December 30, 2012

Some feet loving..

Lol Helu!
Your face is the first thing people would probably look at when they see you....

I love taking care of my skin, I love applying heaps of products on me muahaha.
It's actually one of my ways to feel all good & tingly in the inside (:

Don't we just love feeling beautiful..perhaps secretly?;)
I know you'd have one of those days where you're feeling extra confident about yourself!
Which is really awesome, cuz you are most definitely gorgeous inside out!

To me, first impressions are important..
That's also one of the reasons why I love dressing up & looking all clean & good. 
..and of course sweetie, a good attitude will definitely compliment your looks - so never forget to be nice & smile a lot!

Having said all that..
most of us probably forgot that our feet needs some TLC as well, no?
I never actually cared about how my feet looks like few years back, really. 
But every time I helped my momma (grandma) with her foot scrub I noticed how rough & cracked it has become from all the neglects! 
 Of course she couldn't care less about it now since she's already quite old teeehee but it made me realize how much difference it would make if I start taking good care of my feet (especially heels) right now so I wouldn't regret for not doing so in the future lol.
My aunt (she's around 30ish) has cracked heels too and she had some hard times as well!
Her's is quite hardcore I would say haha cuz she has to replace the foot file thingy with a DIY sand paper cuz of her thick dead skin on her heels! :O

It's not comfy to have cracked heels - it is sure not pretty as well. :\

Cracked heels can be such a nuisance sometimes! 
It also gets caught/stuck in certain materials of carpet or blankets hahaha. 

If you are one of my constant readers, you should know by now that I like getting things from Nature Republic!
Mainly cuz it is affordable & most of their products work well with me. C:
 I have been wanting to try their foot care range, but it's a tad too expensive..:\
But Nature Republic & their crazy sale - I can finally try one!



So glad that they finally have instructions in English now - so I didn't just assume & made mistakes on applying it like how I did before haha:P 

All you have to do is, clean your feet  & apply appropriate amount on your wet foot/feet. (?)
This is how much I would apply..


It smells really nice, and it feels gel-ish & it has some uhhh those tiny little things that's usually in scrubs? 


"Apply & massage evenly all over the sole especially heels area & rinse it with warm water."


Hmm hmmm scrubba dubb dubbbb~
Simple - Easy peasy. (Y)

It feels smooth after application & my heels stays moisturized for at least two weeks (or probably more!) - which is really awesome!
My heels would usually feel all rough & dry and it needs constant application of cracked heels cream but this definitely helped!:)
I didn't have to constantly "file" my heels too wooopp wooop. :P

I would totally recommend you to get this if you have the same problem as mine..
..or even if you don't!
After all, prevention is key!;)

Although I am really sorry that I couldn't remember how much I got it for:\ 

I'm gonna blog about skin care for guys very very soon, 
so be curious and stick around!

Blog again soon!

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