birthday gift;
called her house phone so the sisters could let me in and surprise her!
I was lucky that she was showering so she had no clue I was in the house :p
Knocked her bathroom door with the cake and candle and all, 
and guess what she did when she saw me?

She closed the door right in front of my face three times!
..cuz apparently she said she didn't recognize me with the short hair hahaha. 
She even poked my face few times after she decided to open the door! 

That means my first surprise was a success!;)

*photo credits to the bestie pratically stole this one from her:p
..and I was nice enough to not take photos of her reactions cuz she was about to shower, remember?

I gave her a gift and a cake and all just so she wouldn't suspect anything the next day :P

So the next day we went out just to walk around as usual..

Just when she thought nothing's gonna happen for the day..
I opened the car trunk and gave her all her birthday presents and showed her our birthday goody bags I made especially for her small celebration! 

..and again, she ran away from me when she saw it all;
so I assume the second surprise was a success as well?
I think I need to re-confirm that she wasn't faking all the surprised face she had!

..and now I know if I surprise her she's gonna run away from me first and then come back after she digested all the info and situation and all hahaha. 

She requested to have some drinks at Coffee Bean & I decided to try their Red Velvet drink thingy!
It was too milky and sweet to my liking tho. 
Plus strawberries are my least favorite hehehe. 

Coincidentally had a pink theme going on there!

Our goody bags was filled with little little things like the Nail stickers and junk food and stuff!
Had so much fun playing with the cute nail stickers, made her face her fears of popping candies (hahaha I just knew that she has that fear!) and I had fun looking at her reactions when she opened her gifts - cheesy lawl. 

I got her 2 shawls, ( the one she was wearing & a red one; her fav color!) a special book, pajama pants and a London's telephone booth money bank!

Too bad I forgot to take photos of all the gifts I got her!

Feeling all content and grateful for her existence in my life.
So happy that I could surprise her!:D 

Other than that..

I got my featured in an ad for a local newspaper!
I gave hints that I did the shoot here;

..and it is finally out for 3 days straight!:) 
No, I can't speak nor read Chinese. 

It feels so weird to have my face on published materials - I mean come on, it's my first time! 
I honestly thought that it's gonna be small, but it turned out to be half of the front page.:) 

*happy geeky grins*

Special thanks to Miss Ju for giving me the opportunity!
(Hoping that she reads this hehehe)

...and there you go, 
 February's treating me well so far.

Let's just focus on happier things in life and forget the unnecessary negative things mmkays?

..and OHH!
I cut my hair short.


Blog again soon!


  1. Cney beli nail stickers ya? So cuteeeee! :D

    1. Teeeheee menan jak ya hilda!:D
      kmk bli kat ng sian hup!:D